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By: Max Guzinski and Tyler Rochelle

Why did we pick Charlotte as our topic? This city’s got a lot!
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Establishment of the city Banking Industry Sports teams Transportation Nightlife NASCAR/ HOF Collegiate Institutions Amusement/Entertainment Parks and Recreation

(“Charlotte, NC”)


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First settled in 1775 by Thomas Polk and Thomas Spratt Yadkin and Catawba Rivers were an intersection of Native American trading paths Area grew over the following decades Named “Charlotte” for the wife of King George III Town was actively involved in the Revolution


Continued Growth of the Town…

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In 1799, the first Gold discovery in America occurred in Charlotte, Gold finds in the area occurred through the early 1800’s Town “boomed” during the Civil War with the addition of a cotton processing center and a railroad hub Earned the nickname of the “City of Churches” Establishment of Camp Greene during WWI spiked population The 1970’s brought way to a large increase in the banking industry


And Now….

(“Google Earth”)

As of 2012 there are 2,296,569 people in the City of Charlotte, making it the largest city in North Carolina and the 23rd largest city in the US.

Banking History

In the late 1970s, North Carolina National Bank’s (NCNB) CEO, Tom Storrs, and his right-hand man, Hugh McColl Jr., bought some bank branches in Florida and tested a legal loophole to cross state lines Charlotte's mega banks charged ahead, buying up scores of small-town banks Charlotte landed the headquarters of the country's first coast-to-coast bank.

Bank of America Corporate Center

(“Bank of America Corporate Center”)

Sports Teams
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11 Total Professional or Amateur Sports teams. NFL- Carolina Panthers NBA- Charlotte Bobcats AAA Baseball- Charlotte Knights AHL- Charlotte Checkers

Carolina Panthers

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Played first game in 1995, became the 29th NFL Franchise Play at Bank of America Stadium 138- 159 All- Time Record, One Super Bowl Appearance (2004) Tickets usually start around $45

("Carolina Panthers")


(“Carolina Panthers’ Deangelo Williams…”)

Charlotte Bobcats
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Established as an expansion team in 2004 Play at Time Warner Cable Arena Changes upcoming for the franchise for nostalgic purposes… Tickets start at $5

("Charlotte Bobcats")

Charlotte Knights
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AAA Baseball Team Farm team of the Chicago White Sox Moving to BB&T Ballpark being built in downtown Charlotte Tickets start at $10.50

("Charlotte Knights”)

Charlotte Checkers

American Hockey League (NHL DLeague) NHL Parent team is the Carolina Hurricanes Play at Time Warner Cable Arena Tickets start around $21 College Nights, Kid friendly atmosphere

("Charlotte Checkers")

Lynx Light Rail

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70% of voters voted yes for Light Rail $462.7-million 9.6-mile-long Lynx light rail transit (LRT) 15 stations
(“LYNX Fares”)


(“Charlotte: Lynx Light Rail Transit Line Opens!”)

(“Blue Line Extension Alignment Map”)

(“LYNX Blue Line”)

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Piedmont connects Charlotte and Raleigh Carolinian runs to New York with stops in Raleigh, Richmond, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia Crescent travels from New York to New Orleans.


CATS Bus Transportation
Some of the Bus Stops in Charlotte

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Mt. Holly Road Ashely Park The Plaza Country Club Airport Kings Drive Beatties Ford Tuckaseegee Road Central Avenue West Boulevard North Tryon South Boulevard Nevin Road Providence Road Randolph Road South Tryon Commonwealth Avenue Park Road Sharon Road (“Routes & Schedules“)

(“Charlotte Transportation Center (CTC)”)

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BOOMING Nightlife Most venues located downtown Most are 18+ with cover charge if under 21 Dance clubs and Bars which also can host concerts Bad Dogs, Bar Charlotte, Phoenix, Scorpio…

("Boot. Click. Party.")



NASCAR Hall of Fame
• Opened May 11, 2010 • Artifacts, Interactive exhibits, and a 278- person theater • 1,000 artifacts • Open 10 am- 6 pm every day
("About the Hall“)

(“NASCAR Hall of Fame”)

NASCAR Hall of Fame
“The goal of the facility is to honor NASCAR icons and create an enduring tribute to the drivers, crew members, team owners and others that have impacted the sport in the past, present and future.”
(“About the Hall”) (Melissa)

Collegiate Institutions

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Multiple Universities, Community Colleges, and Professional Development Schools. Most actual colleges are private. UNC- Charlotte, Johnson & Wales, Queens, CPCC, Art Institute of Charlotte, ITT Tech, Johnson C. Smith, Carolina’s College of Health Services

("Charlotte Colleges, Universities, Trade and Vocational Schools")

Collegiate Institutions

(“Framing and Success”)

(Scott Z1-Z14)

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398-acre thrill park Features over 50 rides, shows and attractions


(“Park Map”)


U.S. National Whitewater Center
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With over 24 activities A restaurant Live music shows and events

("U.S. National Whitewater Center“) (“U.S. National White Water Center Calendar”)

Music & Concerts

        Dave Rawlings Machine  JYO and CSYO Fall Concert  MGMT  Friday Night Live Larry Sparks & The Lonesome Ramblers   Irish Tenors Jennifer Knapp & Margaret Becker Hymns   of Christmas  And More…

Huge Selection of different types of Artists

Variety of Places
Neighborhood Theatre Grady Cole Center Halton Theater Grady Cole Center StrikeCity Great Aunt Stella Theater Belk Theater The Evening Muse And More…
("Music & Concerts.“)

(“Charlotte Pride Band Winter Concert”)

Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
Upcoming Holiday Events:



(“Events & Performances“) (“Belk Theater”)

Blumenthal Performing Arts Center Tax Return

(“Governance Documentation: IRS Form 990”)

Local Poetry
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Charlotte is a “hotbed” of poetry and spoken word art. Has hosted National Poetry and Olympics for poets. Memory in the Shape of a Swimming Lesson by: Jon Pineda
“If anything, it is like water. Taking the shape of what surrounds it. A concrete pool. The walls of a throat. My earliest memory is of my father standing at the edge, waving to me, the tops of his hands more brown from the summer, patting the water now, & it is only in looking back, I see he is doing what he thinks is right. I am the first son, American-born.”

(“Arts & Culture:Best Poetry Events in Charlotte”)

Charlotte Motor Speedway
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("Charlotte Motor Speedway”)

NASCAR country Behind-the-scenes speedway and race shop tours Drive an 800-horsepower stock car Gigantic Auto Fairs, grassroots Legend Car and one of the world’s largest drive-through holiday light shows, Carolina Christmas. (Kasdorf)

Parks and Recreation

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Mecklenburg County Parks and Rec manages 210 parks and facilities and 17,600 acres of parkland. Dog Parks, Gymnasium facilities, Skate Parks, etc. Great for all family members, parks nearby for everyone in Mecklenburg County. Facilities tend to be inexpensive to use or rent (free in many cases)

("Parks and Recreation")

Application to Plant Community Garden

(“Community Gardens")

To Sum it Up

Charlotte’s got a lot!


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