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Lauren Moravick Instructor: Malcolm Campbell English 1102 1 September 2013 Topic Proposal: What influences does technology usage have on elementary schools and the students learning habits? Introduction/Overview I will be examining the different kinds of influences, both good and bad, that the use of technology has on elementary schools and the way it affects the students learning habits. I will be mainly looking into these forms of technology and their influences: smart boards, I-pads, clickers, and computers. I will be focusing in on the fourth and fifth grade levels and see how technology usage can potentially harm or help the students learning habits. This topic is of interest to me because I am an Elementary Education major and I would love to see how the upcoming generation is either benefitted or at a loss when it comes to using technology in the classroom. I recently read the article “Change in Student and Teacher Roles with the Help of Technology,” in this piece real elementary school teachers s hare their own opinions and stories about the effects of technology usage in the classroom. Some common topics that appeared were, technology usage allows students to be engaged and active in their thinking about information, making choices, and applying skills with a better understanding of the material. Technology is a tool for students to use to help them communicate with fellow peers. Technology helps students set goals and tracks their progress as they try to reach these goals. Teachers are able to broaden their horizons with their lesson plans by choosing more engaging and helpful forms of learning.

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The teacher now becomes more of a motivator than just a lecturer. The teacher is able to move around the classroom from student to student checking progress and asking questions about certain choices the student made. Technology has a bigger role on teaching and learning habits today than it did forty years ago. It’s sad to think that one day, students won’t have to write things down or use paper but rather put their notes onto a piece of technology instead. During my brief research process, I sat down and talked with some other college students majoring in education to get their feel on things. I had some girls decide that technology is both good and bad; others said that it was all bad or all good. My responses varied throughout my interview, which was expected. There is no right or wrong answer to this topic proposal. I also used real life experiences, for example; I could remember back to my younger years of school and not having the luxury of having a class-set of computers or having a smart board in every class. I could remember taking trips to the computer lab and only having a certain amount of time on the computer to do research. I can also remember a time when the notes I took from the teacher were given on a white board and not on a screen. It’s crazy to think how evolved our society has become with the new found technologies. I also looked at a website online about how people can “evaluate the use of technology in the classroom.” This website was helpful because it gave me a new point of view and a new perspective since the article was written by an educator. Like I stated earlier, my peers I interviewed had all different viewpoints about this topic. Some agreed, some disagreed, and some did both. It is hard to make a final decision about this topic because it can go both ways. Yes, technology can be helpful but it can also be harmful. The older generation of teachers would probably have a different viewpoint on this topic just because they grew up with pencil and paper and not all the fancy gadgets we have today. They would

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probably be very biased with their opinion because that’s how things were done when they were learning. The Education Arcade gave good insight to the ideas that technology can really change the way a teacher teaches. The teacher can now apply game-like activities to help students further understand a topic. Lessons are not limited to just verbal communication. This website also talked about how educators can lose their connection with their students if they are always using technology to explain things. Students should be able to relate to real-life experiences and so teachers should be able to relate to their students without the use of technology. Initial Inquiry Question(s) One initial question still stands out to me though, are students at a setback if they use technology in the classroom more than other students? Does the use of technology pose a threat to the learning habits of students? These questions will further help me develop my ideas and thoughts and could quite possibly require me to conduct another interview. I would love to see the effects of too much technology use verses that of very minimal technology use. My Interest in this Topic I’m interested in the effects technology can have on students because I am an education major and I would love to see if there is a correlation between technology usage and students learning habits in an elementary school setting. I have interest in this topic because technology is a huge part of our school systems and the curriculum teachers must follow. Teachers are always having to think of new ways to explain topics to their students in a way that they will better understand, and what is a better way than the use of technology. Technology can be helpful but also hurtful; especially when it comes to how much time is allotted for technology time. Are the whole lesson plans based off of the use of technology or can some things be changed to use more of a hands-on approach to learning? Since my generation is really seeing this explosion of

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technology usage in the classroom, it becomes a big topic for me because I am looking to become a teacher in the future. I hope to learn some new things with the research I will be conducting because this topic is very fascinating to me. I hope to gain more knowledge so that I can someday relay it on to my peers. Next Steps To find more research on my topic, I hope to interview a teacher from the older generation and the current generation and compare and contrast their ideas and opinions. I hope to talk more to my peers about this topic and see if any of their ideas become different or swayed with the information I will gain. I will plan on talking with a research librarian to see if they can help me find any articles about the positive and negative effects of technology usage in the classroom.