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As the Brand Manager in charge of "StickJaw" chewing gums, you have a task at hand. You have been in charge of the brand for the last ! months and the "erformance in these ! months has made you contribute significantly to the sticky eyeball ratings of #n des"eration, you have consulted your boss, who is famous for his one$ liners. %redictably, he gave you one $ "#f you don&t get your segmentation fundas clear, this is what will ha""en". "StickJaw" is the best 'uality chewing gum in the market. All consumer ratings give it a score that is much higher than that given to com"etitors. #t has a "rice that is !() more than its two main com"etitors. #n addition, there are brands classified as "*thers" whose "rice is half of "StickJaw". +owever, of late, the brand ",ud,hew" has made huge inroads into the market share of "StickJaw". -ata to hel" you analyse the situation is given in the ./hibits. • • ./hibits 0 ! give you the market share data for !11( and !112. ./hibits 3 0 4 give you the out"ut of the annual study conducted at retail outlets. 5his study ma"s the transactions conducted at the retail outlet for chewing gum buyers and classifies them into one of the categories as described in the ./hibit. 5his data has been collected from a sam"le si6e of 1,(11 in !11( and 3,(11 in !112. 5he figures given alongside each brand shows the number of transactions that occurred for the brand.

Your assignment: . 7ndertake a behavioural segmentation e/ercise and identify the various market segments 8and their relative si6es9 in the chewing gum market for the years !11( 0 !112. :hat significant changes in segment com"osition are observed; 8 1 "oints9 !. Ma" the trends in sergment$wise market share for the 4 brands in all the segments from !11( to !112. :hat significant inferences can be drawn; 8 1 "oints9 3. :hat significant inferences can be drawn by correlating the served market share movements and changes in segment com"osition between !11( 0 !112; 8 ( "oints9 4. Based on the analysis from Answer 5hree above and using the ,osting techni'ue of <ariance Analysis, what alternatives are available for "StickJaw"; :hich of these alternatives would you recommend and why; ,learly su""ort your recommendations from the data analysis of the first three 'uestions. So that can be ignored for some time. 8 ( "oints9 #f you are making any assum"tions, "lease state them. You may assume that the sam"le chosen for the ma""ing of transactions at the retail outlet is re"resentative of the universe and is statistically significant. Best of =uck>

!) 3.@1! A ! (B1 31( .tions at /etai+ 0ut+ets "#$$.4@) Exhibit Transa.m7" *thers A++ In(ia 3!.h is out o2 sto.ud.tions at /etai+ 0ut+ets "#$$%& Transa.& Transa.2A) 3A.hew Stick.Exhibit Mar!et Share "#$$%& 'ran()*one Stick?aw .!33 A1 @(1 B ( 1 !!B 31( 3!A @2 Exhibit 8 Transa.e +imit !.m7" *thers an( ta!es a bran( 6ithin the 3ri.i2ies a 3ri.e 'ran( Stick?aw an( ta!es a bran( 6ithin the 3ri.hew Stick.h is out o2 sto.tio n1 Consumer as!s 2or a bran( an( ta!es it Consumer ta!es bran( gi4en b5 sho3!ee3 er Consumer as!s 2or a bran( 6hi.hew Stick.44) !.tio n1 Consumer as!s 2or a bran( an( ta!es it Consumer ta!es bran( gi4en b5 sho3!ee3 er Consumer as!s 2or a bran( 6hi. AA 241 1 A4B !.! 7 (oes not bu5 Consumer s3e.i2ies a 3ri.m7" *thers A++ In(ia 3@.(() Exhibit # Mar!et Share "#$$.! 7 (oes not bu5 Consumer s3e.A3) !2.e +imit !.@A) !4.e 'ran( Stick?aw .ud.A1B !.ud.& 'ran()*one Stick?aw . 4) 34.

m7" *thers 4!1 1 @ 4.hew Stick..ud.! 2 3.122 1@ !A B 1 43! 441 3(( .