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WSP GROUP - Designer’s H&S Guidance Scope

• HV equipment and transformers • LV switchgear and components • Uninterruptible power supplies • Generators • Power • Lighting • Emergency lighting • Fire and security alarm / protection systems • Lightning protection • Commissioning

Electrical Services

• Large scale power generation plant and distribution systems • Electrical services in special “hazardous areas”, i.e. potentially explosive atmospheres • Temporary site supplies

Typical hazards:
• Electric shock - during installation, commissioning, cleaning, maintenance or removal of plant, equipment or distribution systems. • Falls from height - during installation, commissioning, cleaning, maintenance or removal of plant, equipment or distribution systems. • Handling / transportation - plant & equipment is often large, heavy, bulky and/or awkwardly shaped. • Hazardous substances - battery acids, hydrogen from charging batteries, oils & lubricants, fine fibres from insulation, etc. • Hazardous atmospheres - explosive gases, vapours, fumes and dusts - combustion gases confined spaces. • Fire / explosion - hot working, i.e. welding, brazing, cutting, etc. • Hazardous surfaces - hot & cold surfaces - projecting parts of plant, equipment, pipework or ductwork, including sharp edges, etc. - tripping hazards - headroom hazards - slippery surfaces. • Contact with moving machinery - entanglement - being crushed or struck - severing, cutting, stabbing or puncturing parts of the body - noise - vibration.

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to be replaced? • Access arrangements . i.what provisions are made for transport. maintenance & removal • Equipment room layouts • Handling methods for installation. brazing • Dusts & fumes • Fire compartmentation integrity • Method of fixing • Level of expertise of operatives Typical hazard considerations during design: Stage Considerations / Issues Possible design options to: avoid hazards mitigate hazards control hazards • Strategy to allow for isolation of all equipment / systems to avoid need for live working Concept • Electrical supply strategy • Fire management strategy Design • Equipment sizes / locations • User requirements • Principal distribution routes • Location.what are the space provisions for handling of equipment. bulky or awkward equipment & parts during installation. earthing. welding. handling & lifting of large.WSP GROUP .how is the installation.what provisions have been or need to be made? • Work at height .e.what are the arrangements for use & storage during installation & maintenance? Electrical Services Other Prompts: • High level / ceiling space equipment • Control location / access • Zoning of systems • Guarding of moving machinery • Maintenance lighting • Tripping & headroom hazards • Transport & handling • Projecting parts / sharp surfaces • Hot surfaces • Fire rating of electrical enclosures • Hot work . around the location of the plant or equipment and along access / egress routes to that location? • Handling/ transportation . etc. monthly? • Access space . daily. sizes & weights • Specify vacuum switchgear • Cable routes • Specify modular • Equipment ingress & equipment egress routes • Working space & access for installation. insulation.what is the frequency of maintenance / cleaning operations.cutting. etc. overload protection. size & condition of existing services Scheme Design • Installation strategy • Specify dry-type transformers • Equipment duties.ME2 Rev: 0 Page: 2 of 3 . replacement parts. maintenance & removal? • Hazardous substances .how are lamps.Designer’s H&S Guidance Hazard identification: Possible Key Considerations: • Isolation. heavy.Oct’96 Doc: DG . automatic safety shutdown and safety interlocking of electrical and mechanical equipment & systems . commissioning & maintenance to be carried out? . maintenance & removal • Temporary access for installation / commissioning • Materials specification • Control locations & access • Isolation & safety interlocks • Storage of equipment / materials • Ensure adequate access space around equipment • Ensure provision of lifting & mechanical handling aids • Ensure the provision of permanent safe access equipment and protection Detail Design • Specify non-hazardous • Ensure adequate materials ventilation of switchrooms and • Provide adequate battery rooms safety interlocks • Provide access • Provide low level panels as controls for high level necessary equipment • Provide adequate • Make provision for noise lowering of high level suppression fittings for maintenance • Incorporate automatic safety shutdown systems • Prescribe safe working methods and protection equipment / clothing where necessary • Specify appropriate signs & labelling • Guard hot surfaces © WSP Group .

Oct’96 Doc: DG .Technical Note 9/92 .CofP for the distribution of electricity on construction & building sites HSC(CIAC) . Cutting. equipment.Health & Safety in Construction HSE .AH 3/92 .Guidance notes to the Wiring Regulations BS5839 .CS7 DG .GS23 .Electricity at Work Regulations IEE .G2 .HS(G)141 . etc. Site layout Excavation & earthworks Structural steelwork Masonry Mechanical services Public health services Transportation services . chasing.Guide to building maintenance management © WSP Group . for services Electrical supplies to mechanical plant and equipment Public health systems requirements for electrical services Transportation services requirements for electrical services Sources of further guidance: Primary H&S information sources BS7671 .Requirements for electrical installations (IEE Wiring Regulations) HSE .HS(R)25 Memorandum of guidance on the Electricity at Work Regulations BSRIA . SS15 . components and materials Services trenches. etc.Hot work / fumes Background information sources HSC .ME3 DG .WSP GROUP . termination or dismantling of existing services and equipment Identify work space.Dust & noise in the construction process BRE .CS2 DG .CoP for accommodation of building services in ducts HSE .PM53 .Part 1: CofP for system design.Space allowance for building services plant: detail design stage BSRIA . Electrical Services Ref.Fire detection systems: installation. DG .Technical Note 10/92 . Secondary support steelwork for plant & services. EH54. CS15.Fire detection & alarm systems for buildings .Digest 358 (Rev) . lifting beams. DG .A guide to the control of substances hazardous to health in design & construction HSE . DG .ME2 Rev: 0 Page: 3 of 3 .Space & weight allowances for building services plant: inception stage design BSRIA . HSE8.Intruder alarm systems in buildings Part 4: CofP for planning & installation - NHS Estates Health Technical Memorandum 2023 Access & accommodation for engineering services BS8313 .Protection against electric shock HSE .HS(G)5. commissioning & maintenance of fire & security systems BS5839 .Electrical safety on construction sites BS7375 .L23 .ME1 DG .Emergency private generation: electrical safety HSE .CS8 DG . storage space and access requirements for plant.Designing for maintainability HSE .Report 125 .Application guide 11/92 .CFC’s and buildings BS8210 .Designer’s H&S Guidance Related work sectors: Sector Site investigation Demolition & dismantling . etc.G1 DG .The control of substances hazardous to health in the construction industry CIRIA .ME4 Issues for consideration Obtain adequate data from SI’s / surveys Safe disconnection.G3 .Contract research report 73/1995 . pits. installation & servicing BSRIA . EH55.HS(G)150 .Manual handling: Guidance on regulations HSE .