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Entertainment Industry (http://en.wikipedia.

org/wiki/Outline_of_entertainment) The following outline gives a list of entertainments, many of which are part of the entertainment industry. Entertainment is any activity which provides a diversion or permits people to amuse themselves in their leisure time, and may also provide fun, enjoyment and laughter. eople may create their own entertainment, such as when they spontaneously invent a game! participate actively in an activity they find entertaining, such as when they play sport as a ho""y! or consume an entertainment product passively, such as when they attend a performance. Entertainment industry #informally known as show business or show biz) is part of the tertiary sector of the economy and includes a large num"er of su"$industries devoted to entertainment. %owever, the term is often used in the mass media to descri"e the mass media companies that control the distri"ution and manufacture of mass media entertainment. &n the popular parlance, the term show biz in particular connotes the commercially popular performing arts, especially musical theatre, vaudeville, comedy, film, and music. &t applies to every aspect of entertainment includingcinema, television, radio, theatre and music.

'esearch: laying (ames &mproves )hildren*s +motional ,ell$-eing, %elps .amilies -ond #$playing$games$improves$childrens$ emotional$well$"eing$helps$families$"ond4.5o6gm78&s29 :ccording to a new study "y the ;ueensland 5niversity of Technology, playing video games improves children*s emotional, social, and psychological well$"eing. The study also finds that playing video games together as a family can help "uild stronger family "onds. <,e are seeing clear evidence of improvements in mood, stress reduction, increased feeling of competence and autonomy and really strong feelings of "eing connected with the people they are playing with,< director of ;5T*s games research and interaction design la" =aniel >ohnson said. <(ames that kids are playing re?uire lots of strategy, re?uire teamwork and while they*re playing they*re chatting a"out things going on in their life $ so it*s a social e@perience at the same time.< =r. >ohnson said that parental involvement in gaming is a key factor, com"ined with playing age$appropriate games for moderate amounts of time $ which he puts at a"out A$10 hours a week. <-ut how you play is more important than how much or what you play $ so if kids are playing with friends or family and playing cooperatively, then that*s really going to help them "uild relationships,< he said. The study also suggested that children who don*t play games at all may "e socially disadvantaged compared to their peers who do "ecause they cannot engage with their peers in discussions a"out popular culture. 7evertheless, =r. >ohnson recommended a <"alanced media diet< for children.

Research: Playing Educational Games Together Enhances Learning #http://www gamepolitics com/!"#$/##/"%/research&playing&educational&games& together&enhances&learning' (o)h*dLIs$+, laying education games cooperatively with others can motivate students to learn according to a new study from 7ew 9ork 5niversity. : study 7ew 9ork 5niversity*s Bteinhardt Bchool of )ulture, +ducation, and %uman =evelopment found that when students played a math game colla"oratively with another student it motivated them to learn even more, compared to students who played the game alone. The study also found that students* interest and enjoyment of the game increased when playing with another student. <,e found support for claims that well$designed games can motivate students to learn less popular su"jects, such as math, and that game$"ased learning can actually get students interested in the su"ject matter and can "roaden their focus "eyond just collecting stars or points,< said >an lass, a professor in 7ew 9ork 5niversity*s Bteinhardt Bchool of )ulture, +ducation, and %uman =evelopment and one of the study*s lead authors. <+ducational games may "e a"le to help circumvent major pro"lems plaguing classrooms "y placing students in a frame of mind that is conducive to learning rather than worrying a"out how smart they look,< added co$lead author aul O*Ceefe, an 795 postdoctoral fellow at the time of the study. 'esearchers had middle$school students play the game .actor'eactor, which is designed to "uild math skills through pro"lem solving. Btudents were randomly assigned to play the game alone, competitively against another student, or colla"oratively with another student. The findings revealed that students who played the math game either competitively or colla"oratively reported the strongest <mastery goal orientations,< which indicated that students adopted an optimal mindset for learning while playing the video game with each other. The study recently appeared in the >ournal of +ducational sychology. 7o dou"t researchers want to do further research on the su"ject to show the importance of video games and cooperative play released to enhancing education.

German Researchers -ind that Playing Games /rain -unctions #http://www gamepolitics com/!"#$/#"/$#/german&researchers&0ind&playing&games&' (o)h12LIs$+ :ccording to new research from the Da@ lanck &nstitute for %uman =evelopment and )haritE 5niversity Dedicine Bt. %edwig$Crankenhaus #in 8eipFig, (ermany) playing video games on a regular "asis can improve spatial orientation, memory formation, strategic planning, and fine motor skill. This new revelation comes from a study conducted in -erlin using the popular and classic 7intendo G3 platformer Buper Dario G3. &n the study researchers asked one group of adults to play the game for 20 minutes a day over a period of two months, :nother group of adults $ who served as the control group $ did not play the game. <-rain volume< of all participants was cataloged using magnetic resonance

imaging #D'&) at the start and end of the study. 'esearchers found that the Buper Dario G3 players showed increases of grey matter, while the control group showed no change. )hanges were o"served in the right hippocampus, right prefrontal corte@ and the cere"ellum $ "rain regions involved in important functions such as spatial navigation, memory formation, strategic planning and fine motor skills of the hands. 'esearchers noted that the changes were even more pronounced among participants who reported an eagerness to play the video game. H,hile previous studies have shown differences in "rain structure of video gamers, the present study can demonstrate the direct causal link "etween video gaming and a volumetric "rain increase. This proves that specific "rain regions can "e trained "y means of video gamesI, says study leader Bimone CJhn, senior scientist at the )enter for 8ifespan sychology at the Da@ lanck &nstitute for %uman =evelopment. <Dany patients will accept video games more readily than other medical interventions,< adds psychiatrist >Jrgen (allinat, co$author of the study at )haritE 5niversity Dedicine Bt. %edwig$Crankenhaus. Dore studies on this fascinating topic are "eing planned, according to researchers. : study on the effects of video gaming in the treatment of post$traumatic stress disorder is currently underway as well. Kemampuan handal dalam memasarkan produk atau jasa bisa jadi lebih penting dari produk itu sendiri."$"isnis/G$strategi$pemasaran$yang$efektif$ 5ntuk memenangkan pasar, selain strategi marketing, diperlukan juga ide yang inovatif. #image: google) Teknik pemasaran "oleh dikatakan se"agai kunci ke"erhasilan dari penjualan produk. Cemampuan yang handal dalam memasarkan produk atau jasa "isa jadi le"ih penting dari produk itu sendiri. Teknik pemasaran yang "aik didukung oleh strategi pemasaran yang efektif. =engan strategi terse"ut, proses marketing dapat dipertahankan, "ahkan cara "aru dalam memasarkan produk juga "isa kita temukan dan mem"uat pelanggan semakin loyal. Tentu saja, jangan a"aikan faktor kualitas produk yang merupakan poin penting "agi pemasaran itu sendiri. Daka, setelah :nda pastikan kualitas produk :nda, rancanglah strategi pemasaran yang efektif agar proses pemasaran dapat "erjalan secara terkontrol, dinamis, dan kreatif. -erikut ini ada G langkah strategi pemasaran yang dapat :nda terapkan. Pertama3 4enalilah pelanggan *nda &dentifikasi target market :nda akan mem"antu :nda dalam menyusun strategi marketing yang efektif. :nda dapat mem"idik pasar di kelompok usia 1KL20 tahun jika :nda ingin memasarkan produk sepeda sport. :tau :nda dapat mem"idik wanita dengan kelompok usia /0L2K tahun jika ingin memasarkan produk sepatu wedges. >adi, dengan mengetahui siapa target market :nda, :nda akan terhindar dari ter"uangnya waktu dan "iaya yang sia$sia. 5edua3 la4u4anlah promosi. 8akukan upaya promosi atau memperkenalkan produk "isnis :nda kepada konsumen. 5sahakan agar promosi yang :nda lakukan terse"ut konsisten, terus$menerus, dan dengan cara$cara kreatif sehingga para pelanggan tidak merasa "osan. Disalnya, setiap kali "epergian, "awalah "rosur, pamflet, atau leaflet "erisi produk "isnis :nda untuk di"agikan kepada rekan$rekan, atau :nda dapat menye"arkan "rosur terse"ut di

tempat umum. -uatlah status di jejaring social yang "erkaitan dengan produk :nda, atau :nda mungkin dapat mengirim sms kepada teman$teman :nda terkait dengan produk terse"ut. =engan "er"agai usaha terse"ut, dengan sendirinya, :nda akan menemukan pelanggan yang mem"utuhkan produk yang :nda tawarkan. Belain itu, lihatlah pula "agaimana upaya promosi yang dilakukan kompetitor :nda. >ika penawaran :nda le"ih unik dan menarik, lanjutkan upaya promosi terse"ut. >angan lupakan pula kehe"atan word-of-mouth publicity. Cekuatan promosi dari mulut ke mulut ini memang ajai" karena dapat menye"ar dan menjaring pelanggan hingga "erlipat$lipat. Oleh karena itu, siapkan diri :nda untuk mem"uat pelanggan le"ih nyaman "er"isnis dengan :nda. elanggan yang merasa puas dengan produk :nda akan menjadi pelanggan loyal yang dapat menarik pelanggan "aru. 5etiga3 pilih lo4asi yang strategis .aktor penting dalam strategi pemasaran lainnya adalah masalah pemilihan tempat. :nda perhatikan outlet atau toko roti %olland -akery selalu "erada di jalan yang si"uk di mana traffic lalu lalang orang sangat tinggi. &tu merupakan strategi mereka dalam mem"idik pelanggan potensial. Daka, usahakan untuk memilih lokasi yang tepat, strategis, agar kesempatan "isnis :nda untuk dapat diakses oleh pelanggan le"ih ter"uka. 5eempat3 guna4an internet mar4eting &nternet marketing "isa jadi salah satu strategi marketing yang sangat efektif. :pa pasalM :nda dapat mengetahui selera pelanggan dan ke"utuhan pelanggan :nda dengan menempatkan "isnis :nda di situs jejaring sosial. Baat ini, jual "eli online semakin marak dengan jumlah transaksi yang meningkat setiap tahunnya. %al ini menunjukkan kecenderungan "agaimana pelanggan ingin "er"elanja di luar jam "uka toko, menghindari keramaian, dan le"ih privasi. 'uang inovasi juga ter"uka le"ar di internet. :nda dapat memasang foto, "erinteraksi langsung dengan pelanggan, "ahkan menggelar "er"agai promo menarik "isa :nda lakukan. 5elima3 6alin hubungan dengan pelanggan Demelihara pelanggan lama le"ih mudah di"andingkan mendapatkan pelanggan "aru. Conon, "iaya yang di"utuhkan untuk menarik pelanggan "aru sekitar G kali lipat daripada memelihara pelanggan lama. Daka, "uatlah data"ase pelanggan, masukkan data$data penting "eserta kemajuan yang telah dicapai, hu"ungi mereka secara "erkala, dan informasikan pelanggan mengenai promo produk yang sedang "erjalan, dan lain$lain. >oe (irard, seorang salesman terkemuka di dunia otomotif, mengatakan "ahwa kunci suksesnya adalah selalu memelihara hu"ungan yang "aik dengan pelanggannya. 5eenam3 the Power of Focus Cekuatan fokus ter"ukti dapat mengantarkan :pple menuju kesuksesan. :pple focus pada produknya dan sanggup menghasilkan miliaran dolar hingga kini. Cesuksesan :pple terse"ut karena mereka fokus dengan sum"er daya mereka dan produk yang le"ih sedikit tapi inovatif. .okus tidak "erarti :nda menjual le"ih sedikit. Be"aliknya, :nda dapat meningkatkan produksi :nda di wilayah tertentu. Cini, dengan ketatnya persaingan pasar saat ini, :nda harus dapat memenangkan pasar dengan strategi marketing yang tepat dan juga ide yang inovatif.

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