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The name of this Association shall be the DePere Educational
Support Association which will be referred to as the ASSOCIATION
throughout this document.
As set forth in the Bylaws
Section 1 - The ASSOCIATION shall affiliate with the National
Education Association under its rules and the Wisconsin Education
Association Council under its rules.
Section 2 - UniServ - The ASSOCIATION shall hold membership in
the United Northeast Educators UniServ Council under the rules of
said Council and shall pay such dues as is uniformly required of
all members.
Section 1 - Active Members
a. Active membership in the Association shall be open to
all educational support personnel employed in the
schools of the DePere school district.
b. Active membership shall be continuous until the member
leaves the school system, resigns from'theASSOCIATION,
or fails to pay membership dues.
c. Active members of the ASSOCIATION shall also be members
of the United Northeast Educators UniServ Council, the
Wisconsin Education Association Council, and the
National Education Association.
d. The fiscal and membership year shall be from September
1 through August 31.

e. In this constitution and these Bylaws "in good

standingt1shall mean an organization or member of an
organization which has fulfilled the requirements for
membership and that has not lawfully and voluntarily
withdrawn or been lawfully suspended or expelled from
section 2- Associate Members

Associate Members -persons employed in the schools of

DePere who are not eligible to become active members may
upon payment of dues enroll as associate members with all
the rights and responsibilities of active members except the
right to vote, to hold office or to represent the
ASSOCIATION. Active members who retire with ABC School
District may continue as associate members for life, paying
such annual dues as the Representative Council may

section 3- Revocation of Membership

According to procedures adopted by the General Membership,

the Executive committee, after due notice and hearing, may
cancel the membership of any member convicted in a court
learned in the law of a crime involving moral turpitude; and
may reinstate a member who has previously been suspended or
expelled from the ASSOCIATION.

section 4- Membership in Case of Discharge

Members in the status of discharge shall be allowed to

retain membership in the ASSOCIATION until such time as
their status is clarified.


section 1- Officers

The officers of the ASSOCIATION shall consist of a

president, a vice-president, a secretary, and a treasurer

section 2- Qualifications for Office

Each candidate for office shall be an active member of the

DePere Educational Support Staff Association in good

section 3- Terms

The terms of the officers shall be those established in the


The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers, building

representatives, and members elected at large. It shall be the
executive authority 'of the ASSOCIATION.

ct..:J 2

The legislative and policy forming body of the ASSOCIATION shall

be the General Membership.


The General Membership may adopt amendments to this Constitution

bya 2/3 majority of those voting at any regular meeting provided
that amendments have been introduced at the preceding regular
meeting of the General Membership and that copies of proposed
amendments have been immediately distributed to members for


Upon the liquidation, dissolution or termination of the

ASSOCIATION, none of the assets which may remain after the
satisfaction of all outstanding claims shall be made available to
any individual; nor to any corporation or other organization
except those which qualify as exempt from federal income tax
under section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, and the
amendments thereto.


The delegates to the wisconsin Education Association Councilor

the National Education Association Representative Assembly shall
be elected by secret ballot under procedures consonant with Bylaw
x. ASSOCIATION officers whose duties include serving as
delegates to Representative Assemblies or other official business
meetings of organizations with which the ASSOCIATION is
affiliated shall be as specified in the Bylaws.


The DePere Educational Support Personnel Association may not

disaffiliate with the WEAC without notifying the council officers
and Board of Directors of its intention to disaffiliate ninety
(90) days in advance of any action to disaffiliate. Such notice
of intention to disaffiliate shall state in detail the reasons
why the organization desires to disaffiliate and shall be
supported by a statement that the desire to disaffiliate has been
presented to a duly convened membership meeting of the
ASSOCIATION and that the membership has approved of the intention
to disaffiliate by a vote of two-thirds of the entire membership
of the organization by secret written ballot.

The ASSOCIATION may disaffiliate only upon fulfillment of all of

its legal and financial obligations to the WEAC and NEA.

(9 3


section 1- To aid and assist members in obtaining and extending

the benefits of mutual assistance and collective bargaining.

section 2- To develop among the profession and the public a

better understanding of the issues and problems in the area of
members' rights.

section 3- To advance the civil rights of the members.

section 4- To encourage all members, without regard to race,

creed, sex, color, national origin, to share equally in the full
benefits of this organization, united Northeast Educators UniServ
Council, the wisconsin Education Association Council and the
National Education Association.

section 5- To work for legislation which will safeguard and

promote the principle of free collective bargaining, and the
rights of members and to oppose legislation hostile to these
section 6- To promote and use all appropriate media to advance
and protect the individual rights of the members through
education and other lawful means.
section 7- To safeguard the democratic character of the
ASSOCIATION for protection of the rights of the members, through
the organization of this ASSOCIATION and the organizations with
which it affiliates.

section 8- To provide for involvement of minority members in

ASSOCIATION activities.

section 9- To encourage members to register and vote, and to

exercise their full rights and responsibilities of citizenship
and to perform their rightful part in the political life of
local, state and national communities, and to engage in political
activity permitted to a labor organization by law in furtherance
of the objectives set forth in this article.

section 10- To hold property and funds and to employ a staff for
the attainment of these purposes.


section 1- Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the

President, or at the request of three members of the

section 2- General Membership Meetings

The Executive Committee shall arrange at least two meetings

of the members each year.

section 3- special Meetings

Special meetings of the General Membership may be held at

the call of the President, or upon written request to the
Executive Committee from five representatives, or upon
petition of 5% of the members. Business to come before
special meetings must be stated in the call, which shall be
sent in writing to each representative.


A majority of their members shall be a quorum for the Executive

Committee and committees.


section 1- President

The President shall preside over meetings of the Executive

Committee, appoint the chairpersons and members of standing
committees, appoint special committees, be ex-officio a
member of all standing committees, and shall be the
executive officer of the ASSOCIATION except when it employs
an executive secretary. The President shall represent all
other functions usually attributed to this office.

section 2- Vice-President

The Vice-President shall perform the functions usually

attributed to the office. The Vice-President shall become
President when the presidency becomes vacant except as
provided in Article V, section 5 of the Bylaws.


:f;';;1" ~
section 3- Secretary

The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings of

the Executive Committee and General Membership meetings,
shall maintain official files, and shall assist the
President with ASSOCIATION correspondence.

section 4- Treasurer

The Treasurer shall hold the funds of the ASSOCIATION and

disburse them upon authorization by the Executive Committee.
The Treasurer shall bill the members for their annual dues,
collect them through the membership committee in each
building and transmit amounts due to the wisconsin Education
Association Council. The Treasurer shall maintain a roll of
the members. The Treasurer shall keep accurate accounts of
receipts and disbursements, shall report to each meeting of
the General Membership, and shall prepare an annual
financial statement for publication to members as directed
by the Executive Committee informed of the financial
condition of the ASSOCIATION, shall be bonded by the
ASSOCIATION, shall assist the Budget committee in the
initial drafting of the annual budget and shall file such
reports with the Internal Revenue Service or the Department
of Labor as are required by law.

section 5- Completed membership enrollment blanks, necessary

] supporting dues and per capita tax information, and any reports
~ by the Council shall be submitted to the wisconsin Education
Association Council on a timely basis.

section 6- Per capita tax payable to the WEAC from the

ASSOCIATION shall be (1) that amount set by the annual WEAC
Representative Assembly based upon the budget adopted, and
adjusted for WEAC Life Membership contracts in effect for members
of the ASSOCIATION, and (2) the amount of NEA dues per member
adjusted for NEA Life Membership contracts in effect for members
of the ASSOCIATION. Dues payable to the WEAC by this ASSOCIATION
shall include fair shares collected by the ASSOCIATION.

section 7- Terms and succession

a. The officers shall serve for two (2) years and may be
re-elected without an intervening term.

b. Whenever the offices of both President and vice-

President shall become vacant between elections, except
as provided in Article V, section 5 of the Bylaws, the
remaining members of the Executive Committee shall
choose one of their number to serve as President pro
tempore until the Executive Committee can fill the

section 1- The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the

management of the ASSOCIATION, approve all expenditures, carry
out policies established by the General Membership, report its
transactions to the members, and suggest policies for
consideration by the members.

section 2- The Executive Committee shall develop workshops and

training conferences for all building representatives if

section 3- The Executive Committee shall represent the

ASSOCIATION in negotiating personnel policies with the governing
and appropriating bodies of the school system. within policies
established by the General Membership, it may make decisions
binding the ASSOCIATION in these matters. The Committee shall
delegate its power to negotiate to the Welfare Committee and
bargaining team.

section 4- The Executive Committee shall have the right to

remove any Executive Committee member for just cause, after due
notice and hearing. Such vote to remove shall require a two-
thirds roll call vote of its entire membership at a duly convened
meeting of the Executive Committee.

If the Vice-President is removed for just cause, or if he/she

succeeds to the presidency upon the President's removal for just
cause, a special election to fill the balance of the Vice-
President's unexpired term shall be conducted under procedures
developed by the Election Committee and approved by the Executive
Committee. Should there be any dispute as to what constitutes
just cause, the matter may be submitted by the affected
individual to final and binding arbitration by the American
Arbitration Association. The arbitration hearing shall be
conducted in accordance with the Voluntary Labor Arbitration
Rules of the American Arbitration Association, and the costs of
the hearing shall be assumed by this ASSOCIATION.


The General Membership shall approve the budget, authorize the

participation in UniServ, set the dues for the ASSOCIATION, act
on reports of committees, approve resolutions and other policy
statements, and shall adopt procedures to be followed in
censuring, suspending, and expelling members for cause or for
reinstating members. It may adopt such rules governing the
employment of staff, the conduct of the ASSOCIATION, and the
conduct of meetings as are consistent with this Constitution and
Bylaws. It shall be the final judge of the qualifications and
election of officers and Building Representatives. Powers not
delegated to the Executive committee, the officers, or other

groups in the ASSOCIATION shall be vested in the General

section 1- structure

There shall be two (2) standing committees carrying the

specific functions outlined below. They shall have at least
three (3) members each, and be appointed for overlapping
terms of three years. Each committee may, with the approval
of the Executive Committee, organize special sub-committees
and task forces for specific activities from the membership

section 2- Meetings

Each standing committee shall meet according to need as

determined by the Executive Committee and may hold special
meetings at the call of the chairperson.

section 3- Reports

Each committee shall choose a secretary who shall keep a

continuing record of activities. Chairpersons shall report
as necessary to the Executive Committee and shall prepare an
annual written report summarizing objectives, action
programs, gains, and unreached goals, which the Executive
Committee shall distribute to the members and which shall
become apart of the continuing committee record in the

section 4- Titles and Duties

a. Committee on Economic and Member Welfare shall explore

and prepare action programs as necessary in all areas
of member welfare, creating sub-committees with
particular responsibility for salaries, leave, fringe
benefits, insurance, credit and investment facilities,
and general working conditions. They shall assure
transmittal of copies of current master agreements and
contracts to WEAC annually upon completion of
b. Committee on Member Rights shall explore and prepare
action programs for securing satisfactory personnel
policies and procedures for the redress of grievances
This committee shall defend members against unjust
attacks, promote and protect employment rights of
members, and enforce the master contract.

@ 0

Each year the President shall appoint an Election Committee, an

Audit Committee, a Budget Committee, and such other special
committees as may be necessary and shall discharge them upon
completion of their duties. These committees shall operate
according to rules approved by the Executive Committee. No
officers of the ASSOCIATION shall serve on either the Election
Committee or the Audit Committee.


section 1- Nominations

a. The active members of the ASSOCIATION in each building

during the month of February may nominate candidates
for President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer,
and Executive Committee members-at-large as follows:

The Senior Building Representative shall deliver all

nominations in writing to the Committee on Elections

b. The Committee on Elections shall report all nominations

to the Executive Committee at the March meeting.
Members of the Council may nominate other candidates
from the floor.

c. The Committee on Elections shall publish to the members
brief information on each candidate.

section 2- Balloting

At a General Membership meeting in April members shall vote

for officers and members-at-large of the Executive Committee
by secret ballot, in accordance with procedures developed by
the Committee on Elections and approved by the Executive
Committee. The Committee on Elections shall report results
to the President who shall cause them to be published. New
officers shall be installed at the May meeting of the
Executive Committee.

section 3- Names of officers of the organization shall be

reported to WEAC within thirty (30} days after their election or


Boberts Rules of Order (revised) shall be the parliamentary

authority for the ASSOCIATION on all questions not covered by the
Constitution and Bylaws and such standing rules as the General
Membership may adopt.

(J) Q


These Bylaws may be amended by majority vote at any regular

meeting of the General Membership provided that proposed
amendments have been sent to building Representatives two (2)
calendar weeks in advance of the meeting.

A copy of the latest revision of these documents shall be

submitted to the wisconsin Education Association Council
annually, with the date of the latest revision included on the
face of the document.