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Batman: Arkham Asylum

README file 28/08/2009 Version 1.1

Table of contents:
Part 1: Things You Should Know
1.1 1.2 1.! 1.# DirectX Memor and Performance Known "ssues $ustomising our settings

Part 2: Technical "ssues
2.1 2.2 2.! 2.# 2.0 2.4 "nstallation % Set&u' D(D&)*M Problems $rashes and +oc,&-'s .irewall and )e/uired Ports 1("D"2 Ph sX 3ardware 2cceleration Su''ort Technical Su''ort

art 1: !hin"s #ou $houl% &no'
Please read through the DirectX section of this document. This section has information that is 5ital to successfull running Batman: Arkham Asylum on our s stem.



This game is o'timised for Microsoft6s DirectX 7.8c. "n order for ou to 'la the game9 ou must ha*e DirectX 7.8c com'liant dri5ers for our 5ideo card and sound card. Please note that although DirectX 7.8c is installed with the game9 our 5ideo and sound card dri5ers will not be u'graded to DirectX 7.8c dri5ers. You will need to obtain the latest DirectX 9.0c drivers from the manufacturer or PC supplier. These drivers

cannot be supplied by Eidos.


Memory an% erforman(e

:hile the game will run fine in 1;< of )2M =2;< on :indows (ista>9 our 'la ing e?'erience will be smoother if ou ha5e more memor . )egardless of how much memor ou ha5e9 ou can ma?imi@e our a5ailable memor and increase the o5erall 'erformance of the game engine b doing the following:
q q q q

$losing an o'en windows Shutting down all other 'rograms =including those that run in the menu&bar> Defragmenting our hard dri5e Shutting down the :indows Sidebar =:indows (ista>

Aidos recommends that ou ha5e no other 'rograms running at all while 'la ing Batman: Arkham Asylum. *ther 'rograms9 including s stem utilities and screen sa5ers can cause s stem degradation when 'la ing games and ma conflict with the game for s stem resources9 'otentiall resulting in instabilit and crashes.


&no'n ,ssues
 Ansure ou are running latest dri5ers from n(idia and 2T"B2MD. There are se5eral ,nown issues 
with earlier 5ersions of their dri5ers that affect the 'erformance and stabilit of Batman: Arkham Asylum. "f ou e?'erience an issues in game this could be lin,ed to our sound card9 Microsoft XP users should tr to fi? the 'roblem b reducing the hardware acceleration o'tion within the DXD"2; tool C To )un DXD"2; see the DTechnical su''ort sectionD below9 once loaded select the S*-1D tab and mo5e the slider o'tion =3ardware Sound 2cceleration> to the left. Please note9 this o'tion is onl a5ailable to Microsoft XP users. 2T" )adeon X1888 series cards & =)adeon X1!889 )adeon X14089 )adeon X1708 ;T9 etc.>. These gra'hics cards ma e?'erience motion blur issues when EDetecti5e ModeF is acti5ated in game. <atman =TM> ma a''ear blurr and ha5e se5eral outlines. This issue can be resol5ed b turning off the EMotion <lurF o'tion in the launcher B settings. 2 small number of users ma e?'erience a crash on start&u' when attem'ting to initialise the .1AT .ramewor, for the +auncher a''lication. The +auncher a''lication is re/uired to customise our settings and has to run before the game can be 'la ed. Please read the instructions to wor, around this issue in the ESu''ortF folder on our <atman: 2r,ham 2s lum D(D. .or DX18&class 2T" gra'hic cards and abo5e9 multisam'ling&anti&aliasing =MS22> in <atman: 2r,ham 2s lum can be enabled through the 2T" $atal st $ontrol $entre interface. Please install the latest 2T" dri5ers to benefit from this feature. 2T" )adeon 3D !488 series cards ma e?'erience 'roblems when tra5elling through doors. )estarting the game and continuing from last chec,'oint will allow ou to 'rogress.


.ustomisin" your settin"s

 Some P$ controllers in5ert the left stic, controls. "f ou find this is the case9 use the G"n5ert  2lternati5el access this in the following wa : o :indows XP: Select ;ame Setu' from the Start menu o :indows (ista: )ight clic, the game icon and select +auncher
.orwardB<ac,wardG o'tion in the +auncher.

art 2: !e(hni(al ,ssues
2.1 ,nstallation / $et0u1

$ystem Re2uirements The minimum s stem re/uirements are as follows: 3 ERA!,45 $#$!EM: Microsoft :indows XP or (ista . 6: "ntel Pentium # !;3@ or 2MD 2thlon 4# !088H RAM: 1;< for :indows XP 2;< for :indows (ista 5RA 7,.$: n(idia 4488 or 2T" 1!88 $364D: Microsoft :indows XPB(ista com'atible sound card =188I DirectX 7.8c &com'atible> DVD0R3M: Juad&s'eed =#?> D(D&)*M dri5e 7ARD DR,VE: 7;< free dis, s'ace ,4 6! DEV,.E$: 188I :indows XPB(ista com'atible mouse and ,e board The re(ommen%e% s stem re/uirements are as follows: 3 ERA!,45 $#$!EM: Microsoft :indows XP or (ista

. 6: $ore 2 Duo A4488 =2.#;h@> or 2thlon 4# X2 #488H RAM: 2;< for :indows XP !;< for :indows (ista 5RA 7,.$: n(idia 7K88;TX or 2T" !KL8 $364D: Microsoft :indows XPB(ista com'atible sound card =188I DirectX 7.8c &com'atible> DVD0R3M: Juad&s'eed =#?> D(D&)*M dri5e 7ARD DR,VE: 7;< free dis, s'ace ,4 6! DEV,.E$: 188I :indows XPB(ista com'atible mouse and ,e board B Xbo? !48 $ontroller for :indows

re1arin" #our 7ar% Dri*e To ensure that our installation is trouble free9 ou should chec, to see that our hard dri5e and file s stem are both tuned for o'timum 'erformance. :indows comes with a utilit 'rograms that will hel' o'timise our hard dri5e 'erformance. You can o'timise our hard dri5e6s 'erformance b running a 'rogram called Disk Defra"menter. You can run Dis, Defragmenter b clic,ing on the $tart button from the :indows des,to'9 followed b ro"rams9 then A((essories9 then $ystem !ools9 and finall Disk Defra"menter.


DVD0R3M ro8lems

Batman: Arkham Asylum re/uires at least a Juad&S'eed D(D&)*M dri5e with !2B4#&bit dri5ers.

, re(ei*e a 9::::::.::: not foun%9 error messa"e 'hen installin" or runnin" Batman: Arkham Asylum. This error message is usuall the result of our com'uter using MS&D*S =14 bit> dri5ers instead of :indows =!2B4# bit> dri5ers for our D(D&)*M dri5e. You can easil chec, to see if this is causing 'roblems b o'ening the .ontrol anel =either clic, on the My .om1uter icon or clic, on the $tart button followed b $ettin"s9 then .ontrol anel>. "n the $ontrol Panel window9 double&clic, on the $ystem icon then clic, on the erforman(e tab. You should now see a summar of the 'erformance status of our com'uter. *ne of the lines should sa E !ile "ystem# $%&'()bit* and the last line should sa +Your system is confi,ured for optimal performance.+ "f ou see a message sa ing +Drive X is usin, -")D." compatibility mode/+ then ou will need to contact our s stem 5endor to obtain and install !2B4#&bit dri5ers for our D(D&)*M dri5e.


.rashes an% ;o(k061s

<hen , start Batman: Arkham Asylum my mouse (ursor %isa11ears an% my (om1uter lo(ks0u1. $hances are our installed audio card dri5ers are not com'atible with DirectX. The onl solution is to get a DirectX 7.8c &com'atible dri5er from our audio card manufacturer.

<hen , start Batman: Arkham Asylum , re(ei*e the follo'in" error messa"e: +The application Shi''ingP$&<m;ame.e?e referenced memory at address 0000#0000 that can1t be read from.+ "t6s li,el that our installed 5ideo card dri5ers are not com'atible with DirectX 7.8c. The onl solution is to get a DirectX 7.8c &com'atible dri5er from our 5ideo card manufacturer.

!he ,nstaller kee1s sto11in" 'hen a (ertain 1er(enta"e is (om1lete. There a few li,el causes:
q q

You ma ha5e run out of free s'ace on our hard dri5e. Please remo5e unwanted 'rograms to free u' additional s'ace for the game9 and then reinstall Batman: Arkham Asylum There ma be dirt or finger'rints on the D(D&)*M disc itself. A?amine the bottom of the discM if ou see an finger'rints or dirt9 carefull clean the disc using a clean9 soft9 lint&free cloth b wi'ing from the centre of the disc =near the hole> towards the outer edge in a straight line.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is (rashin" to the %eskto1 'ith no error messa"es. This 'roblem can be caused b se5eral different things. 3ere6s a list of the most common cul'rits associated with these crashes:

Ma,e sure the D(D&)*M is clean =chec, for both scratches and smudges on the reading surface of the D(D>. Ma,e sure the game has been installed 'ro'erl . Ma,e sure DirectX 7.8c has been installed 'ro'erl . Ma,e sure ou ha5e the latest dri5ers for &com'atible. Ma,e sure ou ha5e the latest dri5ers for &com'atible. our 5ideo card and that the are DirectX 7.8c

q q q


our sound card and that the

are DirectX 7.8c

q q

Ma,e sure Virtual Memory is enabled on our s stem. )un Disk Defra"menter.


Tr e?iting the game9 rebooting our machine9 and re&entering the game.


2f your system crashes to the des3top while playin, Batman: Arkham Asylum you should probably reboot your computer before startin, a new play session. .therwise/ DirectX may be in a loc3ed state/ and the ,ame will be unable to use your sound or video hardware.


=ire'all an% Re2uire% orts

:hen ou "nstall Batman: Arkham Asylum the installation 'rocess will automaticall add the game to the list of e?ce'tions for :indows .irewall. This is re/uired to allow the user full access to ;ames .or :indows & +"(A. The following 'orts are re/uired to be o'ened to use ;ames .or :indows C +"(A. N T$P 'ort K8 ="nternet> N T$P 'ort ##! =Sign "n> N T$P 'ort !8L# =$ontent Download> To get the most u' to date list of 'orts re/uired for ;ames for :indows & +"(A go to htt':BBwww.gamesforwindows.comBen&-SBSu''ortBPagesBinternet$onnection"'?.


4V,D,A hys) 7ar%'are A((eleration $u11ort  2cceleration is su''orted on all 1("D"2 $-D2 enabled 'rocessors with at least 204M< local
memor and !2 bit 'rocessors. <oth single and multi&;P- configurations are su''orted. This game features state of the art gra'hics and Ph sX features and as such is best enOo ed on a high 'erformance s stem. To enOo the highest resolutions with all features the recommended configuration would be a ;e.orce ;TX248 for gra'hics com'lemented with a ;e.orce 7K88;TX or higher dedicated for Ph sX9 ;TX2K8 or higher is recommended for single ;P- o'eration. To enOo Ph sX ;P- acceleration on :indows L all add&in gra'hics cards ha5e to feature 1("D"2 ;P-s. Mi?ed (endor gra'hics will result in all the Ph sX simulation being 'erformed in software on the $P- and 'erformance will be not o'timi@ed and in some cases too slow for 'la abilit . Ph sX 2cceleration on the 2;A"2 PP- is not a recommended or a su''orted configuration for this game title. Please note on occasions that the combined gra'hics and 'h sics load e?ceeds the s stem ca'abilities9 the game will gracefull reduce the amount of simulation occurring C this ma be seen as fro@en 'a'er and disabling some of the 'article effects. This can be o5ercome b u'grading our s stem or reducing some of the gra'hics settings. Performance is o'timised for the default settings9 in e?treme cases slow down or instabilit ma occur if these are set be ond our recommended s'ecification.

  

 2.?

!e(hni(al $u11ort

"f ou need further technical assistance after reading the )eadme file 'lease do not hesitate to contact us using an of the methods listed below. :hen contacting us9 'lease be sure to 'ro5ide us with as much information as 'ossible. Ma,e sure to note the e?act t 'e of hardware that ou are using in our s stem9 including: our gra'hics card9 sound card9 D(D&)*M dri5e9 amount of )2M 'resent9 s'eed and manufacturer of our 'rocessor. 2lso9 ma,e

sure to include the 5ersion of the game and a detailed descri'tion of the 'roblem. "t will also hel' if ou 're'are b creating a E D)D,A5F diagnostic file in :indows before ou call us. Sim'l follow these instructions:
q q q q q

$lic, on $tart $lic, on Run T 'e d0dia, $lic, on 3& $lic, on the $a*e ,nformation button and sa5e the file to our com'uter.

:hen ou call our Technical Su''ort line either ha5e this file o'en or ha5e a 'rinted co' . "f ou send an e&mail /uer 'lease attach the file to the e&mail.

!e(hni(al $u11ort .onta(t Details @6nite% &in"%omA 2ddress :imbledon <ridge 3ouse 1 3artfield )oad :imbledon S:17 !), 8KL8 7888&222 htt',Bsu''ortBinde?.html

A&Mail Phone :eb

!e(hni(al $u11ort .onta(t Details @6nite% $tates of Ameri(aA 2ddress Aidos $ustomer Ser5ices 1!88 Sea'ort <l5d )edwood $it $2 7#84! su'' 408&#21&L448 htt':BBwww.eidos.comBsu''ort.html

A&Mail Phone :eb

.2Js are a5ailable for ,nown issuesM if none e?ist select the G2ll $ategoriesG lin,. "f our issue is not on the list ou must select an issue9 then choose the show me GmoreG lin, to dis'la a list of all ,nown issues. "f none of this hel's9 there will be a lin, here to enter a GSu''ort )e/uestG

Note: 4ints and tips will not be ,iven out over the Technical "upport lines.

2lternati5el 9 ou ma find hel' with hardware 'roblems on one of the websites maintained b the

su''lier9 some of which are listed below: n(idia 2MDB2T" Technologies $reati5e +abs "ntel htt':BBwww.n5idia.comB htt':BBwww.ati.amd.comB htt':BBwww.creati5e.comB htt':BBsu''

Aidos maintains a web 'age with lin,s to all maOor 5ideo and audio card manufacturers9 which is a good first sto' if ou are loo,ing to u'grade our dri5ers. You can reach this 'age at: -K: -S: htt',Bsu''ortBinde?.html htt':BBwww.eidos.comBsu''ort.html

Than, ou and we ho'e ou enOo 'la ing Batman: Arkham Asylum. Aidos 2887.