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Daniel Cartwright

643 Hazel Nut Ct Bartlett, ! 60103 ()**+,Accomplished Project / Program Manager with 15+ years experience in Information Systems. Pro en a!ilities in m"lti#channel relationship mgmt$ pro!lem sol ing$ systems % process analysis$ software de elopment$ &A and application s"pport. 'etail oriented professional positioned to colla!orate with clients and !"siness partners to co#de elop and exec"te projects from initiation thro"gh clos"re. .,/01(( /N+! 12.1, 1NC1 (ear3 H$l"ing3$ (offman )states$ I* .*/ .r$gra% *anager, *$4ile C$%%er#e 2012 - 2013 'e eloped +,1- .oadmap to re#platform mo!ile cons"ltati e selling P/S system s"pporting m"ltiple internal % external retail clients 012.5M3. • • • • Primary liaison for mo!ile commerce integration and in#store digital experience projects Administered program4s change control$ ris5 % iss"e management processes 6ey contri!"tor on wee5ly exec"ti e leadership comm"nications .ecent opport"nity to !"ild software a !etter way 0Agile software de elopment$ Scr"m$ *ean3 Cell: (630) 862-5112 "#artwrh$%e&g%ail'#$%

.*/ .r$gra% *anager, !$5alt5 *ar6eting ((-7,) 2011 - 2012 'e eloped and exec"ted the Shop 7o"r 8ay .ewards +,11 % +,1+ .oadmaps 09 11:M ann"ally3. • • • • • • .e#de eloped m"lti#channel loyalty platform to feat"re a game changing real time x#tier client go#to# mar5et strategy. Managed 11, million mem!er migration after certifying mem!ers4 points !an5 "sing a"tomated test scripts and end#to#end "ser experience testing in m"lti#format la!s 011+M3. Primary liaison for application integration projects with Mo!ile % e;ommerce$ legacy I< and holding company !"siness "nits see5ing to capitali=e on the *oyalty Program4s mem!er !ase Integrated -rd party loyalty partnerships 0ex. Speedway$ <ra el Ser ices$..3. Implemented ;.M we! portal$ ena!ling loyalty clients to trac5 % manage their participating mem!ership ;o#de eloped On Ramp go ernance process re>"iring each !"siness case to !e accompanied !y data and process flow diagrams to demonstrate impact and integration points within the platform Administered the program4s change control$ ris5 % iss"e management processes 6ey contri!"tor on wee5ly exec"ti e leadership comm"nications

.r$8e#t *anager, *ulti-Channel Bu3ine33 De9el$:%ent 2008 - 2010 Managed cross#f"nctional retail teams that defined$ de eloped$ piloted and deployed a ariety of m"lti# channel new !"siness ent"res. • • • 'e eloping ?rand$ Pop#"p and Store#within#a#Store wireless o"tlets In#store digital training and cons"ltati e sales tools 0wired/wireless 5ios5s3 Seasonal merchandising life cycle impro ements

Daniel Cartwright .age 2 .r$8e#t *anager, (u::l5 Chain (53te%3 2005 - 200; <he merger !etween Sears % 6mart ena!led !oth companies to !enefit from their com!ined !"ying power and s"pply chain networ5s. I< foc"s d"ring this period was s>"arely on integrating s"pply chain networ5s and systems$ eliminating d"plicity across the new enterprise. .r$gra% *anager<C(C !iai3$n, n=$r%ati$n >e#hn$l$g5 2004 -2005 / ersight for the planning$ de elopment/config"ration and deployment of tools$ processes and ser ices re>"ired to o"tso"rce Sears systems operations and s"pport staff to ;S;. • • • • • Adopted a standardi=ed des5top operating system % image Migrated m"ltiple I< help des5s 'eployed we! !ased asset management tools and processes <ransformed I< change management tools % processes ;onfig"red new I< Ser ice .e>"est tool and processes s"pporting the proc"rement of hardware$ software and ser ices

.r$8e#t *anager, *er#han"i3e ? (u::l5 Chain (53te%3 2001 @ 2003 Managed enterprise merchandising systems projects 0matrix organi=ation3. Acco"nta!ilities incl"ded the de elopment % management of project scope$ wor5 !rea5down str"ct"res/sched"les$ reso"rce plans$ wor5flow$ ris5$ >"ality$ change control/go ernance and !"dget. • • • ;andidate selection$ e al"ation and proc"rement of a 1-5M @!est in class4 demand and merchandise planning application s"ite. 'e elopment of competiti e edge replenishment planning tool 01A.2 million in ann"al !enefits3. )nhanced existing space management toolset responsi!le for 1A,,6 in in entory performance impro ements.

Bu3ine33 ($luti$n3 +nal53t, +33$rt%ent .lanning (53te%3 1AA8 - 2000 ;olla!orated with !"siness partners to analy=e !"siness processes and design$ de elop$ test and deploy assortment % merchandise planning sol"tions. Scope of assignmentB • • )nhanced Assortment Planning tools and processes to le erage predicti e assortment modeling tool co#de eloped with a Cni ersity of Illinois research team. ;oordinated phase II % III de elopment of retail assortment planning applicationD ena!ling roll#o"t of apparel !"sinesses

>he (ignature Br$u:$ Scha"m!"rg$ I* 0mar5eting/ins"rance arm of Montgomery 8ard3 New Bu3ine33 De9el$:%ent !ea"er 1AA4 @ 1AA; Project prioriti=ation$ prod"ct % software de elopment$ ac>"isitions$ !"siness analysis$ &A$ training and doc"mentation for !oth corporate % ins"rance di isions. .,/0 C 1NC 1( • • • • • • • 'es5top <oolsB 8ord$ )xcel$ PowerPoint and Eisio 0process % data flows3 Project Mgmt <oolsB MS Project$ 'apti $ Metier MethodologiesB 8aterfall 0S)PM$ SS'M3$ Prototyping/.A'$ Agile )xcellent er!al$ written and presentation s5ills .is5 Management$ ;hange Management % ;omm"nication Management .eso"rce ManagementB 1F+ years of experience staffing % managing !oth act"al and irt"al teams 'e eloping and exec"ting strategies$ !"siness case de elopment and re>"irements analysis

Daniel Cartwright .age 2

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1D)C+> /N ?.S. ?"siness Information Systems$ )lmh"rst ;ollege$ )lmh"rst$ I* 122F ;ertificate of Project Management$ George 8ashington Cni ersity Presently p"rs"ing my PMP ;ertification 0targeting Han$ +,1F3