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Guideline to find Approved and Qualified Translation Agency in India

Translation agencies in India also have moved forwarded in competing with the companies in the west. Today these translation agencies have invested heavily on tools and technologies that keep them competitive and deliver undoubtedly the best translation possible for its client. ISO 9001 certified translation companies are growing in places like hennai! "angalore! #umbai! $yderabad and %elhi in India. Translation agencies& 're they (ualified to serve you) *ou should consider working with a translation agency which is (ualified and certified. +or e,ample there are ISO 9001 ertified translation agencies in hennai. %I- .- 1/001 is the only standard for linguistic services. hoose your translation agency that is %I- .- 1/001 ertified. This will help your product or service communicate the right content to your audience.

2ualifying a translation agency 3 3 3 3 -ative translators for 145 and more languages. 1/00 and more certified translators who work 5467 to offer (uality service ISO 9001! %I- .- 1/001 ertified translation services in hennai #ore than / to 8 years in translation business

#a9or ompanies in variety of industries trust :yric :abs for their global translation re(uirements. :yric :abs is an IS0 9001! %I- .- 1/001 certified company in India with all the above features of (ualified translation agency. *ou can e,pect the highest level of efficiency! accuracy and service delivery that is unmatched in India. ;robably due to this we are one of the best in the Translation Services industry in India since we have successfully helped thousands of our satisfied clients establish well in the local markets with our e,cellent Services range. Our primary range of Services includes the following& • • • ertified Translation Services <ebsite :ocali=ation Services Interpretation Services

• • •

%esktop ;ublishing Services #ultilingual >oice?over and %ubbing Services Subtitling Services

'nd our .,tended Services @elated to translation and interpretation& 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Translation and :ocali=ation ;harma! "iotech! $ealthcare! @O document translation Instruction manuals! Training manuals! #arketing materials Abrochures! product leaflets! etcB .,hibition materials "anking! +inancial! :egal and other related documents ;roduct package translation <eb site C #ultimedia locali=ation Software :ocali=ation ASoftware module! $elp manual! training manual! etcB #ulti lingual >oiceovers Interpretation Services :anguage Transcription Services %T; C#ulti :ingual -ew #edia ;ublishing and more oordination services for :anguage Service providers A:S;sB

Our translation services in India are the best for your locali=ation and interpretation re(uirements. :yric :abs is your One?Stop Solution for all your translation related re(uirements as we offer all types of translation services that are re(uired for your businesses! govt. offices! embassies! courts and other re(uirements. :yric :abs follows a structured process to deliver the best results in respect of the above with utmost accuracy and e,cellent locali=ed flavor that will be liked by your target customers. To know more about our Services and the benefits you can en9oy by entrusting your locali=ation needs to :yric :abs in India! you can #ail us at or call 9140100000 an e,pert partner you can trust.