Breaking news LSD Lemming Syndrome Discovered Not in their DNA but RPM Religious Political Media due

process Righteous ingle bells Sanctimonious !aching !on"ucius wanted his disciple to think his scholars buried alive #o this very day "ew !on"ucius scholars alive but reciprocity alive as the ignorant all being smothered in own air believing they too can "ind the "ormula to pull money out o" thin air

$#here were no dates in this history% but scrawled this way and that across every page were the words Benevolence Righteousness and Morality & "inally ' began to make out what was written between the lines( #he whole volume was but a single phrase% )at People*

#he thin air lack o" o+ygen had a thinning e""ect All they had le"t is bones to pick with each other

,orthright ,orthwith ,orthcoming ,,,

'n the name o" -od o"% "or and with the People .#, http/00www(youtube(com0watch1v23bA!!-"456c

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.here8s the bee"1 A curia% plural curiae% is an assembly% council% or court% in which public% o""icial% or religious issues are discussed and decisions made( 'n ancient Rome% the entire populace was divided into thirty curiae% which met in order to con"irm the election o" magistrates% witness the installation o" priests% the making o" wills% and adoptions( Lesser curiae e+isted "or other purposes( #he word curia also came to be applied to meeting places where various assemblies gathered% especially the meeting house o" the senate( Similar institutions e+isted in other towns and cities o" 'taly( 'n medieval times% a king9s council was "re5uently re"erred to as a curia( #oday% the most "amous curia is the governing body o" the Roman !atholic !hurch( Political Religious 'mplicit !omplicit )+plicit PR'!) Political Religious 'nsidious !apitalist )mperors Like other "inancial empires in history% Smith claims the contemporary model "orms alliances necessary to develop and control wealth% as peripheral nations remain impoverished providers o" cheap resources "or the imperial6centers6o"6 capital(:7; Belloc estimated that% during the British )nclosures% <perhaps hal" o" the whole population was proletarian<% while roughly the other <hal"< owned and controlled the means o" production( Now% under modern !apitalism% (.( Smith claims "ewer than =>> people possess more wealth than hal" o" the earth8s population% as the wealth o" 70? o" 76percent o" the 3nited States population roughly e5ual that o" the lower @>6 percent(


#ale -aAillion ,acts must have root ? take root -od coherency <!atch ??< must have semblance ? catch do- chase tail www(#ail7B(com #hey8re all intellectual liars Cnowing well the Lord helps them that help and "orgive sel" #here is hope but alas they could use your help <'t is only the wisest and the stupidest that cannot change< http/00www(scribd(com0doc07D>>B4?D40'talian6politicians6agree6to6aid6against6last6RatA6Pope '" they attack armed with naught but truth without a coherent maEority #he last o" the SS Segregated Solidarity "inal war to determine who the holier than thou Lemming Syndrome pro"iciently developed does promise PF) Peace on )arth ' had thought PFFGGG F" course ' was somewhat bias as a !on"ucius et al "ollower B

www( 3S#'!)7B(com


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