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Two American states elected governors this week, while several big cities chose mayors. The electionswere the irst since the tro!bled la!nch o the new ederal health" care website and the #$"day %artialsh!tdown o the government. &onservative 'e%!blicans in &ongress, incl!ding Tea (arty members,s!% %orted the sh!tdown as %art o their o%%osition to the %rogram known as Obamacare. (olitical e)%erts looked at the governors* races or cl!es to how Americans may vote in congressionalelections ne)t ye ar. Voters will choose all +,- members o the .o!se o 'e%resentatives and one"thirdo the #// senators. Observers think the government sh!tdown hel%ed 0emocrat Terry 1cA!li e win the governor*s race inVirginia. 1any ederal workers live there and ederal s%ending is im%ortan t to the state economy. 1r. 1cA!li e de eated 2en &!ccinelli, a 'e%!blican with strong Tea (arty ties. 1r. &!ccinelli stayedclose in the race by attacking (resident 3arack Obama and the health care law. 4Virginia !nderstands that Obamacare is a ail!re and that yo! want to be in charge o yo!r health care, and not thegovernment.5 3!t voters chose 1r. 1cA!li e in his second try or %!blic o ice. 46!st think abo!t what Virginia has been able to accom%lish when we work together.5 The newly elected governor has close ties to ormer %resident 3ill &linton and ormer secret ary o state .illary &linton. In the other governor*s race, voters in New 6ersey re"elected 'e%!blican &hris &hristie. .e won $/ %ercent o the vote with thes!%%ort o many 0emocrats. 4Leadershi% is m!ch less abo!t talking than it is abo!t listening. Abo!t bringing %eo%le aro!nd the table, listening to each other,showing th em res%ect.5 1r. &hristie received m!ch %raise or his leadershi% a ter 7!%erstorm 7andy hit the state a y ear ago. 1any %eo%le see him as a %ossible 8/#$ candidate or %resident. Tad 0evine, an adviser to 0emocrats, says 9overnor &hristie*s re" election o ers an im%ortant lesson. 4.e has been able to take a very 0emocratic state : Obama won New 6ersey by #; %oints in the last two elections : andbecome a governor who co!ld not only win a close election as he did the irst time, b!t win a landslide election.5

Ford O*&onnell is a 'e%!blican strategist. .e says Tea (arty 'e%!blicans need to learn rom the winning candidates. 4<ell, it leaves the Tea (arty really in an echo chamber, =!st talking to the base. The real %roblem or the Tea (arty is how dothey e)%and their a%%eal beyond the 'e%!blican base.5

0emocratic 1ayor"elect o New >ork, 3ill de 3lasio,embraces his son 0ante, le t , and da!ghter &hiara,center, a ter he was elected.

7ome %eo%le %redict a battle or the heart and so!l o the %arty. <ill the 'e%!blicans move toward theconservatism o the Tea (arty movement or away rom it? Ford O*&onnell is not s!re. 40e%ending on how this battle t!rns o!t, it co!ld lead to more dys !nction and government sh!tdowns. And that*s something that %eo%le all over the world have an eye on beca!se America is still the mostrob!st economy in the world.5 In New >ork &ity, voters on T!esday elected 3ill de 3lasio as mayor. .is election %!t the cit y !nder0emocratic (arty control or the irst time in 8/ years. .e re%laces 1ichael 3loomberg. Voters in othercities, incl!ding Atlanta, 3oston and 1iami, also elected mayors. And that*s In the News, rom VOA Learning English. I*m &hristo%her &r!ise.