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Delhi elections: How class equations can dictate voting patterns and result in a few surprises
Malini Goyal, ET Bureau Nov 24, 2013, 06.35PM IST

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Arguably the most anticipated outcome after whether Sachin Tendulkar would get a century in his last Test match (which he didn't) - at least in the country's capital - is whether Sheila Dikshit will get a fourth term as Delhi chief minister. This time, though, it's going to be the Congress' and Dikshit's toughest battle ever - for a variety of reasons, ranging from charges of corruption to emergence of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). ET runs through some trends from the past and some issues from the present that could have an impact on the final outcome:
articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2013-11-24/news/44390637_1_aam-aadmi-party-delhi-university-aap 1/8

Visit Now! Exclusive List of Long Term Buy & sell anything on OLX Stocks To Own In 2014. Mustafabad.was narrow. 2013 NARROW WINS In 2008. Delhi to see three-way battle in Assembly polls..com/2013-11-24/news/44390637_1_aam-aadmi-party-delhi-university-aap 2/8 .000 votes.. Of these 27 seats.Post/Search Hiranandani™ For 2014 Free Ads Hebbal www. Narela. Okhla. Octob er 20.5/3 BHK Apartments in Bangalore by Hiranandani.olx. BJP both Novemb er 3.houseofhiranandan… Premium 2/2. the BJP was a distant second with 23.Economic Times (Delhi is one of the few states…) Purva Skydale launched RELATED ARTICLES Aam Aadmi Party: Spoiler in Congress. The constituencies where the winning margin was under 1. Long Term Stocks OLX. Patparganj.indiatimes. 2013 IN-DEPTH COVERAGE New Delhi Sheila Dikshit Bahujan Samaj Party Aam Aadmi Party articles.economictimes. Vikaspuri.com/Bangal… Equitymaster. with victory margins of under 5. 2013 Maravilloso homes in Bangalore Located off Sarjapur Road. Ghonda and Trilokpuri.. Eight out of these 27 seats had a thinner margin of under 1.26/11/2013 Delhi elections: How class equations can dictate voting patterns and result in a few surprises . Get online classifieds.27 of the 70 . 100% Free Copy Now! Free! Tons of Ads Puravankara. Septemb er 4. An analysis of some of these wins reveals that the contest in more than a third of the seats . the Dikshit-led Congress came to power for the third time by winning 43 of 70 seats.in www..000 votes include Rajouri Garden ( just 46 votes). courtesy.com/Long-… Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party running malicious. 17 were won by the Congress and nine by the BJP.000 votes.

com/2013-11-24/news/44390637_1_aam-aadmi-party-delhi-university-aap 3/8 . the BSP is fielding candidates in all the 70 constituencies.economictimes. narrower and expand to a few more seats as the Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP makes it a three-corner battle. deputy director at Lokniti.8% in the previous election to 14%.26/11/2013 Delhi elections: How class equations can dictate voting patterns and result in a few surprises . In 2008. Sanjay Kumar.indiatimes. well. But it won just two assembly seats. the BSP surprised by improving its share from 5.Economic Times In the 2013 elections.at least of playing a spoiler .of the Mayawati-led Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). In the upcoming elections. such narrow electoral fights may get. Too Don't dismiss the prospects .31% vote share and the BJP 36. Over the years it has also built a support base among poor migrants from UP and Bihar. a research programme of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies articles. The party is targeting its traditional support base of Dalits and is gearing to woo Muslims away from the Congress.84%. even as the Congress got a 40. But There's a Fourth Party to Watch.

About 22% of articles. almost a third of the respondents say the biggest issue for Delhi's voters is inflation.com/2013-11-24/news/44390637_1_aam-aadmi-party-delhi-university-aap 4/8 . 17 have a sizeable proportion from Punjab.broadly face similar issues irrespective of their caste background and hence often have similar voting patterns.india. 11 constituencies are dominated by Jats and Gujjars and 27 constituencies are a mixed type.Economic Times and a professor at the social science research institution. FROM CASTE TO CLASS-BASED POLITICS Almost all Indian states see caste-driven politics with political parties spending a lot of energy building a support base among different castes (see page 10). But even they are feeling the pinch.economictimes. Even the tony New Delhi constituency has close to 15% Dalits. A fourth reckon crime is the biggest concern. He says people from a similar economic class . Kumar of CSDS says: "The voting behaviour in Delhi is a classic case of classbased voting. Some 12 million of Delhi's 18 million population are eligible to vote.with very strong support base among Dalits . says: "I don't think the BSP is playing a significant role in the 2013 assembly elections. and a sizeable number of them are migrants workers. an organisation that analyzes political. a professor at Delhi University say the BSP . Roughly half of that population lives in slums and unauthorised colonies. corruption by 15% and surprisingly just 2% flag job opportunities as an issue. Katrina Kaif in Dhoom 3 health. Hence success of political parties will depend on how smartly they can woo multiple economic classes. According to a survey by Centre Right India. Another pre-poll survey done by Lokniti reveals that the biggest case for dissatisfaction among Delhi respondents (41%) is that the government has failed to curb price rise. for 23% it is corruption and for 8% it is unemployment.should not be ignored. Poor governance and lack of development is flagged by 18%.26/11/2013 Delhi elections: How class equations can dictate voting patterns and result in a few surprises . Delhi is perhaps the first state where class equations are increasingly playing a role in shaping voting patterns. social and cultural issues.say slum dwellers .com How is she looking so fit? Read about her diet & fitness secrets.indiatimes. Kumar says 16 constituencies are dominated by migrants from Bihar and UP." But experts like Pradip Datta. WHAT'S WORRYING DELHIITES Delhi's middle class and above are relatively better off than their peers across the country with the city boasting the highest per capita income in India at over `2 lakh." Kumar has written a book Changing Electoral Politics in Delhi based on his research.

poor voters in Delhi have voted for the Congress and relatively well-off voters for the BJP. Political parties are carving out their own niches.3-trn debt limit not raised 5/8 .with 40 coming from the lower class. He thinks AAP's 100 may be straddling multiple income segments . For the BJP. 60 would come from the lower class.newsmax.com Right Before a Heart Attack Your Body Will Give You These 4 Signs FEATURED ARTICLES Income Tax department puts HRA exemption under scanner More: How to use the internet to make money IRCTC launches 'e-wallet' scheme for hassle-free ticket booking India's first e-reader Wink unveiled. 40 from the middle and 20 from the upper class. 30 from the middle class and 35 from the upper class. Traditionally. The entry of AAP will shake things up. The BSP has been slowly building its support among the Dalits and the poorer migrant workers. 4 Signs of a Heart Attack www. Over to December 4. 35 would come from the lower class. 20 from the middle class and another 20 from upper class. supporting 15 languages articles.Economic Times voters today are Poorvanchalis.com/2013-11-24/news/44390637_1_aam-aadmi-party-delhi-university-aap Fed warns of catastrophe if $14. Kumar estimates that of every 100 votes that the Congress will get.indiatimes.economictimes.26/11/2013 Delhi elections: How class equations can dictate voting patterns and result in a few surprises .

indiatimes. Everyday Me The Book That Changed Me . India faces forex crisis: India story shortchanged? 18 Nov 2013 PNoy to get more funds for disaster rehab ABS-CBN Philippines The Best Way to Secure More Money for Retirement VentureBeat Recommended by Readers' opinions (33) Sort by: Newest | Oldest Sean Sen (New Delhi) 26 Nov. Congress has already lost.And to add insult to injury you have the two worthl**** Maya and Mulla Yadav asking for votes based on their preferences.972: Mazhar Mohammad 23 Nov 2013 Rupee to hit 70.economictimes. Neck to Neck currently."The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" James Citrin on LinkedIn Immediate support for Nifty at 5. TRK (Pune) 24 Nov.Economic Times IRCTC launches 'e-wallet' scheme for hasslefree ticket booking Apple iPhone 5s out of stock in India as supplies head west Tableau Software. 2013 05:50 AM Real fight in DELHI is between AAP and BJP. 2013 11:26 PM After all this we think Delhi wallas will have to brace for a civil war like situation the way the campaigning is going on from all the parties.26/11/2013 Delhi elections: How class equations can dictate voting patterns and result in a few surprises .com/2013-11-24/news/44390637_1_aam-aadmi-party-delhi-university-aap 6/8 . 2013 10:33 PM articles. Papps Gemini (Mars) 24 Nov. Atlassian prepare for IPO amid market woes Facebook: Is the online social networking service fading? More from The Economic Times Flipkart opens up part of its technology code to deliver innovation 14 Nov 2013 Air India introduces new Delhi-Kochi flight 21 Nov 2013 More from the web Should new clothes be washed? We give you some practical advice.

2013 09:51 PM BJP WILL FINISH THIRD.then Congress will come to power by any means.BJP will sweep with 50 seats on December 8. 2013 09:50 PM CONGRESS WILL WIN ATLEAST 3 STATES.com/2013-11-24/news/44390637_1_aam-aadmi-party-delhi-university-aap 7/8 . 2013 09:28 PM We all wish so. Anil Kulkarni replies to Mahesh Ved 24 Nov. 2013 09:51 PM KEJRIWAL HAS DEMOLISHED BJP. Mahesh Ved (Mumbai) replies to rohan 24 Nov.People have also seen AAP beforehand.Thats the trap.AAP will not gain.AAM AADMI IS WITH CONGRESS. 2013 10:14 PM If so.economictimes. Anil Kulkarni (Boston USA) 24 Nov.Eggs.Tomato. » READ ALL COMMENTS articles.Economic Times The Indian voter is matured and intelligent enough to see through the games parties and politicians play. rohan (India) 24 Nov. 2013 09:11 PM Some unnoticed under current is favoring Congress.Prices of Onions.Inflation.2013.Pulses-on top of that Scams by Congress. Mahesh Ved (Mumbai) replies to Anil Kulkarni 24 Nov. 2013 09:09 PM The studies are theoretical.26/11/2013 Delhi elections: How class equations can dictate voting patterns and result in a few surprises .I bet.Now the ground reality is Price Rise.Potato.indiatimes. Ashok Gupta (India) replies to Anil Kulkarni 24 Nov.Vegetables. Mahesh Ved (Mumbai) replies to rohan 24 Nov.

26/11/2013 Delhi elections: How class equations can dictate voting patterns and result in a few surprises . Colem a n & Co.indiatimes.com In dex by Da t e | In dex by Key w or d A dv er t ise w it h u s | T er m s of Use | Pr iv a cy Policy | Feedba ck articles. Lt d.Economic Times © 2 0 1 3 Ben n et t . A ll r ig h t s r eser v ed w w w .econ om ict im es.com/2013-11-24/news/44390637_1_aam-aadmi-party-delhi-university-aap 8/8 .economictimes.

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