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Moon Mansions: The 28 Mansions of the Moon "And in these twenty eight Mansions do lie hid many secrets of the wisdom of the antients, by the which they wrought wonders on all things which are under the c ircle of the Moon; and they attributed to every Mansion his resemblances, images , and seals, and his president intelligences, and worked by the virtue of them a fter different manners." ("The MAGUS or CELESTIAL INTELLIGENCER" by Francis Barr ett) The ancient astrologers knew and used in their work aside from the 12 zodiacal s igns of the Sun, also 28 mansions of the Moon or lunar mansions. They represent an ancient wisdom, now very little spread among the astrologers, yet they are of great use both in natal and electional astrology as well as in m agical purposes. These mansions are subdivisions of the zodiac, equal in size, which start at 0 Ar ies and last 125126 each. The monthly transit of the Moon through each of these mansions generates a diffe rent influence as follows: Influence of the Moon Mansions Texts from "The MAGUS or CELESTIAL INTELLIGENCER" by Francis Barrett, London, 18 01 The Moon in the 1st mansion - it causes discords, and journies; (0 Aries to 12 A ries 51) The Moon in the 2nd mansion - it conduces to the finding of treasures, and to th e retaining [of] captives; (12 Aries 51 to 25 Aries 42) The Moon in the 3rd mansion - it is profitable to sailors, huntsmen, and alchymi sts; (25 Aries 42 to 8 Taurus 34) The Moon in the 4th mansion - it causes the destruction and hindrances of buildi ngs, fountains, wells, gold mines, the flight of creeping things, and begets dis cord. (8 Taurus 34 to 21 Taurus 25) The Moon in the 5th mansion - it confirms edifices, it gives health and good-wil l; (21 Taurus 25 to 4 Gemini 17) The Moon in the 6th mansion - it conduces to hunting, and besieging of towns, an d revenge of princes, it destroys harvests and fruits and hinders the operation of the physician; (4 Gemini 17 to 17 Gemini 8) The Moon in the 7th mansion - it confers gain and friendship, its profitable to lovers, it scares flies, destroys magistracies; (17 Gemini 8 to 0 Cancer) The Moon in the 8th mansion - it causes love, friendship, and society of fellow

travellers, it drives away mice ands afflicts captives, confirming their impriso nment; (0 Cancer to 12 Cancer 51) The Moon in the 9th mansion - it hinders harvests and travelers, and puts discor d between men; (12 Cancer 51 to 25 Cancer 42) The Moon in the 10th mansion - it strengthens buildings, yields love, benevolenc e and help against enemies; (25 Cancer 42 to 8 Leo 34) The Moon in the 11th mansion - it is good for voyages, and gain by merchandise, and for redemption of captives; (8 Leo 34 to 21 Leo 25) The Moon in the 12th mansion - it gives prosperity to harvests, and plantations, but hinders seamen, and is good for the bettering of servants, captives and com panions; (21 Leo 25 to 4 Virgo 17) The Moon in the 13th mansion - it is prevalent for benevolence, gain, voyages, h arvests, and freedom of captives; (17 to 17 Virgo 8) The Moon in the 14th mansion - it causes the love of married folks, it cures the sick, is profitable to sailors, but hinders journies by land; and in these the second quarter of Heaven is completed; (17 Virgo 8 to 0 Libra) The Moon in the 15th mansion - its profitable for the extracting of treasures, f or digging of pits, it assists divorce, discord, and the destruction of houses a nd enemies, and hinders travelers; (0 Libra to 12 Libra 5) The Moon in the 16th mansion - it hinders journies and wedlock, harvests and mer chandise, it prevails for redemption of captives; (12 Libra 51 to 25 Libra 42) The Moon in the 17th mansion - it betters a bad fortune, makes love durable, str engthens buildings, and helps seamen; (25 Libra 42 to 8 Scorpio 34) The Moon in the 18th mansion - it causes discord, sedition, conspiracy against p rinces and mighty ones, and revenge from enemies, but it frees captives and help s edifices; (8 Scorpio 34 to 21 Scorpio 25) The Moon in the 19th mansion - it helps in the besieging of cities and taking of towns, and in the driving of men from their places, and for the destruction of seamen, and perdition of captives; (21 Scorpio 25 to 4 Sagittarius 17) The Moon in the 20th mansion - it helps for the taming of wild beasts, for the s trengthening of prisons, it destroys the wealth of societies, it compels a man t o come to a certain place; (4 Sagittarius 17 to 17 Sagittarius 8) The Moon in the 21st mansion - it is good for harvests, gain, buildings and trav ellers, and causes divorce; and in this is the third quarter of Heaven is comple ted; (17 Sagittarius 8 to 0 Capricorn) The Moon in the 22nd mansion - it promotes the flight of servants and captives, that they may escape, and helps the curing of diseases; (0 Capricorn to 12 Capri corn 51) The Moon in the 23rd mansion - it is for divorce, liberty of captives and the he alth of the sick; (12 Capricorn 51 to 25 Capricorn 42) The Moon in the 24th mansion - it is prevalent for the benevolence of married pe ople, for the victory of soldiers, it hurts the execution of government, and pre vents it being exercised; (25 Capricorn 42 to 8 Aquarius 34) The Moon in the 25th mansion - it favors besieging and revenge, it destroys enem ies, causes divorce, confirms prisons and buildings, hastens messengers, it cond uces to spells against copulation, and so binds every member of man, that it can not perform its duty; (8 Aquarius 34 to 21 Aquarius 25) The Moon in the 26th mansion - it causes union, health of captives, destroys bui ldings and prisons; (21 Aquarius 25 to 4 Pisces 17) The Moon in the 27th mansion - it increases harvests, revenues, gain, and heals infirmities, but hinders buildings, prolongs prisons, causes danger to seamen, a nd helps to infer mischiefs on whom you shall please; (4 Pisces 17 to 17 Pisces 8) The Moon in the 28th mansion - it increases harvests and merchandise, it secures travellers through dangerous places; it makes for the joy of married couples, b ut it strengths prisons, and causes loss of treasures; (17 Pisces 8 to 0 Aries)