Courts of Protection Racket bares many holes 6/!one"#hat"$"Can"to"%a&e"#orld"'all"(ow"in")our"Court %ticks and stones may break my bones *

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,on+ prior brains picked as a -hief in the .ni+ht nothin+ left but bones to pick http://en.wikipedia.or+/wiki/.in+dom/of/0od -he Catechism of the Catholic Church 1CCC2 teaches that the comin+ Rei+n of 0od will be a kin+dom of lo&e3 peace3 and 4ustice.5637 8ustice is defined as a &irtue whereby one respects the ri+hts of all persons3 li&in+ in harmony and e9uity with all.56:7 -he .in+dom of 0od be+an with Christ;s death and Resurrection and must be further e<tended by Christians until it has been brou+ht into perfection by Christ at the end of time. 5657 -he Christian does this by li&in+ the way Christ li&ed3 by thinkin+ the way Christ thou+ht35637 and by promotin+ peace and 4ustice.5667 -his can be accomplished by discernin+ how the =oly %pirit 10od2 is callin+ one to act in the concrete circumstances of one;s life.5667 Christians must also pray3 askin+ 0od for what is necessary to cooperate with the comin+ of 0od;s .in+dom. 56>7 8esus +athered disciples to be the seed and the be+innin+ of 0od;s Rei+n on earth3 and 8esus sent 1

the =oly %pirit to +uide them.56?7 8esus continues to call all people to come to+ether around him56@7 and to spread the .in+dom of 0od across the entire world.53 7 =owe&er3 the ultimate triumph of Christ;s .in+dom will not come about until Christ;s return to earth at the end of time.5317 !urin+ Christ;s second comin+3 he will 4ud+e the li&in+ and the dead. Anly those who are 4ud+ed to be ri+hteous and 4ust will rei+n with Christ fore&er.5367 Christ;s second comin+ will also mark the absolute defeat of all e&il powers3 includin+ %atan.5337 Bntil then3 the comin+ of the .in+dom will continue to be attacked by e&il powers as Christians wait with hope for the second comin+ of their %a&ior.53:7 -his is why Christians pray to hasten Christ;s return by sayin+ to him CDaranathaEC which means CCome3 ,ord 8esusEC.5357 http://en.wikipedia.or+/wiki/ResurrectionFG<ternal/links Hombies became a popular de&ice in modern horror fiction3 lar+ely because of the success of 0eor+e I. Romero;s 1@6? film (i+ht of the ,i&in+ !ead51>7 and they ha&e appeared as plot de&ices in &arious books3 films and in tele&ision shows. Hombie fiction is now a siJeable sub"+enre of horror3 usually describin+ a breakdown of ci&iliJation occurrin+ when most of the population become flesh"eatin+ Jombies K a Jombie apocalypse. -he monsters are usually hun+ry for human flesh3 often specifically brains. %ometimes they are &ictims of a fictional pandemic illness causin+ the dead to reanimate or the li&in+ to beha&e this way3 but often no cause is +i&en in the story. http://en.wikipedia.or+/wiki/Gnd/time #hile some who belie&e in the literal interpretation of the 'ible insist that the prediction of dates or times is futile3 some other writers belie&e that 8esus foretold of si+ns which would indicate that the Cend of daysC was near. %ome of these si+ns include earth9uakes3 natural disasters3 ci&il problems3 Cwars and rumors of wars3C and other catastrophes. Af the precise time3 howe&er3 it will come like a Cthief in the ni+htC 11 -hess. 5:62. 0enocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction3 in whole or in part3 of an ethnic3 racial3 reli+ious3 or national +roup.517 #hile a precise definition &aries amon+ +enocide scholars3 a le+al definition is found in the 1@:? Bnited (ations Con&ention on the Pre&ention and Punishment of the Crime of 0enocide 1CPPC02. Irticle 6 of this con&ention defines +enocide as Cany of the followin+ acts committed with intent to destroy3 in whole or in part3 a national3 ethnical3 racial or reli+ious +roup3 as such: killin+ members of the +roupL causin+ serious bodily or mental harm to members of the +roupL deliberately inflictin+ on the +roup conditions of life3 calculated to brin+ about its physical destruction in whole or in partL imposin+ measures intended to pre&ent births within the +roupL 5and7 forcibly transferrin+ children of the +roup to another +roup.C567 'ecause of the influence of 8oseph %talin3

this definition of genocide under international law

does not include political groups.


Inother criticism of the CPPC0 is that when its pro&isions ha&e been in&oked by the Bnited (ations %ecurity Council3 they ha&e only been in&oked to punish those who ha&e already committed +enocide and

been foolish enough to leave a paper trail.
$t was this criticism that led to the adoption of B( %ecurity Council Resolution 16>: by the Bnited (ations %ecurity Council on 6? Ipril 6 6 commits the Council to action to protect ci&ilians in armed conflict and to protect populations from +enocide3 war crimes3 ethnic cleansin+ and crimes a+ainst humanity. 0enocide scholars such as 0re+ory %tanton ha&e postulated that conditions and acts that often occur before3 durin+3 and after +enocideM such as dehumaniJation of &ictim +roups3 stron+ or+aniJation of +enocidal +roups3 and denial of +enocide by its perpetratorsM can be identified and

actions taken to stop genocides before they happen.
Critics of this approach such as !irk Doses assert that this is unrealistic and that3 for e<ample3

"Darfur will end when it suits the great powers that have a stake in the region".

Donies 6 due process !e 4ure redirect 6 antithesis de facto !iablo (ot only brid+e to ,ondon fallin+ down #hen you +ot the wealth you li&e in common the rest with common cents -he %ky is Nallin+ Icid Rei+n 'reakin+ news ,%! ,emmin+ %yndrome !isco&ered (ot in their !(I but RPD Reli+ious Political Dedia due process Ri+hteous 8in+le bells %anctimonious Cachin+ Confucius wanted his disciple to think his scholars buried ali&e -o this &ery day few Confucius scholars ali&e but reciprocity ali&e as the i+norant all bein+ smothered in own air belie&in+ they too can find the formula to pull money out of thin air


O-here were no dates in this history3 but scrawled this way and that across e&ery pa+e were the words 'ene&olence Ri+hteousness and Dorality * finally $ be+an to make out what was written between the lines. -he whole &olume was but a sin+le phrase3 Gat PeopleP

-he thin air lack of o<y+en had a thinnin+ effect Ill they had left is bones to pick with each other

Northri+ht Northwith Northcomin+ NNN

$n the name of 0od of3 for and with the People #-N"c

NNN Nickle Nate Nin+er


#hereSs the beefQ Clear separation of powers de facto ,e+al Certainty

I curia3 plural curiae3 is an assembly3 council3 or court3 in which public3 official3 or reli+ious issues are discussed and decisions made. $n ancient Rome3 the entire populace was di&ided into thirty curiae3 which met in order to confirm the election of ma+istrates3 witness the installation of priests3 the makin+ of wills3 and adoptions. ,esser curiae e<isted for other purposes. -he word curia also came to be applied to meetin+ places where &arious assemblies +athered3 especially the meetin+ house of the senate. %imilar institutions e<isted in other towns and cities of $taly. $n medie&al times3 a kin+;s council was fre9uently referred to as a curia. -oday3 the most famous curia is the +o&ernin+ body of the Roman Catholic Church. Political Reli+ious $mplicit Complicit G<plicit PR$CG Political Reli+ious $nsidious Capitalist Gmperors ,ike other financial empires in history3 %mith claims the contemporary model forms alliances necessary to de&elop and control wealth3 as peripheral nations remain impo&erished pro&iders of cheap resources for the imperial"centers"of" capital.517 'elloc estimated that3 durin+ the 'ritish Gnclosures3 Cperhaps half of the whole population was proletarianC3 while rou+hly the other ChalfC owned and controlled the means of production. (ow3 under modern Capitalism3 8.#. %mith claims fewer than 5 people possess more wealth than half of the earthSs population3 as the wealth of 1/6 of 1"percent of the Bnited %tates population rou+hly e9ual that of the lower @ " percent.


-ale 0aJillion Nacts must ha&e root 6 take root 0od coherency CCatch 66C must ha&e semblance 6 catch do0 chase tail -heySre all intellectual liars .nowin+ well the ,ord helps them that help and for+i&e self -here is hope but alas they could use your help C$t is only the wisest and the stupidest that cannot chan+eC 366?6/$talian"politicians"a+ree"to"aid"a+ainst"last"RatJ"Pope

$f they attack armed with nau+ht but truth without a coherent ma4ority -he last of the %% %e+re+ated %olidarity final war to determine who the holier than thou ,emmin+ %yndrome proficiently de&eloped does promise PAG Peace on Garth $ had thou+ht PAAEEE Af course $ was somewhat bias as a Confucius et al follower 6




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