Name Nationality Date of Birth Civil Status

: : : :

Position Applied For: INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL TECHNICIAN (Marine Offshore, Construction, Pre/Commissioning & Start !", Maintenance# Years of Working Experience: Sixteen (16) Years (Oil an EDUCATIONA ATTAIN!ENT: College : Course : $ear %ra&uate& : '(() "NOW ED#EA$ E of %sing t&e follo'ing cali(rator e)%ip*ents: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • *+) & ,+) -iel&.us /art Communicator / Protocol 0merson 1osemount Scan&ura B23 4 SP'/)3, Scan&ura B23 Microcal ', !nical an& m5 1eceiver 67, 8o.ulator & B05M09 6est 0:ui"ment Dra&ger,Shar" 0ye ;1, an& Solo 5erosol -isher 1osemount /art Protocol Communicator 2+) Sieger %as Cali.rator !niversal /art Communicator for configuration of 1osemount, 5BB 7ent 6aylor,/oney<ell an& other /art Protocol ;nstruments= Brain 6erminal B6 233 Communicator for configuration of $O7O%585 6ransmitters Different ty"es of Druc> D6; Pressure Cali.rator /y&raulic, Pneumatic an& ?acuum Pum" Cali.rator Dea& 8eight Cali.rator <ith sets of <eights Com"arator Cali.rator <ith reference gauge Different ty"es of 6ranslation Cali.rator Smart -iel& Communicator (S-C# for 6ransmitter /oney<ell Bran& Mitutoyo %auge Bloc> Set Pressure Cali.rator PC '3@ (BeameA Bran&# 1esistance Deca&e BoA for 16D (Pt '33#Cali.rator MC) Cali.rator (BeameA Bran&# Oil Pum" Cali.rator for high "ressure scale !niversal 8avete> Cali.rator ('33 Multifunction C5 '33 Cali.rator ($O7O%585# Buffer Solution for "/ 5nalyBer Sling Psychrometer 6achometer !as "etr#$%em "r#&e$t)

+AND ED E,UIP!ENT- TYPE.!ANUFACTU/E I-T '# Man 6ur.o %as Com"ressor, Solar 6ur.otronic %as 6ur.ine %enerator (Cater"illar#, %0 an& 5BB %as 6ur.ine %enerator, Siemens %as Com"ressor, /oney<ell -ire & %as Panel= Nuoyo Pignone %as 6ur.ine %enerator inclu&ing com"ressor .y using Mar> ? & Mar> ?; s"ee& tonics as monitoring control

MM. ?a"ors recovery unit . so&ium /y&roAi&e unloa&ing. Mitsu. Siemens.ater s(stem /y&rochloric 5ci& unloa&ing . /M.nvensys.nstruments are not in&icating in the DCS inclu&es of changing . Satellite <et oil transfer "um"s.# Programma. 23'' to Duly 'E. 1osemount. Multime&ia -ilter .us . /artmann an& Bro<n. Ca. Moore Myero an& 0urothem.= segment "rotection . 6riconeA.mtech 5nalyBer.ranes. Common NeutraliBing Pit 6an> an& 5luminum Chlori&e NeutraliBing Pit 6an>= Steam !enerati#n "lant H Co< Pressure Boiler -ee& 8ater /eater. "ro&uce& <ater treatment Pac>age. 1olls 1oyce 6ur.S.#.erg Marine System. lift gas Manifol&> <ashing . Storage an& 6ransfer. Nessco . 5ntici"ant inGection "ac>age hy"ochlorite generation Pac>age. Co< Pressure -lash Drum= Steam "o<er hu.<aste tan> an& S8D <aste <ater &is"osal. hy&rochloric aci& Dilution tan>.nGection "ac>age.le interchange. Buffer 6an>. %eneral Monitors -&% System an& 5utronica -&% Marine System= WO/" E0PE/IENCE-: Date C#m'an( A ress "#siti#n : : : : Duly 3@. Pre 6reatment. con&ensate transfer "um".nstrument Commissioning 6echnician (Senior# D)ties an • • • Res'#nsi*ilities • • • Segment test of fiel& . 1a< 8ater 5erator an& 1a< <ater 6an> . 5llen& Bra&ley Cogic PCC )/SCC )33. So&ium Bisul"hate unloa&ing storage an& transfer "ac>age. /igh Pressure B-8 Pum"s.on. $o>oga<a -iel& Bus. -ilter -ee& Pum"s. Bently Neva&a Series . Chi" Cleaning an& -lushing. cleaning in the "lace "ac>age. Boiler -ee& 8ater Storage 6an>. Daniel %as Chromatogra"h & Moisture 5nalyBer. 7log>ner Moeller. /y&rochloric 5ci& inGection "ac>age. 8et oil transfer "um"s. 8et Oil Surge tan>. $o>oga<a.ute& Control System (DCS# Delta ? 1osemount. P8 &is"osal Pum"s.Po<er Management System 2# Distri.nvasat/P5%5 an& Cocal 0:ui"ment 1oom (C01# .# !nloa&ing storage an& transfer. 5P -lare >o .ine %enerator. Siemens S).FSP -lare System. Coagulant inGection "ac>age. So&ium /y&roAi&e .Demulsifies inGection System. De 5erator. 1o Pac>age. So&ium /y&roAi&e &ilution tan>. /igh Pressure Steam Se"arator an& Steam 0A"ort /ea&er. 6est Se"arator an& <ell testing -ee& 8ater 7noc> out Se"arators an& Satellite Se"arator.1o Cartri&ge -ilter reverse Osmosis.ution an& inGection an& steam "lant . P8 Booster Pum"s.333 .lo< &o<n fit= Oil an !as -a$ilit( /y&rocar. -MC System 5nalyBer. Coagulant 5lluminum chlori&e (5CCC. 23'2 Petroleum Develo"ment Oman (PDO# Farn 5lam Steam ProGect Ocean 5utomation Solution (CCC# Farn 5lam Sultanate of Oman .oro . Storage an& transfer.les from the fiel& . an& Satellite <et oil surge tan>. %athering System an& Pro&uction test manifol& . 7ongs. 1o <aste <ater &is"osal to D8D to <aste <ater Sum" an& <ater Sum" "um"s ( 65N7 an& P!MPS#= Utilit( . /eat 1ecovery Steam %enerator. CP -lare >o Drum Pum"s. /ima.ishi %as Com"ressor (M/. Com"ressor Contol Cor"= (CCC# an& CO2 MinimaA 8in&horst. /oney<ell Control System. S>im Oil Pum"s ( P%C #Pro&uce& %as com"ressor Pac>age.nstrument 5&&ress. Configuration an& &o<nloa&ing= +ater treatment "lant 1a< 8ater System.le Shooting an& Commissioning of -iel& . -oA. to mem. System.le Cogic Controllers (PCC# Delta ? S.oA an& ca.

et<een the instruments an& clients s"ecification= Confirm / verify the mechanical an& "roGect com"letion "ac>age to ensure all loo" chec> "re re:uisite ins"ection an& test activities <ere com"lete& or "unch list= : : : : Danuary 23.lem solving an& commissioning of fiel& instrumentation an& safety system inclu&ing securing acce"tance an& sign off loo"s= 1es"onsi. Pam"a Melchorita ProGect Peru.e oil tan> an& com"ressors (S.0M0NS#= DCS Boar&man for the commissioning of -iel&. ensure air setting an& electrical su""lies are a""ro"riate= Chec> in "articular that actuate& valves.% '.ration "roce&ure. "ro.%NO%N0# for the "lant "o<er su""ly.allast an& .een com"lete&= Confirm "rocess "neumatic line "ressure testing has "erforme& an& recor&e& on form for "ressure test chec>out sheets= Perform <al> &o<n activities of all missing instrument an& carryout visual. hot oil "ac>age an& 5%1 .# %PC Shi"yar& Mussafah 5.ul> mu& cement an& air system.nstrument & Control Commissioning 6echnician (Senior# D)ties an Res'#nsi*ilities Date C#m'an( A ress "#siti#n • • Cause an& effects of "rocess line instruments in Plant 5ir & Nitrogen.ration testing as "er instrument cali. S!BM01S.CC.BC0 P1OD0C6 (FueiroB %alvao# OC0O0 %5S B15I. an& 8OOD %1O!P . verify/confirm mechanical an& electrical installation an& ins"ection have . air su""ly "ressure are set in accor&ance <ith the relevant &ata sheet= Perform a""ro"riate instrument cali. soun&ing test "roce&ure an& &rilling control instrument system= Carryout loo" test. auAiliary machinery 22. 23'3 to May '). . close an& &etail ins"ection of each instrument an& re"ort any anomalies &iscovere& . 23'' SBM O--S/O10 6DS 2333 S0M.le for function testing of instruments an& ensure that all com"onents in a loo" are fully o"erational <hen connecte& together an& are in a state of rea&iness "rior to the commencement of &ynamic commissioning activities= Physically ins"ect the loo".N% 1. 8et an& Dry 7noc> out &rum an& (D0C65 ? System# an& /516 instruments in aci& gas removal unit (5%1#. 233( CB&. Blo< off %as (BO%# lu. 233( Decem. . emergency shut&o<n system.2.N6C= (PCN%# S=5= Peru CN%.ine %enerators (NO!?O P. "o<er management system. tan> gauging system. thruster control system.ilge control system.&rum an& Pum"s close Drain ?essels an& -uel %as System. %as 6ur. S<eet -uel gas Se"arator. South 5merica ..C (D1.u Dha.i !=5=0= .nstrument Commissioning 6echnician (Senior# D)ties an Res'#nsi*ilities • • • • • • • Pre commissioning an& Commissioning of -ire an& %as system.nstrument 5ir Pac>age= Date C#m'an( A ress "#siti#n : : : : Danuary '). S<eet -uel %as /eater /1S% -uel %as Se"arator an& . fault fin&ing.

ca.= 6rou. 233E to 32. !=5=0= Su.le termination= -unctional chec> of loo" interloc>s an& instruments controller .nstrument Commissioning 6echnician (Senior# D)ties an Res'#nsi*ilities • • • • • • 8or> as a team lea&er on loo" chec>ing an& trou. contractor OC05N 5!6OM56.S to manual mo&e to shut &o<n the valve . 5&Gust/-ocus.ON D!B5. !=5=0= -PSO -15D0 (C/0?1ON# Du. 233+ to May 32.leshooting on instruments loo"s= Coo" chec>ing an& commissioning of emergency shut&o<n system. Sets s<itches. installation an& start u" in &ifferent system= Cali.ase& from the configuration in C0M (Cause & 0ffects MatriA# an& logic solver= Segment test of -iel&. 233E SBM O--S/O10 S$S60M M.DDC005S6. assignment= Date C#m'an( A ress "#siti#n : : : : Dune 2.. location &ra<ing an& Commissioning KBJ Chec> sheets filling u" for the client acce"tance= P68 traine& an& "re"are& Col& & /ot "ermits for the &aily Go.= 5ci& %as 1emoval unit com"ressors 16DJs thru %0*@( Motor Management 1elay= -ire & %as "anel (5B vie< @33.ON SOC!6.233E SMO0 / B0C/60C P66 1iser Platform (6hir& 6ransmission Pi"eline ProGect# Chevron Client %ulf Of 6hailan& Offshore . 1e" "o<er hu.NC ignition control mo&ule an& ignition transformers of the 806 & D1$ groun& flare= MiAe& 1efrigerant/ Pro"ane (M1/P1# com"ressors !nit Control an& 5nti Surge "anel an& /M. 6rou. 5lign.nstruments= : : : : Decem. -ire & %as system an& P5/%5 system= Do cross <iring of Siemens -ire & %as an& 0SD Panel= Confirming in"ut an& out"ut signal car& from 0SD. SC5D5 an& storage= Commissioning -ire & %as Panel an& start u" of ne<ly converte& -loating Pro&uction Storage an& Offloa&ing "latform= Mainly engage in the mo&ification.ration of fiel& transmitters an& "ositioners thru DCS an& Delta System= Control "anel o"erator for the commissioning of DO/N Segment Protection . Du. Change range. alarms !=5=0= . inclu&es of changing instruments a&&ress. . /?5C &am"ers. /ochi>i -ire Net an& %eneral Monitor /aBar& 8atch# o"erator for the 2.eacon an& soun&er= PCC (5lien Bra&ley Micro Cogic ')33# an& Semantic (Siemens PCC S+ *33# logic trou. configuration an& &o<nloa&ing= Coo" fol&ers "ac>age "re"aration such as .leshoot fiel& .ai 8orl& Dry &oc>s. instrument &atasheets an& P&.• • • • • • motor "um"s (%0# vi. cause & effects of smo>e &etectors.CD. Commissions.leshooting an& ca.y forcing the S. Change action.nstrument Commissioning 6echnician (Senior# Date C#m'an( A ress "#siti#n . Mo&ifies an& maintain any >in& of Oil an& %as .us instruments not in&icating in the DCS.leshooting. manual call "oints..D.oA an& ca. 6est sets. SynchroniBe.ration an& "ro.le an& tem"erature elements= Cali.les from the fiel& . 6une !"s. -ault fin&ings.

D.y client on the fiel& si&e an& in the <or>station= /ot loo" chec>ing of the DCS an& 0SD system for the %as .ON S. Dra&ger -&%.n "riorities <ith clients on . assiste& also in -oA. Process an& -ire an& %as instruments installations on all &ec>s as "er location &ra<ing.ine %enerator <ith e:ui"ment ven&or for "ro"er o"eration= 5ctual cali.ute& Control System= Pre com "unch list for rectification an& as . -lamma. re"air or corrections= : : : : 5"ril '*.oAes.ration of Dis"lacer an& Ca"illary ty"e Cevel transmitters= .nstrument Commissioning 6echnician (Senior# D)ties an Res'#nsi*ilities Date C#m'an( A ress "#siti#n • • • • Coo" Chec>ing an& Pre Commissioning of fiel& instrument loo"s such as flo< transmitter.les from system marshalling ca.uilt of instrument <or> <here are ins"ecte& as "er client revision= 5ssign also in Mechanical Com"letion Dossier Date C#m'an( A ress "#siti#n : : : : Duly . P5/%5 6elecom= Po<er u" of all DCS an& 0SD marshalling "anels in control room an& energiBe "rocess instrument loo"s in the fiel& after the col& loo" chec>s= Col& loo" chec>/continuity chec> of "o<er an& instrument ca.oro#=Coo" chec>s an& functional test of all B.el 5li -ree Ione 5uthority. /eat/-lame Smo>e Detectors for the -ire an& %as System an& cali. trou.le an& toAic#.--. level transmitter.DDC0 05S6 !=5=0= Su. 233@ u" to !=5=0= . Du. Iell<eger 5nalytic -&%. &efective an& &amage& instruments at each loo" for imme&iate re"lacements.nstrument Commissioning 6echnician (Senior# .P 0N.D)ties an • Res'#nsi*ilities • • • • • • • • • Pre commissioning an& loo" chec>ing of %as Detectors (Cine of Sight. "ressure transmitter. 5ctuator ?alves= Coo" chec> an& functional testing of Dra&ger -ire & %as System.inet in CC1 to interface Gunction . P&.leshoot an& corrections of re:ueste& loo"s= Maintenance an& instrument system chec> of 6ur.gnitions of /P/CP flare an& function chec> of alarms in CC1 <ith O"eration %rou"/P66 grou"= 1e"ort to 0ngineers the "rogress or either not o"erational. 75S/5%5N -%CB -PSO P1OD0C6 De. an& instrument ''. contract 6O65C 5!6OM56. 233+ SBM O--S/O10 S$S60M M. <iring termination &etails an& for<ar& re"ort to construction for rectification= 0SD system functional chec>s/ <ith "rocess e:ui"ment ?en&ors an& &uly <itnesse& .oAes.oth si&es.inet to Distri. 233+ to Dune '*.oro . 233@= NeAen/BuBBar& 0ncana Offshore ProGect Offshore /oo> !" an& Commissioning Phase Outer Moray North Sea !nite& 7ing&om (!7#= .ration if necessary= 6yco -&%.les= MC an& PC ins"ections of analog an& &igital signal Gunction .N%5PO10 5%. "ressure &ifferential transmitter an& tem"erature transmitter (-oA.'.nvensys ?en&or to <ire chec> Marshalling Ca.

CD#= Cali. 5frica .ration of in&oor an& out&oor instruments an& ma>e a&Gustment if &eeme& necessary= Pre"aration/&ocumentation of instrument loo" test "ac>age fol&ers for %0 Nuovo Pignone gas tur. Dune 3*.ration test certificates= )# PCS in&ication an& control instrument loo" function chec> sheet= @# 0SD/. Snam"rogetti.e as "er cali.nstrument installation chec> sheet= E# . t3 '*# confirmation of fee&. &ata s"ecification setting .y 1osemount#.i Nigeria CN% Plus ProGect (NPP# 6rain * & ) Bonny .y using 8o. 233@ 6echni".ration "ro.nstrument loo" &iagram (.nstrument &ata sheet an& cali.CD#= 2# ?en&ors &ra<ing such as P & .>/status signal in res"ect to the instrument "rocess flo<. con&uct routine ins"ection an& monitoring gathere& instrument &ata es"ecially those fre:uency giving "ro. 5larms an& logic se:uence (Siemens.ration an& tem"erature transmitters (Bently Neva&a#= . 7ellogg Bro<n & 1oot an& Da"an %as Cor"oration (6S7D#/ 6echint Cimimonto.ration of ?i.y using 5nalytic 0:ui"ment an& . loo" chec>ing functional test of &ifferent "rocess instrument file& to DCS/PCC (-ar '.nstallation of ?i. level transmitter (0merson 1osemount# -lo<serve ?altec control valves an& "ositioner . Shar" 0ye= 5ssiste& <ith ?en&or of 5.ulator (67. tem"erature transmitter.nstrument installation (hoot u"#= *# .ration/stro>ing (.0M0NS= -unctional test of O"tima Search Point -ire an& %as .DS an& interconnection &iagram= .nstrument an& Controls for functional testing of Ohmart Nucleonic Cevel 6ransmitter= Performe& functional testing an& se:uence testing of logic associate& <ith &ifferent "rocess an& utility system= : : : : -e.nstrument Commissioning 6echnician (Senior# D)ties an Res'#nsi*ilities: Date C#m'an( A ress "#siti#n • • Commissioning/Pre commissioning.les shooting of instrument such as transmitters (.CO2 MinimaA 8in&horst & Dra&ger# 1ectify "ro.ruary ''.control valves cali.cali.le . s"ecification of instrument loo" &iagram (.nstrument location "lan &ra<ing= (# 5larm an& tri" sche&ule= '3# Cause an& effects matriA as re:uire&= • • Date : 5ugust '(.slan& of Nigeria.ration configuration an& trou.lems "erform functional chec> out cali.Masoneilan & Biffi 5ctuator ?alves#.D)ties an • Res'#nsi*ilities • • • Commissioning an& functional test of &ifferent instrument such as "ressure transmitter.y ?alteA-lo< Serve Series '233.# .ine an& com"ressors= '# .y PM? an& S.& % instrument loo" function chec> sheet= +# .#=Coo" chec>ing/functional test of -ire & %as Detectors. flo< transmitter.lem <ith minimum su"ervision. 233) u" to Danuary '2.1. 233* .ration sheet. "ertaining instrument an& control= 5nalyBe instrument error co&e an& other &iscre"ancy rea&ing.

igniter s<itch.ration sensor. electronic/"neumatic controllers an& fire gas &etectors= Cali. "roAimity sensor.C#m'an( A ress : : : "#siti#n Da"an %as Cor"oration (D%C# 7ellogg Bro<n an& 1oot (7B1# D%C 7B1 Doint ?enture %as ProGect . chec> valve. 16D. thermocou"le. solenoi& valve. 0SSP. heat an& gas &etector. "i"e tu. CO2 &io&i&e s<itch using hart an& S-C communicator.rator.ration an& function test of control valves. "ressure transmitter (S6S .ration stic>er for the cali.6#= 0A"e&iter of instrumentation &evices. limit s<itch.n Salah %as Plant.ration forms an& installe& cali. 2332 . flo< an& level# . 2332 5"ril ''.rate& instrumentation &evices an& &ocumentation <or>s= Cali.CD# from instrumentation &evices.nstrument Commissioning 6echnician (Senior# D)ties an Res'#nsi*ilities: • • Pre commissioning. 7ellogg Bro<n an& 1oot (7B1#. 6ransmation (*L23m5# meter an& fre:uency meter= Coo" chec>ing from instrumentation &evices.ently neva&a. fire alarm system of . tem"erature transmitter an& level in&icating transmitter (C. vi. han& "um" amete>. emergency "ush .uil&ing= -ille& u" cali.leshooting an& simulation using instrumentation <iring list sche&ule= Con&uct fiel& ins"ection for the installation an& instrumentation <or>s at the construction site as "er '). -lu>e meter an& "ressure cali.y using $O7O%585 /art Communicator= 8or>e& instrument FC De"artment as . satisfaction an& access for maintenance= : : : : Octo.33 series /oney<ell#. tem"erature. Gunction .efore han& over to the loo" chec>ing/"re commissioning grou"= Punch list for rectification an& as .0 . Commissioning an& functional test of &ifferent instrument such as control valves (Masoneilan#. Marshalling u" to Mar> ? (s"ee&tonic#.rea> glass.D &ra<ing an& instrument location "lan= 5nalyBe loo" &iagrams (. 7rech. control "anel of %0= 6rou.a. Central 5frica . 5C%01.lic of Cha&. fittings an& instrument stanchion= Safety meeting every morning . motoriBe& valves (MO?#.nstrument Commissioning 6echnician (-oreman# D)ties an Res'#nsi*ilities: Date C#m'an( A ress "#siti#n • • • • • • • • • 5ssiste& <ith %0 ?en&or for commissioning of their instrumentation &evices such as "ressure transmitter (1osemount#.. Gunction . "ressure gauge. 233.5 .nstrument . control valve. 2333 Octo. 16D.oA (DB "anel# u" to 1. .ns"ector= Performe& ins"ection of instruments installation/mo&ification &uring construction= Pre ins"ection an& acce"tance <ith the client .ration an& configuration of transmitter (" s<itch. 5lgeria 8ilaya of .efore the start of our <or>= Date C#m'an( A ress : : : 5ugust 3'. 6C/5D Cameroun ProGect 1e" 2.oA.uilt of instrument <or> <here are ins"ecte& as "er client revision.n Salah. "ressure gauge.

nvolve& in Commissioning 5ctivity= 8e have safety meeting every morning .les for the ne< Gunction .333 of /oney<ell= Coo" chec>ing an& Pre Commissioning of inter loc>ing/se:uence of "rocess instruments from control room (PCC/DCS# to Gunction .oA= 0rection of electrical control "anel an& &emolition of ol& tu.nstrument $o>oga<a an& 5BB= 66 6em"erature 6ransmitter P6 Pressure 6ransmitter -6 -lo< 6ransmitter PD6 Pressure Differential 6ransmitter ! Coo" .le glan&ing an& termination for all ne< instruments 6ermination of "rimary an& secon&ary ca.(2 7ing&om of Sau&i 5ra. "ressure &ifferential transmitter. Pressure. tem"erature .efore <e start our <or> in Go.les armore& ty"e= . "ressure transmitter flo< transmitter. roc> u" an& instrumentation= -ormulate an& im"lement <or> metho&s in accor&ance to FC stan&ar&s= .ine& Cycle Po<er System= 6a>e out material from "i"ing an& instrumentation &iagram.nstalling all ne< .ia Cimite& P=O= BoA @*) 5BiBia 1iya&h .le "ulling. '((( Duly '+."#siti#n : .ing or air line .ration of all ne< instruments such as tem"erature transmitter.ration an& configuration of transmitter (Cevel. "rimary an& secon&ary ca. &ifferential transmitter.nstrument 6echnician (Commissioning# D)ties an Res'#nsi*ilities Date C#m'an( A ress "#siti#n • • • • • • • • • • • Pre commissioning. an& loo" in&icator= 5tten& safety meeting every first <ee> of the month= .nstrument Commissioning 6echnician D)ties an Res'#nsi*ilities • • • • • • • • • . "ressure s<itches an& level in&icator= 0nsure that all instrumentation activities are &one accor&ing to s"ecification . electronics/"neumatics controllers an& fire & gas &etectors= Cali.n&icator .'./P trans&ucer.nvolve& the "re commissioning of all ne< instrument e:ui"ment= /an&s on in con&ucting lea> testing= Cali. Cevel transmitter. -lo<. su""ly lines an& signal lines= Perform "ressure testing on instrument "rocess line= 6allying of &ifferent >in&s of instrument li>e "ressure gauge. Commissioning an& functional test of &ifferent instruments such as control valves (Masoneilan#./P 6rans&ucer an& 5ir 1egulator C6 Cevel 6ransmitter 9CS Cimit s<itch an& 5nalyBer Panel Ca. .nstallation of "rocess line.oA/"anel going to the fiel& instruments= Ca.nstallation of instrument an& construction of '333M8 Com. 2333 Mc Connell Do<ell Sau&i 5ra.ia 0lectrical/.y suing S-C hart communicator mo&el S66 . site : : : : Danuary 22.

nstall stanchion .ly= .oar& (POB#. "ressure gauges. '((* -lour Daniel> for un&ergroun& .nsulation/resistance motor <in&ing an& "hase rotation test for lo< voltage motor 5tten& safety meeting Date C#m'an( A ress "#siti#n : : : : Duly 2. tem"erature gauges.le "ulling an& meggering . '((@ Novem. Gunction .oA. an& ca.nstrument 6echnician D)ties an Res'#nsi*ilities • • • • • • Cali. ca.nstallation of "o<er outlet .rea>er to main &istri.le %lan&ing an& mounting of electrical instrument "anel .ase& on their minimum <or>ing "ressure or ca"acity .er ').er 3).nstallation of ca.ones controls.nstallation of transition .nvolve& in the "re commissioning of electrical e:ui"ment 0rection of electrical control "anel . stanchions an& su""orts in 5ccor&ance <ith its &etaile& assem.nstallation of electrical con&uits. automate& an& fiel& control 8iring an& termination from Gunction .rate instrument such as "ressure transmitter.rication of &uc> . etc= Coo" chec>ing ("oint to "oint# Date C#m'an( A ress "#siti#n : : : : Novem.. '((* Octo.oA. remote control unit an& safety S<itch .oA to circuit .nstallation an& fa.le trays.ase& on the &ra<ing re:uirements /an&s on in con&ucting lea> testing 6erminate the Gunction .ution Panel for normal an& emergency lightning . control valves .le &uct. '((2 Duly 'E.oar& (SOB# an& light fiAtures . mounting /oo> u". .ase& on termination sche&ule 8ith >no< ho< on P an& P0-S.Date C#m'an( A ress "#siti#n : : : : Novem. soc>et outlet .nstallation of electrical e:ui"ment associate& <ith manual. 0lectrical 6echnician D)ties an Res'#nsi*ilities • • • • .le Ca. '((* 00. etc= .3.le tray for "o<er an& instrument ca. '((E -ortune Cement 0lectrical 6echnician D)ties an Res'#nsi*ilities • • • • • • • • • • .er .

%as an& 6oAic Detector also manual alarm call "oints O"erational 7no<le&ge in 6ur.urne& cell .rication an& lay out of the su.nstrument= S>ille& in PCC.nstrument Maintenance S"ecialist in . an& loo" chec>ing Cightning termination of transmission .D 615. ca.les . 0SD Plant 5utomation Control System= 0ffective 7no<le&ge of (CO6O# Coc> out 6ag out Processes O"erational 7no<le&ge in -ire an& %as Systems Ci>e -lame.N.les.rication of su""orts Pulling of ca.les. "o<er an& lightning <ith "hoto cell 7no<le&ge of re:uire& material for haBar&ous an& non haBar&ous location 1e"air an& installation of electrical system for resi&ential an& commercial .nstallation an& monitoring of electrical "anel an& mcc s<itch gear %lan&ing an& hoo> u" for "o<er an& lightning of &irectly .uil&ing 6rou. /S0 615.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • -a.out Several >in&s of Perilous involve& in <or> area an& essential safety measure to .les for com"uters T/AININ# ATTENDED: BOS.ration of Different 6y"es of Mo&ern Smart 0lectronics an& .out Permit to <or> System (P8S# an& several >in&s of "ermit li>e col& <or> "ermit. Smo>e. meager testing of "o<er ca.le tray for "o<er an& lightning . Microsoft 0Acel. /!06 & O--S/O10 -. Pre&ictive Brea>&o<n an& Corrective Maintenance= 0A"erience& in Process %as Com"ressor System (P%C# Soun& 7no<le&ge an& %oo& eA"erience& in the Management Plant .le shooting.D &ra<ings Proficient in Microsoft Office. /eat ."NOW ED#E-: /aving goo& >no<le&ge of "lant Safety 1ules & 1egulations %oo& 7no<le&ge a.nsulation/resistance of motor <in&ing an& "hase rotation test of lo< voltage motor -unctional test of motor/heater. station u/g.nstallation an& Cali. Po<er Point.Coo" Diagram P an& .N%.le groun&ing Directly involve in the refur.e &one for the safe <or>= %oo& eA"erience in the Commissioning an& "lant Maintenance 8ell >no<n <ith the Plant 1unning.nstallation an& termination of floo& light an& street lights= 5ssists in the installation of coaAial ca.06.oA 0Acavation an& lay outing ca.ration monitor system S>ille& to rea& 0ngineering Dra<ing . Microsoft 8or&.o 6ronic Control System Soun& 7no<le&ge of the Bentley Neva&a ?i. Basic 5utoCa& an& S5P= . hot <or> "ermit.1S6 5. limite& confine& s"ace entry "ermits= -amiliarity a.N% CO!1S0 -"I • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • -. DCS. "o<er installation an& re"air of minor/maGor electrical trou.nter"rets <iring an& control "lan &iagram .ishment of installation of the ne< gathering center= Design fa.N.

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