MGT120 – Transportation and Logistics Management NAME : ______________________ SCORE : _____________ RAT NG : __________ !EAR"SECT ON : ________ #ATE : ____________ TEST I. FILL IN THE BLANKS (20 pts) Direction. $rite t%e correct ans&er on t%e space pro'ided (e)ore t%e n*m(er+

_______________ 1+ An A,C met%od c-assi)ication o) 20. to /0. s%ares in
in'entor0 1*antities+ “B _______________ 2+ O(so-escence2 t%e)t and damages are e3amp-es &%at carr0ing cost+ !is" #ost _______________ /+ t distorts demand in)ormation &it%in t%e s*pp-0 c%ain2 &it% di))erent stages %a'ing a 'er0 di))erent estimate o) &%at demand -oo4s -i4e+ B$%%&'ip E((ect _______________ 5+ An acti'it0 in a s*pp-0 management t%at inc-*des order ta4ing2 entr0 and processing+ #$sto)er Ser*ice _______________ 6+ T%ese are important e3pense categories )or air-ines and %a'e recei'ed m*c% manageria- attention+ F$e% +n, %+-or costs _______________ 7+ A meas*re o) t%e re-ati'e satis)action )rom2 or desira(i-it0 o)2 cons*mption o) 'ario*s goods and ser'ices+ Uti%it. _______________ 8+ A cost per *nit constant-0 increase or decrease in re-ation to t%e n*m(er o) prod*ct prod*ced+ /+ri+-%e costs _______________ 9+ #eri'ed )rom tota- integration o) p%0sica- distri(*tion and materia- management+ Lo0istics _______________ :+ Retai-ers2 &%o-esa-er and ind*stria- distri(*tors are c%anne- mem(ers genera--0 ca--ed as ________+ !ese%%er __________________ 10+ T%ese carriers cost str*ct*re is dominated (0 'aria(-e cost d*e to its a(i-it0 to *ti-i;e p*(-ic-0 pro'ided rig%t<o)<&a0+ 1otor c+rriers _______________ 11+ T%ese carriers %a'e re-ati'e-0 -o& )i3ed costs (eca*se t%e0 *se rig%t<o)<&a0 pro'ided (0 t%e go'ernment+ 2+ter c+rriers _______________ 12+ A distri(*tion s0stem e3ists &%en a mar4eter operates retai- o*t-et+ Direct !et+i% S.ste) __________________ 1/+ Re)ers to t%e mo'ement o) prod*ct )rom one -ocation to anot%er as it ma4es its &a0 )rom t%e (eginning o) a s*pp-0 c%ain to t%e c*stomer=s %ands+ Tr+nsport+tion _______________ 15+ An acti'it0 in t%e s*pp-0 management t%at inc-*des s*pp-ier se-ection2 negotiation and (idding2 and contract administration+ 3$rc'+sin0 __________________ 16+ A c%anne- arrangement &%erein a c%anne- mem(er negotiates dea-s &it% ot%ers t%at do not res*-t in (inding re-ations%ips+ In,epen,ent __________________ 17+ A contract*a- arrangement &%erein a centraorgani;ation contro-s near-0 a-- acti'ities o) ot%er mem(ers+ Fr+nc'ise _______________ 18+ A distri(*tion s0stem &%erein t%e mar4eter re-ies on ot%ers to %e-p comm*nicate t%e mar4eter=s prod*cts (*t %and-es distri(*tion direct-0 to t%e c*stomer+ Assiste, 1+r"etin0 S.ste) _______________ 19+ A stoc4 o) items 4ept (0 an organi;ation to meet internaand e3terna- c*stomer demands+ In*entor. __________________ 1:+ t integrates product2 information2 and cash flows among organi;ations )rom t%e point o) origin to t%e point o) cons*mption2 &it% t%e goa- o) ma3imi;ing cons*mption satis)action and minimi;ing costs+ S#1 _______________ 20+ >ro'ides a ser'ice to t%e ind*str0 or compan0 t%at o&ns or -eases t%e 'e%ic-es2 and t%e ser'ice pro'ider inc*rs cost+ 3ri*+te c+rrier TEST II. 14DIFIED T!UE 4! FALSE (50 pts) #irection+ $rite T i) t%e statement is tr*e and ? i) t%e statement is )a-se+ ) )a-se2 &rite t%e &ord"s t%at &i-- ma4e t%e statement correct+ $rite 0o*r ans&er on t%e space pro'ided+ @1 point &i-- (e gi'en )or e'er0 tr*e ans&er and 2 points )or e'er0 )a-se ans&er and correct &ord"sA+

__________________ 1. Anticip+tion co'ers anticipated or e3pected c%anges in
demand and"or s*pp-0

_______________ 2+ Transportation gi'es *ti-it0 o) goods t%ro*g% t%e ass*rance
t%at t%e goods &i-- arri'e &it%o*t damage is ca--ed 6$+ntit. $ti%it.+

attention+ _______________ 20+ $ater carriers %a'e re-ati'e-0 %o& (i:e. cost (eca*se t%e0 pro'ide t%eir o&n rig%t<o)<&a0+ _______________ 18+ Motor carriers cost str*ct*re is dominated (0 *+ri+-%e cost d*e to its a(i-it0 to *ti-i.ent c'+nne% arrangement means a c%annemem(er )ee-s tied to one or more mem(ers o) t%e distri(*tion c%anne-+ _______________ 5+ AB# In*entor.$ction 3%+nnin0. Distri-$tion p%+nnin0. !ep%enis')ent) 19 – 21 n'entor0 Carr0ing Cost Components (Fin+nce #ost.&a0s+ __________________ 16+ A. In*entor. T+r0et 1+r"et Iss$es) . 1+n+0e)ent. !e6$ire)ent 3%+nnin0.%in0.ste)+ _______________ 9+ Tr+nsit is a norma. 4*er'e+. 4r. 1+n$(+ct$rin0 In*entor. (orec+stin0. In.%in0 < Stor+0e.c*stomer+ _______________ 15+ For9'ire c+rrier pro'ides ser'ices to t%e p*(-ic and c%arges a )ee )or t%e ser'ice and can (e c-assi)ied in a n*m(er o) *se)*.s in*entor. (orec+stin0.e p*(-ic-0 pro'ided rig%t<o)<&a0+ _______________ 19+ T%e %ig%er cost o) air-ine ser'ice can (e a trade<o)) against %o&er in'entor0 and &are%o*sing cost+ __________________ 1:+ F$e% +n. 0oo. Se%%in0 S. cost is (ased on estimated (e)ore t%e item is p*rc%ased+ _______________ 7+ #.+r.$ct Iss$es.. 1+n+0e)ent.c%e in*entor. ENU1E!ATI4N (50 pts) #irection+ En*merate &%at are (eing as4ed (e-o&+ 1 – 6 Components"acti'ities o) Materia. 1+teri+% H+n. H+n.er processin0. Tr+nsport+tion. Econo)ies o( Sc+%e) 28 – /0 Mar4eting ss*es in t%e C%anne.arrangement &%erein a sing-e mem(er ma0 dominate t%e decisions t%at occ*r &it%in t%e c%anne-+ __________________ 17+ T%e rai-roads %a'e a %ig% -e'e.at -east possi(-e cost )or eac% c-ass item in in'entor0+ _______________ 6+ St+n.ste) is an indirect distri(*tion s0stem %as t%e prod*ct passing t%ro*g% t&o or more distri(*tors (e)ore reac%ing t%e )ina.$stri+% 3+c"+0in0) 7 – 10 Components"acti'ities o) >%0sica.t%eir prod*ct can impact %o& t%e0 c%oose to distri(*te is ca--ed pricin0 iss$es+ _______________ 12+ B$((er is *sed as protection against stoc4<o*ts d*e to *ncertainties in demand and s*pp-0+ __________________ 1/+ 1$%tip%e93+rt. In.ation is ca--ed co.$stri+% 3+c"+0in0) 11 – 15 Acti'ities in Logistics Operations (2+re'o$sin0. 2+re'o$sin0.es &%ere in'entories are acc*m*-ated at certain stages in t%e prod*ction process read0 )or t%e s*cceeding stage+ _______________ 8+ T%e most e))icient and e))ecti'e &a0 o) identi)0ing materia-s2 components2 assem(-ies and ot%er items stoc4ed (0 an organi.ste) aims to esta(-is% t%e (est possi(-e contro. S. 3ricin0 Iss$es. #$sto)er ser*ice. Anticip+tion. #.o) proportion o) (i:e._______________ /+ Depen.. 2+re'o$sin0. !is" #ost. 1+teri+% H+n. %+-or costs are important e3pense categories )or air-ines and %a'e recei'ed m*c% manageria. 3ro)otion Iss$es.pipe-ine in'entories maintained (eca*se o) t%e need to transport in'entories )rom one point to anot%er &%en t%e transit time is not instant+ _______________ :+ 7eo0r+p'ic speci+%i8+tion ass*mes t%at eac% nation2 state2 or cit0 prod*ces prod*cts and ser'ices )or &%ic% its capita2 -a(or2 and ra& materia-s are (est s*ited+ __________________ 10+ L+n. )*nction co'ers t%e need to prod*ce in -ot si.in0 s. 3$rc'+sin0. Tr+nsport+tion < De%i*er.#istri(*tion (Finis'e.%in0. 4&ners'ip #ost. #ost) 22 – 27 ?*nctions o) n'entories (Tr+nsit. B$((er.) 16 – 18 Acti'ities in #emand Rep-enis%ment (De)+n.c%e. costs (eca*se t%e0 *se rig%t<o)<&a0 pro'ided (0 t%e go'ernment+ Test III.(3ro.)inistr+ti*e means a c%anne. In*entor. *+%$es increased t%at is adBacent to or ser'ed (0 t%e transportation impro'ements+ _______________ 11+ T%e desired price at &%ic% a mar4eter see4s to se-. 3ro.Management (De)+n.

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