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By Caleb Fellowes Year 12 PDHPE 2013 Evaluate the relationship between sport and the mass media (12

marks) Describe (10 marks + 2 marks for evaluation can say I) HSC Sample Answer The representation of sport in the media Mass media provides information about all things including sport. How mass media portrays sport can influence our understanding, values and beliefs. The events chosen and how these events are presented may influence us. The mass media can focus on particular events or athletes, thus giving a certain impression that may in fact not be a true representation of what actually occurred or what the athlete did at other times. Mass media can also determine our thinking about certain events. Rower Sally Robbins was dubbed as Lay down Sally, and various NRL and AFL scandals have all be played out in the mass media, giving it various slants and thus impacting on our thoughts regarding these negative behaviour of athletes at their choosing. Shane Warne, Andrew Johns, Ben Cousins and Tiger Woods have all been scrutinised in the media, thus impacting on our thoughts regarding them and opinions about them personally. Mass media can also make great moments available to the public. Usain Bolt breaking the 100m World Record was able to be viewed by millions, and ionic images like the Black Pride photo from the Olympics remain in peoples memories due to mass media. As a result of mass medias appeal to the masses and the fact that it can mean economic windfalls from sporting teams and athletes, mass media is now having an impact on sport itself. Various rule changes have come about as a result of mass media and the need to maintain an audience. Sudden death and extra time now occur in many sports as well as versions of sports such as beach volleyball and Twenty20 cricket. Technology has also helped the viewer with slow motion, various camera angles and world record lines and these are just some of the innovative mechanisms used. Economic considerations of media coverage and sports The ability for mass media to provide an influx of income for sports has meant that it has had more sway over things like timing of games, uniforms worn by players and as discussed previously rule changes to sports. Sports with a large fan base need to take advantage of key viewing times. As a result sport is now played at various times to capture the biggest audience possible and therefore bigger earnings. About 5 lines more but couldnt quite read the writing on phone :/