1. What is transfer order? ANS: Transfer order is created for picking the goods in warehouse management. Transfer order contain 1. Material Number 2. Quantity to be moved . !ource storage bin to destination storage bin . Through this transfer order picking list generated. 2. What are the fields in ri!in" ro!ed#re? There are 1" fields that are given below: ANS. 1. !tep 2.#ounter #ondition type $. %escription &. 'rom ". To (. Mannual ). Mandatory *. !tatistic 1+. ,rint 11. !ubtotal 12. -e.uirement 1 alternative calculation type1$. /lternative condition base value 1&. /ccount key 1" /ccrual $. What are the Standard o#t #t t% es in SD? ANS. 0/++ for order 1%++ for delivery -%++ for billing and -%+ for #ash sales. &. What is 'ondition t% e? ANS. #ondition type is a pricing element such as discount2freight2surcharge.This are used in pricing procedure to represent condition record. (. What is differen!e )et*een deli+er% do!#,ent - s!hed#lin"? ANS. %elivery document is an electronic document where store when how much .uantity of materials and where the materials should go 3 on the other side2 scheduling represent when materials will be delivered in that case backward scheduling and forward scheduling is used. .. /o* is ite, !ate"or% deter,ined? ANS .4n general item category determination is happened through sales document type5item usage5item category group5higher level item category 5default item category 4n the creating from reference document item category determination is happened from copy control where source item category to target item category.if it is not maintained 2item category determination is happened though normal determination like sales document type5 item usage5item category group 5 higher level item category5default item category.

11. The above e7tract is used to find suitable condition record. 9hen order is created availability check and transfer of re. it switch off some functions of warehouse management activities that are given below : storage section -eserve storage bin !trategy to put away and picking -eplenishment 4nventory of storage bin level.ue. !ales document will determine whether the process will be cash sales or rush order 4t will determine the process whether the order will be normal order or release order.ow the material is planned<such as /utomatic reorder point planning2 annual reorder point planning2 'orecast . #ondition table5/ccess se./ plant may be delivering plant and production plant and storage plant. storage location is located in plant. . 4n !ales and %istribution2 since plant is assigned with sales organi8ation and distribution channel2 it is called delivering plant. 1ean warehouse management is a small part of function provided by warehouse management structure. What is the #r ose of sales do!#.uence5#ondition type5pricing procedure6condition techni.lanning. What is E1tra!t #sed in !ondition te!h. What is 4ean Wareho#se 5ana"e. M-. What is an inte"ration oint )et*een SD AND 55? ANS. !torage location2 where the materials are stored2 that is called storage location.ent? ANS. 4n the case of delivery picking is happened and after that .0. 12. Means . 4t only includes fi7ed bin storage. 2. Many storage locations can be located in one plant. What is the differen!e )et*een lant and stora"e lo!ation? ANS . What are 5RP t% es? ANS.:4 is happened that is another integration point of !% and MM. in ri!in"? ANS. 4t will determine what will be the billing type of a order.ent t% e? ANS. 3. 4t will determine what will be the delivery type of a order.uirement is happened2 that is one !% and MM integration point. 16.

1..1$. What is )at!h s lit? ANS. an% 'ode Data: #ompany code data is applicable only accounting purpose. What is #se of !#sto. What is the differen!e )et*een in!o. !ales2 shipping2 billing2 partner function. 'or e7ample2 you may have customers who refuse products produced abroad2 or products that contain a coupon. lete order and )a!7order ro!essin"? ANS.aster ha+e different +ie*s? ANS: there are three views in customer master data that are given below: a= 8eneral Data: general data is applicable for accounting and sales and distribution purpose /ddress2 #ontrol data2 payment transaction2 marketing2 unloading point2 e7port data2 contact person b= 'o.T<code of listing blocked >?M1. 12. 9hen you define product attributes2 the system checks them in product selection2 ignoring any material with a product attribute that the customer has e7plicitly reAected. 4n the case of creating sales order2 when mandatory fields are missing2 it is called incomplete order and it is decided by incompletion procedure. What is Prod#!t attri)#tes? ANS. #ustomer /ccount group control the master data of customer 4t help to determine customer number assignment 4t help to determine which field should be optional and which field should be mandatory and hide. 9hen products are coming from different batch and it@s batch number are different2 batch split are happened. 4t control transaction of a customer master 1&.uantity is not confirmed or delivery confirmation date cannot be kept. .ents? A!!o#nt "ro# ? ANS. /ccount management2 payment transaction2 correspondence2 insurance c= Sales area Data: sales area data is applicable only sales and distribution purpose. What is t9!ode for listin" the )lo!7ed do!#. There are two types of back order processing 1= manual back order processing 2= /utomatic via rescheduling 1(.er . 10. 0ackorder processing when material . 0y defining product attributes2 you take customer preferences for product substitution into account. Wh% does the !#sto.

. routines define which field should copy from reference document to target document.uence. 22.ined? ANS . 2$. 4f re. This kind of set<up is not primarily designed to serve as . Milestone billing is used in . They system landscape basically is the set<up or arrangement of your !/. 2(. What is the lands!a e? ANS.ilestone and eriodi! )illin"? ANS. / three<system landscape consists of the %evelopment !erver<%E>2 Quality /ssurance !erver<Q/! and the . What are the ara. What is the differen!e )et*een ro#tine and re. 4deally2 in an !/. Cn the other hand2 '4 account key will be from ta7 procedure.ent and *h% is it #sed? ANS. 2&. 'ull amount of money are billed over certain period of time.uirement should meet when is being copied from source document to target document.eriodic billing is used in -ental contract.ue. What is differen!e )et*een SD a!!o#nt 7e% and :I a!!o#nt 7e%? ANS. servers. #ondition supplement don@t have any access se.ents? ANS. /s far as account key concern both are the same to find the right :B1 /ccount through condition techni.uirement is not met2 a warning message is displayed or process may be terminated. /o* is !redit !ontrol deter.#ire. Dou set allowed condition supplement in customi8ing for the main condition type by assigning different pricing procedure. What is the differen!e )et*een . 4n the case of creation of sales order2 when pricing procedure is taken into account2 condition supplement is applied. What is !ondition s# le.-C%. #redit control area determined by credit control area5#redit -isk #ategory5#redit can see overview of the customer2 address of the customer2 central data of customer2 status and payment history of the customer. 21. They found together underlying one condition record.eters in :D$2? ANS.!% account key will be from pricing procedure. environment2 a three<system landscape e7ists. 26.roduction !erver<. -e.lant engineering and construction2 full amount of money are spreading over several dates within billing plan.13.

The value can be used for the basis of price determination. ro osal and d%na. 0oth are used in make<to<order production. What is the differen!e )et*een !ondition t% e E<61 and E<62? ANS. 2.server clusters in case of system failure2 the obAective to enhance Fconfiguration pipeline managementF. Cn the other hand2 in the case of E?+22 the result of unit costing is simply a statistical value which is compared with price. What is +ariant in re ortin"? ANS. 20. / field catalog is a list of newly added field.i! 'redit 'he!7? ANS. Each variant contains different fields that are populated when you call up the report. 22. 23. !tatic credit check is a check which is comparing the credit limit assign to the customer to the total value of open sales order2 plus total value of open delivery that are not yet to invoiced plus total amount billing document that are yet to be passed on accounting plus total value of billing amount that are yet to be paid by customer. %yanamic credit is a check which is comparing the credit limit assign to the customer to the total value of open sales order2 plus total value of open delivery that are not yet to invoiced plus total amount billing document that are yet to be passed on accounting plus total value of billing amount that are yet to be paid by customer. 4f you want to create table2 you have to create field that is added to field catalogue. E?+1 is used as actual cost and E?+2 is used as calculated cost. What is a field !atalo"? ANS. What is differen!e )et*een the ite. .i! ro osal? ANS. 4n the case of E?+12 unit cost is issued first position on the conditions screen for the items. /fter that you can create table. >ariant is a variation of report which delivered either -B system or save it. What is the differen!e )et*een Stati! and D%na. Cn the other hand2 there is not time period is not attached with static credit limit. 4n item proposal2 when you enter details in sales document and click the propose items to get item list of the customer regularly purchases Cn the other hand2 once you specify the sold<to<party and press enter2 system automatically gives the list of materials for the customer regularly in a faster way than item proposal. 'or this reason2 all open items and all open values is taken into account. 0ut2 difference is that time period Gcredit hori8on= is attached with dynamic credit states that the system is not calculated all open item and all open value after credit hori8on. $6..

What is !ondition e1!l#sion? ANS.Cn the other hand2 if item category group is I1HM'@2higher level item category is T/. 4t is maintained material master sales organi8ation 2.eader level condition is maintained in header level pricing procedure in sales order.!uppose2in the case 0CM2if item category group is IE-1/@2higher level item category IT/Q@ and sub<item category is IT/E@. Hser E7it is the place where you can enhance sap documents and you can activate and deactivate some fields and create some fields through coding. .!oL you have to maintain condition record manually. This condition does not have any access se. . le+el !ondition? ANS. $.ricing procedure there are condition types and there are 1" columns which control the condition types to determine how the condition type will behave in a pricing procedure.@ and sub<item item category is IT/N@. What is the :#n!tion of ite.ent t% e for STO ro!ess? ANS . it is only outbound delivery.uirement function is ignored. 4n . $(. . $&.rogramming= $2./ll other condition types will be deactivated. This is can be done by /0/.if you assign formula of alternative condition base value with condition type2 condition type will distribute between items in whole document on the basis alternative condition base value. What are the #ser e1its? ANS .. Whi!h deli+er% do!#.$1. !ate"or% "ro# ? ANS. #ondition e7clusion indicator can be set in condition type and condition record. 4f it is set in condition record2 condition type is e7cluded from being accessing and re.Even2you can create new routine and formula through coding.uence.0ut2you cannot change standard sap document.ricing procedure will determine how pricing take place in sales order and billing. $$. 4tem category depends on sales organi8ation and distribution channel. What is differen!e )et*een the header le+el !ondition and ite. Cn the other hand2 condition e7clusion in condition record help to compare condition record between two condition e7clusion groups or between two condition types to determine best price .There are two !TC G!tock Transfer Crder= that is 1= intra company stock transport order which delivery document type is IH0@ and 2= inter company stock transport order which delivery document type is JN0K. What is ri!in" ro!ed#re? ANS. G/dvance 0usiness /pplication . This condition record distributed proportionately between items in whole documents . 4tem category group will determine the item category of an item in a sales document.

Through tcode >0+2.4tem level condition is applicable only for that item.? ANS. What is Deli+er% "ro# and *hat is its #r ose? ANS.1isting and E7clusion follow condition techni. Master data help to run business transaction smoothly. the function is to solve day to day issue sent by the end user and sometimes enhancement too.uence .-E which is used for credit check in order and delivery through credit group which is assigned with sales document type and delivery document type. %elivery group is used for credit check. it has access se.aintainin" the . What are the f#n!tions erfor.ana"e.aster data? ANS. What is line ite. What is the lin7 )et*een !redit .ain #r ose of .<#M. /utomatic credit control is happened in delivery group. 9hat is the access se. $2. . Master data provides important sources of data for creating documents. &2. Master data help to define which field is important and which field is important &6. 0ecause credit group is assigned with delivery group. 4f company want to give certain products to particular customer2 company need to create listing through tcode >0+1.eader condition doesn@t have any access se.!o2 it@s value is divided among different items in a sales order proportionately such as . 4n .uence .Cn the other hand2 if customer doesn@t want to purchase one product among the other products .M++2 /M49 condition type. $3.ue. What is /eader 'ondition? ANS.Dou can e7clude this product from the list. 4n pricing procedure pricing value plus ta7 is stored in a subtotal field that is /= >0/. &1.uence for header conditions3 &$.ent and s#)totals? ANS. What is differen!e )et*een listin" and e1!l#sion? ANS.'or this reason2 it has to be maintained manually in header level pricing procedure in sales order. What is . $0.!o2 condition record can be fetched automatically from condition table.ed in a s# ort !lient? ANS. 1ine item is an individual item in a sales document which has a item detail such as shipping point2 division and route.

.. #ustomer re. workbench.ighest Crgani8ation in .ighest organi8ation unit in MM is . !/. has an inbuilt debugger which is part of the /0/. !hipping condition from sales document type2 if it is not maintained2 it takes from sol<to<party customer master sales area shipping tab page. The totals line in the account can also be 8ero2 in other word2 a sales does not take place. 4n standard system2 credit memo and cancellations document is posted opposite side of account as compared to customer receivable account.Thus2 all business transactions which is happened in the same &++Gclient= that is called client specific data... &3. Therefore2 you have activate negative posting option in billing doc type. &. .&&.ined? ANS. What is differen!e )et*een trans ort and tas7? ANS.ighest organi8ation unit '4 is #ompany code and #C is controlling area.uested that credit memo and cancellations should be posted same side of customer account2 this allow the account to have 8ero balance. What is the f#n!tionalit% of ne"ati+e ostin" in )illin" do!#.lant. What is the !lient s e!ifi! data? ANS . &2. .uest no is released. %ebugging is a process to understand program behavior in runtime. 1oading group from material master record plantBstorage 1 tab page &0.uest is released2 task no released first then re. Task no contains activities. 9hen the re.lant and .ent? ANS. &(. is . %elivering plant from customer material info record2 if it not maintained2 it takes from ship<to<party customer master record . What is A?AP de)#""in"? ANS.The transport re.if it is not maintained2 it takes from material master sales<org1.#lient specific data means when data is maintained within same client suppose client &++2 and under &++ client you create company structure and under this company structure you create customer master data and material master data and under this company structure all business transactions is happened . What are the hi"hest or"ani=ational #nits in SD> 55> PP and :I'O? ANS .ighest Crgani8ational unit in !% is !ales Crganisation.uest contains transport no and task no. /o* is shi in" oint deter.

. /lternate condition base value is used in pricing procedure to calculate a value on the basis of base value of a material such as you want to give 1+ M discount to material on the basis of material base value . What are the ro#tines? ANS.(6. ($. #onfigurable Material2 #onfigurable profile2 #lass2 and value that is depended on variant configuration. What is the relation shi )et*een sales or"ani=ation and ' What are de enden!ies in +ariant !onfi"#ration? ANS. Dou can define in a sales order on the conte7t of a variation configure. Cn the hand2 -ebate is given total volume of a sale in particular customer on yearly or monthly and retrospectively. /o* is alternate !ondition )ase +al#e? ANS.. -outines are formula which is hard corded and prepared by /0/. (2.'or this reason2 you have to assign certain routine that is called alternate condition base value./s a functional consultant2 you can only do system modification. an% !ode? ANS@ !ales organi8ation is highest organi8ation unit in sales and distribution and company code is highest organi8ation element in '4. ((.0ut2 you cannot create routines. (. What is the differen!e )et*een dis!o#nt and re)ate? ANS.ination? ANS@ /ccount determination is depended on /pplication 5#ondition type5 #hart of /ccount 5 !ales organi8ation5/ccount assignment group of payer master 5/ccount assignment group of material 5/ccount key . (1. %iscount is given on individual purchase whatever customer purchase suppose customer want to purchase 2 two soft drink bottle each 2 ltr and after purchase customer will get discount on two bottle purchase .eant )% Variant 'onfi"#ration? Ans: /ttribute of materials are not predefined and there are many possible variations2 you can define them in the sales order in the conte7t of a variant. (&. What are the infl#en!in" fa!tors for a!!o#nt deter. What is .

. When *ill %o# !o. 9hen delivery due date2 destination country2 bill<to<party is same2 deliveries are combined into one invoice .C% means proof of delivery. (2. What is the #se of od? ANS.(0. 4f the .uantity is ok2 ship<to<party transfer proof of delivery through 4%C# to -B system. 9hen delivery is being done2 at the time of receiving2 ship<to<party verifies whether any discrepancy is there2 if discrepancy is there2 delivery is not confirmed.)ine deli+eries into one in+oi!e? ANS.

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