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House no.27 Street no-3 Khichri Pur Delhi -110091 Mobile no: 9650720643 9716!56447 "-#$il: $sho%true&$lue'(#$ Career objective

To be associated with a progressive organization where a growth oriented environment. Provide me unlimited scope for learning new experiences.
August 2005 to Ti !ate " M#S $ra%as& Te'ti es" (oi)a

!esig*atio*" Store Ma*ager Ke+ Resu t Areas )orres*on+ence ,ith bu-in( house re($r+in( $ll st$tus in s$#*lin( $s ,ell $s *ro+uction. Sourcin( .to source the ($r#ents $ccessories/ 0or Merch$n+iser #eetin(. )ostin( o0 ($r#ent $ccessories. D$il- 0ollo, u* 0ro# Merch$n+iser re($r+in( $ll $**ro&$ls 0or *ro+uction. 1ssistin( to senior #erch$nt re($r+in( $ll st$tus in s$#*lin( $n+ *ro+uction both. 2nclu+es co-or+in$tion ,ith +i00erent +e*ts. i.e. s$#*lin( *ro+uction 0inishin( $n+ *$c%in(. M$int$in $ll +et$ils o0 s$#*les $n+ 0ile recor+. M$int$in $ll su**liers +ebit note cre+it note 3 $ll $ccessories le+(er. Independent source the ($r#ents $ccessories. ,o&en l$bel thre$+ button el$stic se4uence be$+s 5$ri etc../ 0or su**liers.

Computer Literecy: Done three months certificate course M.S.Office from N T! Noida . "nowledge of nternet.
Aca)e,ic -ua i.icatio*"

#raduate from Delhi $niversit% in &''(.

)'*&th passed +arts, from -...S./. in &'''. )'th passed from -...S./. in )001.
$erso*a s%i s"

-omprehensive problem solving abilit%. 2bilit% to deal with people diplomaticall%.

$erso*a !etai s"

3ather4s name Date of birth Sex Marital status

5 5 5 5

6ate. Shri "ashav 7am &0 Nov )01& Male Married

P62-/5 D/68