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Republic of the Philippines HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES City,Metro Manila Quezon SIXTEENTH CONGRESS First Regular Session


HoUsE erLL No34.3?

Introduced by Hon. KakaJ. Bag-ao,Hon. Teddy Brawner Baguilat,Jr., Hon. Maria Leonor K. Alvares,and Hon. SharonS. Garin, Hon. Mercedes Gerona-Robredo, Hon.Jorge"Bolet" Banal.Jr.

EXPLANATORY NOTE principles rights in the lawsof Equality the human that are embedded underscores promote protect rights, from with which we human The legalframework and the country, international humanrightsthat special lawsto various the 1987Constitution and several is a signatory of humanrightsand of, affirmsthe equalapplication the Philippines freedoms. is an everyday realityfor many Filipinos. The denialof basicfairness, however, peoples because of prejudices against their Indigenous are denied access to basic services or cultural expressions. Biases against one'ssexual orientation ethnolinguistic background or work. HlV-related or genderidentityresultin the denialof one'sright to education livingwith HIV (PLHIV), but also for not just for persons stigma limits opportunities (PWDs) with disability are still communities that are vulnerable or affected by it. Persons againsttheir citizensin the country because of prejudices treated as second-class condition. and Thisdemonstrates that the realities on the ground do not meetthe standards guarantees providedby universally recognized human rights. Casesof human rights grave, Filipino violations against vulnerable communities, someof whichare considerably present in general: strives to the Stateandthe society as the country a serious challenge the lives of Filipinos, thereareindividuals andgroups thatareleftbehind. to improve Thefundamental law alsodeclares values the dignity of everyhuman that the State person and guarantees full respectfor human rights (Section11, Article II, 1987 It also imposes equality Constitution). on the Statethe duty to ensurethe fundamental 14,Id.). the lawof women andmen(Sec. before whichaccording Fufthermore, clause in the Billof Rights, the the equalprotection guarantee of the Fr. JoaquinBernas"is a specific constitutional eminentconstitutionalist In l.M. for thosewho sufferfrom discrimination. Equality of a person'i provides a remedy

the SupremeCourt ruled that this Tuasonand Co. vs. The Land TenureAdministration, "laws operate equally and uniformly on all persons under similar clause requiresthat circumstances or that a// personsmust be treated in the same manner, the conditionsnot being different, both in the privilegesconferredand the liabilitiesimposed." protection provides measure various formsof discriminatory This proposed against practices. which It recognises the intersectionalities and layersof humanrightsabuses, framework. The billdoesnot accord additional entitlements requires a morecomprehensive instead, it ensures or threatsto humanrightsare that violations to any communities; addressed. punitive. It alsorecognises measures are The bill is alsonot simply that preventive individuals of equal importance. It responds to stigma, or the dehumanisation of vulnerable for diversity is promoted. It thus supports the or communities, and ensures that respect inclusion of variousvulnerable communities in the government's social protection 'diversityprograms' programs, are and that within the private and public spheres, andimplemented. established provided As the countrymovestowards the fulfillment of the guarantees by the needs to be and by various human rights instruments, discrimination Constitution NoFilipino should be leftbehind, addressed andeliminated. Theapproval of thisbillis urgently sought.


. MercedesK. Alvares

"Bolet" Banal. Jr.

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Republic of the Philippines HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Q u e z o nC i t y , M e t r oM a n i l a

SIXTEENTH CONGRESS First Regular Session

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HousE BrLL n". 3432

Introducedby Hon.TeddyBrawnerBaguilat, Jr.,Hon. Maria Leonor Hon. KakaJ. Bag-ao, Hon. SharonS. Garin,Hon. MercedesK. Alvares, and Gerona-Robredo, Hon.Jorge"Bolet" Banal. Jr.



of the Congress ossembled: Be it enacted by the Senoteond the Houseof Representatives Act of 2013. Section l. Short Tille - This bill shall be known as the Anti-Discrimination


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Section 2. Decloration of policies.- lt is the policy of the state to work actively for the that offendsthe equal protectionclauseof the Bill of eliminationof all forms of discrimination scceded to bythe Republic of Rights a n d t h e S t a t eo b l i g a t i o nu s n d e rh u m a nr i g h t si n s t r u m e n t a p,a r t i c u l a r lty h o s e d i s c r i m i n a t o rp b a s e do n s e x o r s e x u a l orientation. the Philippines yr a c t i c e s practices and penalized Towardsthis end, discriminatory as definedhereinshallbe proscribed Section 3. Definition of Terms- For the purposesof this Act, the following terms shall be definedas follows: " h a l l m e a n 1 ) a p h y s i c ao l r mentalimpairment hat substantially a . " D i s a b i l i t ys p s y c h o l o g i c a p l , h ysiologica limitsone or more olr a n a t o m i c afl u n c t i o n o f a n ; r 3) individua l r a c t i v i t i eo l ; ) a r e c o r do f s u c ha n i m p a i r m e n to o s f s u c hi n d i v i d u a 2 b e i n gr e g a r d e d ashaving s u c ha n i m p a i r m e n t

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restriction or preference any distinction, exclusion, constitutes b . "Discrimination" treatment that is directlyor indirectlybasedon ethnicity, or other differential gender identity,gender race, religionor belief,sex,gender,sexualorientation, disability,HIV status,or other status,which has the intention or expression, on an enjoymentor exercise, effect of nullifyingor impairingthe recognition, equal footing, of political, civil, economic, social, and cultural rights. i n c i t e m e ntto d i s c r i m i n a t a en d h a r a s s m e n t , Discriminatiow n ,h i c h a l s oi n c l u d e s product is a resultor a of stigma. , nd t o a l l t y p e sa n d l e v e l s o f e d u c a t i o nt,r a i n i n g a "e f e r s a n dT r a i n i n g r c. " E d u c a t i o n andquality the standard accest sh e r e t o , for learning andincludes o t h e ra v e n u e s g i v e n , i s w h i c h t h e s a m e t h e c o n d i t i o n u s n d e r t h e r e o f ,a n d rigin. ic race, n a t i o n ao l rigin, a n d e t h n o - l i n g u i s to Origin" includes d. "Ethnic relatingto work in and privileges e . "Employment"refersto all terms, conditions, p o public and private institutions, i n c l u d i n g r e c r u i t m e n t l i c i e s ,a p p l i c a t i o n procedures, determinationof benefits or training, incentives, compensation, promotion,advancement and dismissal. transfer, opportunities, allowances, fixedcasual,contractual, This definition shall apply to regular,probationary, term, and seasonal workers. In legitimate contracting arrangements,the shall be deemed the employer of the contractual contractor/subcontractor employee. f. as "Gender ldentity" refers to the personalsense of identity or expression and behavior characterized, among others,by mannersof clothing,inclinations, A o r f e m i n i n ec o n v e n t i o n s . p e r s o nm a y h a v ea m a l e o r in relation to masculine of the oppositesex. characteristics femaleidentitywith the physiological "GenderExpression" of the culturaltraits refersto the outward manifestations person to patternsthat, at to identifyas male or femaleaccording that enablea definesas genderappropriate. a givensociety moment in history, a particular the human

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h . "HlV Status" pertains to the presence or absence of vy i r u s( H l V )i n t h e b o d yo f a n i n d i v i d u a l . immunodeficienc


on " l n d i g e n o u sP e o p l e s "i n c l u d e P e o p l e sw h o a r e r e g a r d e da s i n d i g e n o u s which inhabitedthe country,at accountof their descentfrom the populations of nonindigenous t h e t i me of inroads c o l o n i z a t i o n o , r a t t h e t i m e o f c o n q u e so tr , ho otf p r e s e n ts t a t e b o u n d a r i e sw religions and cultureso , r the establishmen r e t a i n s o m e o r a l l o f t h e i r o w n s o c i a l , e c o n o m i c ,c u l t u r a l a n d p o l i t i c a l l omains or r o m t h e i r t r a d i t i o n ad institutions b,u t w h o m a y h a v eb e e nd i s p l a c efd d lomains; outside t h e i ra n c e s t r a w h o m a y h a v er e s e t t l e d

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societies "lndigenous Peoples" also refersto a group of peopleor homogenous have who continuously by others, identifiedby self ascriptionand ascription b o u n d e da n d d e f i n e dt e r r i t o r y , l i v e da s o r g a n i z e d c o m m u n i t yo n c o m m u n a l l y , ccupied, h a v e , c l a i m s o f o w n e r s h i p s i n c et i m e i m m e m o r i a l o and who under possessed and utilized such territories,sharing common bonds of language, culturaltraits, or who have, through customs,traditionsand other distinctive nonindigenous resistance to political, socialand culturalinroadsof colonization, from the majority of religionsand cultures,became historically differentiated Filipinos;


in " P r o f i l i n g "m e a n s r e l y i n g o n t h e p r o h i b i t e d g r o u n d s o f d i s c r i m i n a t i o n group persons which include to investigatory activities, a personor of subjecting , nd degrading or other s e a r c h e sq ,uestioning unnecessary u,n j u s t i f i e di,l l e g a l a in an i n d i v i d u a i l s e n g a g ed w h e t h e ra n i n v e s t i g a t o ra y c t i v i t i e si,n d e t e r m i n i n g presumed , r socially unacceptable. t o b e u n l a w f u li,m m o r a l o activity

of religionor beliefof Belief"coversthe profession or non-profession k. "Religious publicly privately in worship, manifested may be or choice that one's practice and teaching. observance, l. "sexual Orientation"refers to the directionof emotional sexualattraction or orientation), conduct.This can be towards peopleof the samesex (homosexual (bisexual orientation),towards neithers, or towards people of both sexes orientation) or towards towards people of the opposite sex (heterosexual everyone.

m. "Stigma" refers to the dynamic process of devaluation that significantly discredits a n i n d i v i d u ailn t h e e y e so f o t h e r s .W h e n s t i g m ai s a c t e d u p o n , t h e r e s u l ti s d i s c r i m i n a t i o n . n. "Vulnerablecommunities" refers to communitiesor sectors that encounter 4. in Section on the grounds enumerated stigma a n d d i s c r i m i n a t i ob na s e d Section 4. Prohibited grounds for discriminotion. - For the purposes of this Act, ethnicity, that is indirectlyor directlybasedon the actual or perceived discrimination gender identity, gender race, religion or belief, sex, gender, sexual orientation, HIVstatus,or other statusis prohibited. civilstatus, disability, expression, Section5. DiscriminatoryActs.- The following acts shallbe prohibited: A. Inflictingstigma- it shall be unlawfulfor any personto commit any acts that promote and encourage stigmabasedon the groundsreferredto in Section4. textbooks, Contentin the media,in educational or in other mediumthat aimsto prohibited. inflictstigmais likewise

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- i t s h a l lb e u n l a w f u tl o d e n y a p e r s o n , i v i l ,a n d c u l t u r a r l ights Deniao l f p o l i t i c a lc civil and culturalrightsbasedon the groundsreferredto enjoymentof political, 4. Section - lt is unlawfulfor any personto: C. Denialof rightto education 1. Refuseadmissionor expel a person from any educationalor training institution on the basis of the grounds defined in Section4, without prejudice to determine or traininginstitutions to the right of educational qualification or trainees; os f t h e i rs t u d e n t s the academic lmpose disciplinarysanctions,penalties harsher than customary, or , e q u i r e m e n t sr that , e s t r i c t i o n so , r prohibitions s i m i l a r p u n i s h m e n t sr grounds infringe on the rights of the students on the basis of the 4; and in Section identified


This prohibition extends to acts committed against a student or trainee to sased to in referred l u a r d i a nb on grounds or legag d i s c r i m i n a th ei so r h e r p a r e n t s 4. Section D. Denialof rightto work - it is unlawfulfor any personto: 1. thereof in the U s e t h e g r o u n d si n S e c t i o n4 o r r e q u i r et h e d i s c l o s u r e promotion, workers, and in the termination of and selection, privileges, benefits training,incentives, determinationof compensation, of employment; as well as other terms and conditions or allowances, i n c l u d i n gp o l i c e a n d D e n y e m p l o y m e n t i n g o v e r n m e n ti n s t i t u t i o n s , on the groundsreferredto in militaryservice, baseddirectlyor indirectly 4; Section Refuseto enter into contract or agreementwith personsor group of 4; and persons basedsolelyor partlyon the groundsprovidedin Section licenseissuedby the for or revoke a professional deny an application governmentdirectlyor indirectly due to the groundsincludedin Section 4.



- it is unlawful for anyperson to: andservices E. Denial of access to goods

4, of of the groundsin Section Denya person,solelyor partlyon the basis public, general goodsand services not limited such as but to the available t o p r i v a t e a n d p u b l i c i n s u r a n c e ,h o u s i n g a n d o t h e r f o r m s o f m l n d c l i n i c as lervices; accommodation , e d i c aa facilitiesor Refuseentry to or evict a personfrom any establishment, p u b l i c , g e n e r a l n o t l i m i t e dt o s u c h a s b u t t h e t h a t a r e o p e n t o utilities restaurants, bars,hotels,shoppingmalls,solelyor partly on the basisof 4; the groundslistedin Section Cause undue and unjust deferral of servicesor provision of inferior 4; and due to the groundsin Section to persons services


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or if the acts aboveare committedagainstorganizations There is discrimination groupsof persons 4. in Section basedon the groundsidentified - lt shall be unlawfulto prohibit,prevent,or revoke F. Denialof right to organize formal recognition,andfor registration of any organization, the accreditation, group, politicalparty, institutionor establishment, in educationalinstitutions, workplaces,communities,and other settings,based partly or solely on the groundsprovided 4. for in Section s a l s o c o m m i t t e dw h e n a d d i t i o n a lr e q u i r e m e n t s b e y o n dt h e D i s c r i m i n a t i o in in d u e t o t h e g r o u n d ss t i p u l a t e d customary a r e i m p o s e dd i r e c t l yo r i n d i r e c t l y 4. Section - i t s h a l l b e u n l a w f u lt o s u b j e c ta n y h a r m o n h e a l t ha n d w e l l - b e i n g G. Inflicting l xamination, person, w i t h o u t c o n s e n tt y e d i c a lo r p h y s i c ae , o a n y u n n e c e s s a rm practices, psychological and other similar procedures treatment, faith-based 4 that aim to basedsolelyor partly on any of the groundsreferredto in Section physical impose behavior or expressions. attributes or changeidentityor members of the n p r o f i l i n g - l t s h a l lb e i l l e g a l f o r H . E n g a g i nig a n y p e r s o n i,n c l u d i n g to engagein profilingbased solely or military and law enforcementagencies, p a r t l yo n t h e g r o u n d s included in Section 4. L Abusesby state and non-stateactors- lt shall be unlawfulfor any government t n i t s ,p o l i c e , militarya , n d i m m i g r a t i o nt,o i, ncluding l o c a lg o v e r n m e n u agencies or to extort from a harass verballyor physically, to curtailfreedomof movement, grounds personor a group of persons in Section 4, on the basisof the stipulated actors. to similarabuses committedby non-state Thisprohibition applies

J. Detention l o d e t a i na n d c o n f i n ea p e r s o n a n d c o n f i n e m e n-t l t s h a l lb e u n l a w f u t groups persons 4. directly or indirectly on the groundsunder Section or of based - Any analogous K. Other analogous acts which have the effect or circumstances purposeof impairingor nullifying enjoyment,or exercise of the the recognition, person's h u m a nr i g h t s as r e a l s op r o h i b i t e d . a n df u n d a m e n t a l f r e e d o m

liable - Any person,natural or juridical,or their representatives, Section 6, Persons government, government-owned or any private and controlledcorporations, including 5, shall institutionor company, who commitsany of the acts underSection corporation, b e l i a b l eu n d e rt h i s A c t . who requests,instructs, Any person, natural or juridical, or their representatives, anotherto commit any of the acts authorizes, tolerates, or assists induces, encourages, i a b l eu n d e rt h i s A c t . 5 s h a l la l s ob e p r i n c i p a l lly u n d e rS e c t i o n

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Section 7. Programsto promote non-discriminationond diversity- The State shall nn d s h a l lt h e r e f o r ep u r s u ei n i t i a t i v e s endeavor to eliminate a l l f o r m s o f d i s c r i m i n a t i oa l t. t h a t s e e kt o e n a b l ea n e n v i r o n m e nftr e e o f s t i g m aa n d d i s c r i m i n a t i o n and programs a n d r e s o u r c eo s f t h e S t a t et o e n s u r en o n - d i s c r i m i n a t i o an d s h a l ld i r e c tt h e m a c h i n e r y promote equality and shall encourageother sectors of the society to engage and participate in shallensurethe establishment of the followingprograms: A . S o c i a lP r o t e c t i o n P r o g r a m- T h e n a t i o n a lg o v e r n m e n t s h a l l i m p l e m e n ts o c i a l protectionmeasures for communities affectedby and vulnerable to stigmaand discrimination. - All governmentagencies, government-owned B. DiversityPrograms and policies privatecompanies, public and privateeducational and controlledcorporations, institutions, and other entitiesshallestablish diversityprograms to ensurethat They shallalso createan internal and abuseare prevented. discrimination redressmechanism to address casesof discrimination and grant administrative for suchcases. remedies or sanctions The Civil Service Commission, Department of Labor and Employment, Department of Interior and Local Government,the Armed Forces of the D e p a r t m e n t o f E d u c a t i o n ,C o m m i s s i o no n H i g h e r E d u c a t i o n , Philippines, Authority, Departmentof Justice, TechnicalEducationand SkillsDevelopment Department of Foreign Affairs, and Department of Health shall ensure the i m p l e m e n t a t i oo nf t h i ss e c t i o n . nf t h i s p r o v i s i o n s h a l lb e Failure o f t h e a b o v ea g e n c i e t so e n s u r et h e i m p l e m e n t a t i o o d s a n a n a l o g o ua sctof d i s c r i m i n a t i oa nn d s h a l lb e p e n a l i z e a d e e m e dr e f u s atl o a d d r e s s discrimination. Section 8. Duties of the Commission on Humdn Rights. - The Commission shall investigate on its own or on complaintby any personacts or omissions and prosecute to believe that anyperson or t h i s A c t . l f t h e C o m m i s s i oh na sr e a s o n a b lc ea u s e violating g r o u p o f p e r s o n si s e n g a g e di n d i s c r i m i n a t i o u nn d e r t h i s A c t , t h e C o m m i s s i o n shall court. commencea legalactionin the regular The Commissionshall also direct the officer concernedto take appropriateaction against a public officer or employee at fault or who neglectto perform an act or removalfrom of license, discharge a duty requiredunder this Act, and order revocation or prosecution, and ensure suspension, demotion,fine, censure, office or employment, just to with an order therewith. Refusal by any officer without cause comply compliance remove,suspend,demote,fine, censure,or of the Commission to revokethe license, prosecute to perform an act or an officer or employeewho is at fault, or who neglects actionagainst discharge a duty requiredunderthis Act, shallbe a groundfor disciplinary saidofficer.

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- Persons practices found guilty of any of the discriminatory under Section9. Penalties. d ith a fine of not Section 5 ( A ) ,5 ( B ) ,5 ( E ) ,5 ( F ) ,a n d a ( K )o f t h i s A c t s h a l lb e p e n a l i z e w (P100,000) Pesos but not to exceedTwo Hundredand lessthan One HundredThousand (P250,000) Pesos FiftyThousand or imprisonment of two (2)yearsbut not more than six (6) years,or both at the discretion of the court. s n d e rS e c t i o n 5 ( C ) ,5 ( D ) , 5 Personf so u n d g u i l t yo f a n y o f t h e d i s c r i m i n a t o rp yr a c t i c e u d i t h a f i n e o f n o t l e s st h a n ( G ) ,5 ( H ) ,5 ( l ) , 5 ( J )a n d 5 ( K )o f t h i s A c t s h a l lb e p e n a l i z e w Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Pesos (P250,000)but not to exceed Five Hundred (P500,000) ThousandPesos or imprisonment of six (6) yearsbut not more than twelve (12)years, or both at the discretion of the court. thereof organization or any similarentity, the officials lf the violator is a corporation, involved therefor. directly s h a l lb e l i a b l e he shallbe deportedimmediately after service of lf the violatoris an alienor a foreigner, proceedings. further deportation without sentence practices prohibitedunder this Act Persons found guilty of any of the discriminatory liable. s h a l la l s ob e c i v i l l y remediesprovided under this Act do not bar prosecution or civil The administrative claimsin propercourtsfor any act of discrimination committedunderthis Act. lf any crime penalizedunder the RevisedPenal Code is committed in pursuit of provided PenaC l o d es h a l lb e a p p l i e d and th undertheRevised discrimination ,e penalty ircumstance. ommitted s h a l lb e c o n s i d e r ea ds a n a g g r a v a t i ncg t h e d i s c r i m i n a t i ocn - The initialamount necessary to implementthe provisions SectionLO.Appropridtions. of the agencies of this Act shall be chargedagainstthe current year's appropriation tasked to implement the provisionsof this Act. Thereafter,such sums as maybe in the Annual or the continued i m p l e m e n t a t i oo nf t h i s A c t s h a l lb e i n c l u d e d n e c e s s a rfy Appropriations Act. General - The CHR,Civil ServiceCommission, Section IL. Implementing Rulesand Regulotions. Departmentof lnterior and LocalGovernment, Departmentof Laborand Employment, C , o m m i s s i oo nn H i g h e r D , e p a r t m e no t f Education the ArmedForces of the Philippines Education,Technical Educationand Skills DevelopmentAuthority, Department of Departmentof Foreign Affairs,Departmentof Health,NationalCommission on Justice, the , n d N a t i o n aC l o m m i s s i oo nn M u s l i mF i l i p i n os h a l lp r o m u l g a t e I n d i g e n o uP s e o p l e sa implementing rulesand regulations within sixty(60) daysfrom the effectivity necessary 0f this Rct. Section 12. Separability clause. - Any portion or provision of this Act that may be declared unconstitutional or invalid shall not have the effect of nullifying the other portions and provisionshereof as long as such remainingportion or provisioncan still subsist and be given effect in their entirety.

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All laws, decrees,orders, rules and regulationsor Section 13. Repeoling clause. parts thereof inconsistent with this Act are hereby repealed,amended,or modified accordingly. Section t4. Effectivity.-- This Act shalltake effectfifteen (15) days after its publication inthe Officiol Gozette or in at leasttwo (2) newspapers of generalcirculation.