*** HORPG: AN EXPANSION SET *** INTRODUCTION Please note that the following text is to be considered to be an expansion set for the

HORPG, offering both modifications of existing rules and totally new rules; hence, the sum total of all the rules is incoherent. ALTERNATIVE MOVEMENT SYSTEM Every Human character is considered to have a MOVE of 10, as long as he is not wearing any armour or carrying heavy loads of treasure. AT Own skin Leather Chain Plate HUMAN 10 8 6 4 ELF 12 10 NA NA DWARF 8 8 6 6

The movement rates above may be modified by the following two Special Abilities. Fleet Feet: The character gains a +2 bonus on his MOVE. Lead Feet: The character gains a -2 penalty on his MOVE. ALTERNATIVE WEAPON DAMAGE Greatsword: Broadsword: Shortsword: Knife: Fist: 3D6 2D6 1D6 + 1D3 1D6 1D3

ALTERNATIVE DAMAGE SYSTEM First, assume that the amount of damage is given in the following categories. 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 5D6 4D6 4D6 3D6 3D6 2D6 2D6 1D6 1D6 1D3 1 + 1D3 + 1D3 + 1D3 + 1D3

Secondly, assume that every weapon belongs to a certain damage category. For example, the standard broadsword belongs to category 5, and therefore inflicts 2D6 points of damage. Thirdly, assume that the strength of the creature wielding a weapon may modify the damage category of the weapon that creture is using, according to the table below.

21 17 13 9 5 1

STR - 24 - 20 - 16 - 12 - 8 - 4 0

MOD + 3 + 2 + 1 + 0 - 1 - 2 None

Hence, a man of ordinary strength (STR = 11) wielding an ordinary broadsword (CAT = 5) would inflict 2D6 of damage, and a muscular man (STR = 14) wielding a greatsword (CAT = 7) would inflict 3D6 + 1D3 of damage. Note: The rules above should only be used if the character or monster is of a general humanoid shape. Odd creatures like the much feared Green slime, the hated Map devourer, or the frightening Special Sperrit may or should use other rules. ALTERNATIVE MAGIC SYSTEM Spell of Class I Spell of CLass II Spell of Class III Ritual

ADVANCEMENT As the characters of the HORPG do not gain levels, the following rules may be used, in order to create a sense of progression and also to create a sense of differentiation between characters (and NPC:s) of the same class. After a certain number, which is to be determined by the referee (but some 3 to 15 seem to work) of successful expeditions, adventures, and missions, the character may gain a Special Ability of the following kind. Fighters should use the table below. 1 Hard to Hit: The Fighter gains a +1 bonus on his AC, but maximum AC is still 12+. 2 Hard to Hurt: The Fighter reduces any physical damage by one point per die, but minimum damage is still 1 per die. 3 Skilled Hitman: The Fighter gains +1 bonus on his Attack Roll. 4 Hard Hitter: The Fighter enhances his Damage Roll by one point per die, but maximum damage is still 3 or 6 per die. 5 Combat Reflexes: The Fighter gains a +1 bonus on the surprise die, but maximum is still 6. 6 Stout Frame: The Fighter gains +3 Hit Points. Wizards should use the table below. 1 2 3 4 Adept at Lower Magic: May use Class II Spells four times, instead of two. Adept at Higher Magic: May use Class III Spells two times, instead of one. Gift of Low Magic: Gains a new Class II Spell. Gift of High Magic: Gains a new Class III Spell.

5 Mighty Magic: Saving Throws suffer a -1 penalty per die, but minimum result is still 1 per die. 6 Extra Energy: Damage Rolls caused by Magic is increased by +1 per die, but maximum is still 3 or 6 per die. Thieves should use the table below. 1 Backstab: The Damage Roll of the Thief is doubled for the first surprise attack. 2 Master of Stealth: The Thief gain a "bonus penalty" of -1 per die to move silently and hide in shadows. 3 Master of Mechanics: The thief gains a "bonus penalty" of -1 per die to Pick Locks, and to Spot and Disarm Traps. 4 Bat Eyed: The thief is considered to have the vision of an Elf. 5 Lightning Reflexes: The Thief gain a +1 bonus on the surprise die, but maximum is still 6. 6 Fleet Feet: Gains +2 Movement. Note: Monsters could be considered having Special Abilities too; and some obvious examples would be the following. 1 Protection: The Monster gains a bonus on its Armour Class: +1, +2, or more. 2 3 4 5 6 Hard to Kill: The Monster gains a number of bonus Hit Points: +3, or +6, or more. Monsters may also have more unusual Special Abilities; som example are presented below. 1 Posion: May cause illness, extra damage, sleep, death or other. ST VS STR to avoid. 2 Bad Breath: Fire damage of 1D6, 2D6, 3D6, or more. ST VS DEX to half damage. 3 4 5 6 NEW CLASSES Normal Man NEW MONSTERS Beast Man, Minor STR 14 DEX 12 INT 6 AC 8+ (5+) MOV 12 DAM 2D6 + 1D3 (Weapon) SA The Beast Man is a horrible union between a human an a beast of moderate size

(goat, dog, pig, for example). Beast Men hate Humans, and want to devour them, and in combat, they can be consedered to be almost fearless Fighters. Ombliferous Owl STR 6 DEX 10 INT 6 AC 8+ MOV 20 F / 2 L SA The Ombliferous Owl is a large kind of Owl with enhanced (but rather low) Intelligence. They can speak Commoon language of Humans. These poor creatures mean well, but are utterly confused and suffer from chaotic memory losses; and this means that encountered Owls often try to help adventurers with hints of information, but with more or less disasterous results. They collect equipment from Humans, thinking that such items will make their lives easeier, but they can almost never actually use them. They always try to avoid combat, and only fight if they cannot escape. Map Devourer STR DEX INT AC MOV SA Road Runner STR 10 DEX 12 INT 4 AC 8+ MOV 12 SA Road Runners are large birds, Spectral Sperrit STR NA DEX 12 INT 8 AC 8+ (And see below!) MOV 6 SA

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