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Pgina 1
- 1 -
Test Ingls I.- (20 preguntas)

1) Empujar- encender-prestar
a) To push- To turn on- To lend
b) To push- To turn on- To borrow
c) To pull- To turn in- To lend
d) To pull- To turn off- To lend

2) Ill go to bed early tonight because I have to________ at 7 oclock.
a) Wake up
b) Stand up
c) Sit up
d) Get up

3) I put on a sweater, but it was so warm that I had to _____ it _______.
a) put-off
b) take-off
c) take-on
d) put-on

4) Youve come too late today. Can you come ______ tomorrow?
a) early
b) earlier
c) more early
d) no late

5) Youre driving too fast. Can you drive____?
a) slow
b) less faster
c) more slow
d) slower

6) I thought all the passengers were dead, but there was one____.
a) no dead
b) life
c) live
d) alive

7) I wouldnt like to ____ your job.
a) do
b) make
c) doing
d) making

8) Has Ben _____ his homework?
a) made
b) done
c) do
d) make

9) You speak English____.
a) good
b) hard
c) well
d) strong

10) Son correctas las siguientes frases?
1. - He quickly got dressed.
2. - He got dressed quickly.
a) Slo la primera.
b) Slo la segunda.
c) Ambas son correctas.
d) Ninguna de las dos.

w w w . e l g u a r d i a . c o m

Pgina 2
- 2 -
11) Choose the correct phrase.
a) She smiled friendly
b) She smiled in a friendly way
c) She smiled in a friend way
d) She friend smiled

12) This steak is very_____cooked.
a) bad
b) worse
c) badly
d) good

13) Will you _____ me a favour? Dont _____ fun of me!
a) do-do
b) make-make
c) do-make
d) make-do

14) Peter has _______ his homework quite fast. Hes really _____ progress.
a) done-making
b) made-making
c) done-doing
d) made-making

15) My brother has _____ many children _____me. We both have two daughters.
a) not as-as
b) not so-as
c) less-than
d) as-as

16) Your car is______ than mine, but mine is ______ than yours.
a) better-faster
b) cheaper-biggest
c) more expensive-more nice
d) less fast-elder

17) Did you know that Frank _____ yesterday? - Yes, he was _____lately.
a) fall ill-getting worse
b) felt ill-getting bad
c) felt ill-getting worse
d) felt ill-getting better

18) He plays football very_____.
a) good
b) better
c) badly
d) less

19) She is used to work __________. She _______goes out at night.
a) hard-hardly
b) hardly-hard
c) hardest-never
d) harder-always

20) That has been________ film I have ever seen.
a) worse
b) better
c) the most bored
d) the worst

w w w . e l g u a r d i a . c o m

Pgina 3
- 3 -

1 a 2 d 3 b 4 b
5 d 6 d 7 a 8 b
9 c 10 c 11 b 12 c
13 c 14 a 15 d 16 a
17 c 18 c 19 a 20 d

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