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Welcome to English 8

Mrs. Garcia The easiest way to contact either of us is

by email.
Mrs. Cox
Room 306 Email:
JUNIOR Phone: (801) 768-7010
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the class blog:
The price of the democratic way of life is a growing appreciation of
people's differences, not merely as tolerable, but as the essence of a
rich and rewarding human experience.

~Gerome Nathanson

During this course each student will improve his/her reading, writing, speaking,
listening, and viewing skills. These skills will be an asset to each student in his/her

Reading is the backbone of our curriculum. We hope each student will gain a
greater love and appreciation for literature as we examine the real-life applications in
the readings. We will also work on improving student writing using the six-traits of
writing methods.

This course is set upon the idea that tolerant students will become better learners
and leaders in the future.
“The test of
Homework: courage comes
when we are in
The amount of homework any the minority.
student has will depend on the The test of
effective use of class time. tolerance
comes when we
Students should plan a regular
reading time each day to
complete their independent
reading requirement. There will
be a unit project assigned at the
end of each study unit.
Students will be expected to
complete 700 pages of outside
reading each term. A record of
independent reading will be kept
Texts we will study:
Eighth-grade students have been
taught they should not plagiarize. • Various short stories
If the student uses information • Informational texts
from a source without giving credit
• Poetry
to the source, the student will have
• The Devils Arithmetic by
to re-do the entire assignment.
Jane Yolen
Only half- credit will be given for
the assignment once plagiarism has • Nightjohn by Gary Paulsen
occurred. • The Biography of Malcolm X
by Walter Dean Myers
Class Materials Needed:

• Each day the student will

need to bring the
following to class:
• A one inch binder (for
English only)
• Five dividers
• College rule loose-leaf
lined paper
• Pencil/Pen (blue or black Expected Classroom BEE-Havior:
ink only)
• Book for free reading 1) BEE Polite (don’t interrupt, ridicule, or
(daily) disrupt, no cell phones or
• Flash drive for writing lab electronic devices)
2) BEE Prepared (come to class with all
Course Evaluation: Evaluation will be necessary learning tools)
based on daily work, tests, writing
samples, presentations, essays, 3) BEE Involved (ask questions, participate
reading requirements, and class and contribute)
participation. Assignments are due at 4) BEE on Task (Pay attention, work on
the beginning of class unless otherwise
Language Arts– only)
stated. Late work will be accepted one
day late for up to 80% credit. If you 5) BEE Successful (try hard, do your best,
have an excused absence, you will
have the same amount of days you
were absent to make up the work. Citizenship: Every student will start each term with 85
citizenship points. These points may be lost if the student
behaves inappropriately, breaks class rules, and/or after the
third tardy. Each offense will result in the loss of five points;
Grading is based on the following however, if students behave in a positive manner, are prepared
scale: and exhibit good citizenship in class they may receive
additional points in five point increments.
A/A- = 100%-90.0%
90-100 = Outstanding
B=/B/B- = 89.9%-80.0%
70-89= Satisfactory
C=/C/C- = 79.9%-70.0% 50-69= Needs Improvement
D=/D/D- = 69.9%- 60.0% 0-49= Unsatisfactory
F = 59.9% and below
Students should bring only water in clear bottles to class. Eating in class is prohibited.
**Gum is acceptable as long as we cannot see it or hear it.**


Mrs. Garcia/ Mrs. Cox

8th Grade English
Disclosure Brochure

Student Name: _______________________________________________________________

Please have parent sign and return to Mrs. Garcia by: ______________ August 2009.

I have read and discussed the disclosure brochure with my son/daughter, have checked
the blog, and am aware of the class policies and procedures.

Parent/Guardian signature

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*Please indicate on the back if there is anything I should know about you to serve you
better as a student in English class.