Publisher’s Preface Beginning with this issue, Men’s Spoon Magazine will have a “true crime” theme.

We’ve been struggling a bit with this latest supplement. Attributing this to our new contributors, it makes sense to render the magazine accordingly. The magazine came about quite accidentally. I’d like to thank Mackinaw Spoon for his renewed dedication to the series—It’s been more fun than I ever imagined. Insofar as the events of June 20, 2008 have horrified us all, Mr. Spoon has sought solitude elsewhere. He assures me he won’t be working “from the road” forever. So, here’s Men’s Spoon Magazine “True Crime” Series #3. Blank, it’s called. The subtitle references the “killers” of “The Horror Hotel.”

Editor St. Louis

Preliminary Note: Re Girlie Night 3: The Script I’ll have a copy of “The Script” ready to go next week. Lee and I talked about all of us viewing it conference-like. Hoping you’re down. I can have all the shit on the network by then, and you’ll be able to connect directly, and at your leisure (btw, material from Lee is being forwarded there too). These are some incredibly large video files though. Please be patient, gentle. You won’t have administrative access, but you can view and reorganize files if you like. I’ve taken some liberties with the final cut … I mean, c’mon, it’s what I do. I’m in school, this is the kinda shit I love. So, liberties pursuant to lets say academic endeavors … maybe it won’t bug you so much! Anyway, here’s the breakdown … Intro: Background data, factoids, front credits, title, etc. (production to party, murders; mixed to 9:00) Song: “Our Exquisite Replica of ‘Eternity’” by Gastr del Sol (Drag City, 1996) Proper: GN3 (picks up mid-way through Intro; covers entire party) (9+ hrs mixed to 61:38) Songs: (in order except +) “The Empty Page” by Sonic Youth (Geffin, 2002) “The Letter” by PJ Harvey (Island, 2004) “Eight Corners” by Gastr del Sol (Drag City, 1994) “Luminous Dolphin” by Royal Trux (1988) + “Silver Session” by Sonic Youth (SKR, 1998) used throughout End: Memorials, newspaper citations, investigation notes, closing credits, etc. (Post-production to “Cramps”; mixed to 13:00) Song: “Dry Bones in the Valley” by Gastr del Sol (Drag City, 1996) Yeah, ok, I’ve been listening to a lotta Gastr del Sol, what can I say? It totally works. I can’t seem to work unless I’ve got the music turned up. And a lot of the time, the music gets in there when I’m editing. I’m sorry. Probably get an A if I could swing this for a final! HA! Another incomplete, but that’s okay. I’m in no hurry, and this experience has been amazing. The tunes are on the network too. Open your windows and let her rip. Wholsum Drolsum May 2009 Nashville, TN

Author’s Statement Re “Bckpg” and the Events of June 20, 2008 In late April 2008, while high on mushrooms and Pasbt-Blue-Ribbon, I happened into the acquaintance of one “M” and one “Colette.” I had been moderately enjoying an evening of good music, lame and sexy hipsters, and jottin’ in my journal. Colette caught my eye, and we quickly began talking. Outside on the patio, she introduced me to M. We closed the place, and proceeded to the next. This went on for forty-eight hours. Ultimately, I crashed on a couch at the Morning Glory Bed & Breakfast, as three or four others joined the strange pair upstairs. The next morning we all ate delicious pastries and drank strong coffee. I was finally shaking the ‘shrooms away, but M offered a joint, and proceeded outside. In the courtyard, he told me about Girlie Night. The idea struck me right away. M said he felt good about me, and had already consumed “The Corpse of Mickey Mouse,” which I’d given him at one point tooling between bars. He proposed I “document” his experiment, and write a book about it. He pitched it as “something new,” calling it “reality writing.” I accepted immediately. By mid May 2008, GN had occurred, and the two of us had begun research into the personals website, Backpage. Together, we replied to ads, created online identities, hatched over sixty ads of our own, began placing them according to his timetable, and corresponded with entirely too many individuals. At the time, I’d convinced NERE Press to issue a magazine series, and had begun working on “Songbook,” the first issue. By June 20, “Bckpg” was nearly finished, but I didn’t know it. I was introduced to Reece and Paul of A’Phale Video, but neither knew them, nor socialized with them. I was absolutely absent from “Throbby,” and M never made reference to “Indigo Summer,” the only exception being her ad at Backpage, and the subsequent references. Karin appeared to have been a legitimate actress and model. She had numerous monikers, and quite a portfolio. We wrote together for the routines at GN3, and created an outline for a scene for what was to have been “horror porn;” when she got enough money together to roll her own project. Evidently, much of what we wrote came to life for twenty young people in St. Louis. To my knowledge, there was no “board” and screening documents for the parties were bogus (that was my idea). The mailing list was authentic, and was our main resource for communication. By GN3, it referenced the email addresses of nearly forty individuals. I was present at every Girlie Night. I took photographs, wrote short routines for M (who usually shot video), and mixed lots of drinks. I always left early. It was a kick, utterly fascinating, but I’m not the type to get so sexually involved with so many others. I’m no prude either. Just got no problem jerkin’ off in a corner watching the freaks!

Incidentally, I’m still here. I’ll never know if that was M’s idea—his score, or excellent timing. I lost contact with M after GN3. I went by the Morning Glory Bed & Breakfast looking for him once. I heard music playing, but no one would come to the door. On June 29, 2008 news broke. I panicked. Split. Apologies to my publisher; I’m enclosing aloe and sun screen. To the families of the deceased: My heart is still breaking, and my suffering is nothing compared to the reality of your loss. I am sorry. I am cooperating with the St. Louis City Police Department, and I hope this statement will suffice where my immediate presence is obviously lacking.

Mackinaw Spoon c/o NERE Press, Stl MO April 2009

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