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Spruce County

Jane Smith, Auditor-Treasurer 345 12th Street East, Box 78 Spruceville, MN 55555-5555 (555) 345-6789


Taxes Payable Year
Estimated Market Value Homestead Exclusion Taxable Market Value Class:

$125,000 $ $125,000 Res NHmstd

$150,000 $23,800 $126,200 Res Hmstd

TAXPAYER(S): John and Mary Johnson 123 Pine Rd S Spruceville, MN 55555-5555 Step

PROPOSED TAX Proposed Tax $1,467.52

Coming in 2014



Property Information Pin Number: Property Address: 789 Pine Rd S Spruceville, MN 55555 Property Description: Lot 1, Block 1, Spruce Acres Subdivison

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It is too late to appeal your value without going to Tax Court.

Proposed Property Taxes and Meetings by Jurisdiction for Your Property

Contact Information
State General Tax County of Spruce Spruce County Courthouse 123 Spruce St Spruceville, MN 55555 (555) 123-4567 City of Spruceville Mayors Office 456 Spruce St Spruceville, MN 55555 (555) 123-7654 Spruceville School District 999 150 1st St N Spruceville, MN 55555 (555) 123-6789 Voter Approved Levies Other Levies

Meeting Information
No public meeting December 7, 7:00 PM

Actual 2013
$0 $438.06

Proposed 2014
$0 $484.18

December 1, 6:30 PM Spruceville City Hall



December 2, 7:00 PM Spruceville High School Cafeteria

$289.35 $340.11

$296.68 $374.60

Your school district was scheduled to hold a referendum at the November general election. If the referendeum was approved by the voters, the school districts voter approved property tax for 2014 may be higher than the proposed amount shown on this notice. Total excluding any special assessments $1,341.31 $1,467.52 9.0%

Your local units of government have proposed the amount they will need for 2014. The following circumstances could change these amounts: Upcoming referenda; Legal judgments; Natural disasters; Voter-approved levy limit increases; or Special assessments Your county commissioners, school board, city council (if your property is located in a city over 500 population), and metropolitan special taxing district will soon be holding meetings to discuss the 2014 budgets and proposed 2014 property taxes. (The school board will discuss the 2013 budget). You are invited to attend these meetings to express your opinion.

What Else Should You Know?

Sales and Use Tax Information

Sales and Use Tax Paid by the County and Cities in 2012
The table below shows the amount of sales and use tax paid or estimated to have been paid in 2012 by the county and cities with a population over 500. These amounts may have been paid by property taxes, or may have been paid from other sources. The 2013 Legislature exempted counties and cities from most state sales and use tax starting in 2014. Your county commissioners and city council (if your property is located in a city over 500 population) will soon be holding public meetings to discuss their proposed 2014 budgets and proposed 2014 property taxes. The reverse of this Proposed Taxes Notice gives the date and time of the public budget and tax meetings. At the public meetings, the county and cities will discuss the estimated savings realized as a result of the sales tax exemption and how those savings will be used for property tax relief. Jurisdiction 2012 Sales and Use Tax Paid Spruce County $987,654 Aspen, City of $321,456 Perch, City of $23,456 Pine, City of $165,123 Spruceville, City of $1,265 Walleye, City of $45,789