Trinity Or Duality In the Christian Mind

Bismillaahi aktubu, The big problem to Muslim who already read the Bible, they realised that the Church fathers were someone like Simon (Petrus), James, Thaddeus Eusebius, Arius etc. Then you go on having the Athanasius creed and some meeting before that and after that. Christians never ask about Gospel of Nazorean, separate from Gospel of the Ebionites and Gospel of the Holy Twelve. The Christian Bible only include the story of Jesus when he was 30 Years old. That's weird, because in there you won't find about "how he look like." A Muslim will find about the characteristics of Almasih Jesus Ibn Maryam and how he look like in Al Hadits. Also of Muusa 'Alaihi Salam. When you think that TRINITY is from reality of God. Then I say that it was fruit of Philosophy thinking. After Nuh 'alaihi Salaam's time, the people were worshipping Wadd, Suwa', Yaghuts, Yauq and Nashr. These people were the Pious people in their time who had died, so the simplest thinking of UMMAH at that time was that they were worshipping them so that those Pious will pray to Allahu Ta'ala, or so that they will be near to Allah as they ask help to them. Or they will ask Allah's mercy by using the position of those Pious men, they thought. As time goes by, the worship getting worse, that was worshipping the LEADERS of their nation, as they thought that God will strengthen their nation by doing so. This was in

the time of Pharaoh or Fir'aun which began before Muusa 'alaihi Salaam and after Yusuf 'alaihi Salaam, in Egypt. Then there was the worship of SACRIFICING virgins, as these came from the thinking that ADULTERY is a sin, and a virgin must be sacrifice to God, so that He won't be jealous again of people who had many concubines, because He already got His. They thought God liked virgins. Then came the Greek who liked to worship God and family of God. The conclusion is that every Kafir people liked to affirm "God has families," so many of them, for example: Osiris(father), Isis (mother), Horus(son). Horus even got twin brother: Seth (Syaithan). Father of Krishna, Mother of Krishna and Krishna God the Father, Mary, Jesus God the Father, Holy Ghost, Jesus Zeus (father), Hera (mother), Apollo (son) etc What is "Laa ilaha illallah."? In Arabic the way to write Laa ilaha illallah is " ‫" ل اله ال الله‬ See the ‫( ا‬alif) in the word Allah there? The Alif could be erase, but why was it written in there? Because it is Alif lam makrifat, means that what Muslim meant by the word "Allah" is definite, not indefinite and not abstact (Nakirah). That means Allahu Ta'ala is only the Creator, the Cherisher, the Sustainer, and the One God who owns the Asma'ul Husna which He made known through His Kitab, and through His messengers, and which He keep inside His knowledge

which is Ghaib (not known but by Him). If the writing is like this " ‫ " ل اله ال لله‬the alif before the lafazh Allah is erase, then it is becoming Allah the abstract, which won't be Al Ilah, the word Allah was derived from Al Ilah " ‫ال‬ ‫ "اله‬not "‫ "اله‬the rule in Arabic is that when the word written the form of Nakirah means abstract, while when written in the form of Makrifat (with Al : ‫ )ال‬means that it is a DEFINITE noun (Isim). So forever, Islam will never worship duality of Allah as one or Oneness of Allah in duality, or Trinity of Allah in 1 or oneness of Allah in Trinity. Only Allah the Al Ilah, Ilah means 1 God, if 2 God: Ilahaini.

Assalamu manit taba'al huda (May peace be upon who follow the guidance)