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Senior Software Engineer Phone: +91-91 ! " !## E-$ai%: a&hi$an'()**""+g$ai%),o$

-B.E/0IVE To associate myself with an organization that helps me to exhibit the best of the skills and talent I possess for the growth and development of the organization and in process makes up a bright career of me. E1PERIEN/E SU22AR3 Having around 2 years and 8 months of technical experience in Implementation !igration "ustomization and #roduct $upport using Oracle Applications E-Business Suite. %orked extensively in &racle '()usiness $uite 11i in modules like *uoting +,$&- Install )ase +"$I- $ervice "ontracts. "ontracts "ore +&/$. &/"-. Had a supplementary experience in modules like &rder !anagement +&0T- $hipping 'xecution +%$H- and Inventory +I01-. #ersonalized various forms in different modules using Form Personalization. %orked on all aspects of Technical design and development of various business processes in &racle ,pplications $ound knowledge in various kinds of report generation using &racle 2eport )uilder #3($*3 4!3 #ublisher 5eveloped Interface !on"ersion Programs to import data from various sources into &racle ,pplications using #3.$*3 $*363oader 7T3 file.etc. 8ood knowledge in using %orkflow )uilder and sending mails using #$%&S'$P package. $ec(nical Acti"ities) Interfacing with users Identifying technical and functional gaps 'stimating %ork 5esigning custom solutions #rogramming 3eading 5evelopers $cheduling #roducing 5ocumentation and #roviding #roduction $upport. "onversant with $atyam9s I$& :;;< and other =uality procedures while executing his pro>ects.

'xceptionally well organized strong analytical design skills coupled with team building skills to support and achieve enterprise business ob>ectives.

EDU/A0I-N 4 0RAINING )achelors in "omputer $cience and 'ngineering +2;;?(2;<;- from @0T7 7niversity Have been trained on &racle $*3 and #3$*3 by !ahindra $atyam Have been trained on Oracle A*F by !ahindra $atyam Have been trained on @,1, by !ahindra $atyam Have been trained on &racle ,pps by !ahindra $atyam Have been trained on 4!3 #ublisher by !ahindra $atyam Have been trained on &racle Aorms and reports by !ahindra $atyam Have been trained on &racle %orkflow )uilder by !ahindra $atyam Have been trained on 'ffective "ommunication $kills by !ahindra $atyam A/HIEVE2EN0S 8ot a Pat-on-Bac+ ,POB- for intensive work on reports and custom email notifications. /-2PU0ER SKI55S &racle(,pps Tech &racle(,pps Tech &racle("2! +Aunctional*uoting $ervice "ontracts 5epot 2epair &racle("ore Tech

Primar0 S+ill categor0 Su1 S+ills Secon/ar0 s+ills1 Su1 s+ills Secon/ar0 s+ills 2

Su1 s+ills Secon/ar0 S+ills 2 Su1 s+ills Pro3ect Ac4uire/ s+ills $raine/ S+ills %inguistic S+ills

$*3B#3$*3 Aorms 2eports &racle(H2!$ +AunctionalHuman 2esources $elf($ervice Human 2esources "ompensation %orkbench #ayroll Time and 3abor $*3 #3($*3 &racle 52k &racle ,5A &racle %ork flow @,1, " $*3 #3($*3 &racle 52k &racle ,5A 'nglish Hindi

6-RK E1PERIEN/E 5ame of t(e Pro3ect ) !isco %ease an/ Finance 'anagement *uration 6or+e/ 7ole "onsultant En"ironment ) ) ;C.2;<D E #resent ) &ff(shore &racle '()usiness $uite Technical

&racle '()usiness $uite 712 12.1.2

Business ) "isco "apital is implementing the &racle 3ease Ainance !anagement !odule to track all the 3ease details from "ontract )ooking to *uote Termination. This &3A! will be interacting with all the modules I01 ,2 ,# A, to fulfill the "ontract )ooking to *uote Termination process. &ur $ervicing track is handling multiple interfaces +Item "ustomer 2elease 3ock )ox 5irect 5ebit 2!$ and Termination Import Interfacesand &3A! 4!3 2eports. 8o1 7esponsi1ilities 9 Accomplis(ments) 5eveloped Interface program to upload supplier and supplier related information into interface tables from 3egacy $ystems. 5eveloped 7n(approved Invoices 2eport 5eveloped new 'vent ,lerts as per the )usiness re=uirements ,ttend series of discussions with &nsite members to understand and gather all the re=uired details for further steps

5eveloped &racle ,pplications ,&3s re=uired for the interface programs #articipated in /intana !igration during the test cycles and 8o 3ive 5ame of t(e Pro3ect ) ,A'S- P(ase III an/ I: *uration 6or+e/ 7ole "onsultant En"ironment ) ) 8*S# Application 'aintenance an/ Support <;.2;<; E ;D.2;<D ) &ff(shore &racle '()usiness $uite Technical

&racle '()usiness $uite 11i

Business ) @5$7 was formed by the <::: merger between two fiber(optic companies @5$ Aitel of "anada and 7niphase "orporation in the 7.$. The F@5$F is short for @ones 5uck and $traus.$inclair. @5$7 is a leading provider of optical products and test and measurement solutions for the communications industry the @5$7 technology portfolio is a key enabler for optical solutions in industries such as broadband communications brand enhancement and authentication manufacturing and energy. @5$7 enable fast high(=uality communications secure financial transactions reliable consumer electronics green energy differentiated brands and a host of other solutions. @5$7 provide these solutions through three business segmentsG "ommunications Test and !easurement "ommunications and "ommercial &ptical #roducts and ,dvanced &ptical Technologies. @5$7 technology is part of the next(generation products that make the unimaginable possible. 8o1 7esponsi1ilities 9 Accomplis(ments) %orked extensively in <<i &racle ,pplications in !odules like "2! &! H2!$ and I01 ,nalysis and resolution of )usiness "ritical 7rgent and 0ormal Issues. Aixing the technical Issues encountered by the application users. Technical Issues include bug in coding the 2eports #3.$*3 $tored #rocedures interfaces and forms. "o(ordination with other teams including the Aunctional team $ys admin 5), and other third parties +3egacy $ystems- for issue resolution. $upported customizations done for @5$7. 5one root cause analysis for repeatedly occurring issues and provided permanent fix involved in Performance $uning of 4ueries.

%orked with Oracle Pro/uct Support for getting support on &racle standard components +2aised $2 attended the $2 call done O6! Sessions in explaining the Issue 5eveloped "ustom Oracle Alerts +both periodic and event based- as per business re=uirements. 2esolved "ritical #roduction Issues by debugging 2eports #ackages %ork Alows ,lerts. Implemented Form Personalization for different business re=uirements also involved in migrating form personalization to instances using 35T process Involved in the preparation of several documents like !5.;H; !5.;H; $etup and 7ser training 5ocs-. Involved in migrating components to instances using ;intana 8enerated custom reports based on report builder and <'% Pu1lis(er Involved in Oracle .or+flo. debugging and modifications 'xtensively worked on automation of mails +with and without attachments- using #$%&S'$P package 'xtensively worked on generation of files in server locations using #$%&FI%E package 2esponsible for everyday *uote and item synch between &racle and $iebel databases. Involved in clearing Install )ase 'rrors Involved in customization and modification of HT!3 @$# and >ava class files 7sed #3.$*3 extensively in writing #rocedures functions packages to maintain referential integrity and to do complex updates and validations. 5eveloped Out1oun/ Interfaces for H2!$ !odule. Involved in 'a3or an/ 'inor En(ancements. Training to the end users on the developed application. 2esponsible for code reviewing and testing the data fixes. Involved in "lient meetings. Involved in ,&3.A05 tasks such as 1alue $et "reation I 5efining "oncurrent #rograms etc 2esponsible for preparing procedures functions packages as per re=uirement. Involved in unit testing and acceptance testing. $cheduling and monitoring concurrent programs. E10RA /URRI/U5AR A/0IVI0IES #resented a paper on JSniffers for lost mo1ilesK and won 2nd prize #resided the Association of S.arnan/(ra Soft.are Engineers an/ $ec(nocrats,ASSE$- under the event T'"H#3&$I&0(2k<;

$ecretary of the Association of S.arnan/(ra Soft.are Engineers an/ $ec(nocrats,ASSE$- under the event T'"H#3&$I&0(2k: Implemented a PA$= FO%%O6I5> 7OBO as a part of my seminar PERS-NA5 DE0AI5S #articular 0ame Aather 0ame 'mail I5 #resent %orking "ontact 0umber "ontact 0umber "ontact 0umber 5etails $unkara $asidhar )hagavan $unkara 1enkateswara 2ao Hyderabad E !ahindra $atyam+$T"( M:<(:<?;?C?;NN M:<(:<?;?C?;NN M:<(888?;;2DDD

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