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With all due respect to those who fantasize that ObamaCare is self-destructing, it should be noted that its fully-funded [thanx to Mike Fitzpatrick] and will begin to distribute goodies [subsidies] in a month; nevertheless, hope springs eternal and, thus, emerging-data are worth distilling and disseminating. Again, to save time [as occurred with the Racism-themed blast], categorization after an intro will be provided, with key-concepts grouped and juxtaposed, affording the reader a database that can be used to corroborate conclusions drawn in analyses/syntheses of this transformational [irreversible?] effort. {ObamaCare doesn't officially kick off until 1/1/2014, yet millions of Americans are already at each other's throats over it; research from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that the country is now more divided than at any other time in history since the Civil War era...and BHO must now feel self-satisfied.} The GOPs Health Care Compact tersely conveys an alternative to this crass exertion of Big Government. This is the compilation major Healthcare Policy Articles disseminated on 11/25/2013 by The Market Institute, [c/o the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons, of which this physician is a member]; readers may want to check-out/explore this website: is not CGIs first bungled IT contract. They were tasked with building out a gun registry website in Canada that ultimately did not work and cost Canadians $80 million (Heritage Foundation Blog). Independent undercover investigations into so called ObamaCare Navigators have revealed instances of fraud (Heritage Foundation Blog). ObamaCare is supposed to influence smokers to quit tobacco use, but the opposite effect is occurring. Because of facing higher insurance premiums due to their tobacco use, smokers are opting out of health coverage altogether (Fox News). Concerns over are not going away with the end of November deadline approaching for the website fix, but analysts think the government has until March to really get the website working because that is when most young people will be looking to enroll (National Journal). Congressional Democrats are worried the White House is not taking the electoral blowback of the fledgling ObamaCare rollout seriously enough. There is cause for concern however, as the President and his namesake law are polling at all-time lows (Politico). The news-of-the-day [President Barack Obama's health care law is headed for a new Supreme Court showdown over companies' religious objections to the law's birth-control mandate.] is being over-hyped because, of far greater significance, a more profound filing of AAPS threatens the Individual Mandate [now wending its way via the lower-courts]; it is hoped it will not be stopped in the soon-to-be-packed D.C. Appellate Court, although the SCOTUS can still grant a Writ of Certiori if any outcome is adverse. Anyway, know that pennsylvania-catholic-groups-won-an ObamaCare-reprieve.

This is the news-release from James OKeefes theprojectveritas [whose presentation to the Kitchen Table Patriots was previously summarized] which just arrived via e-mail: Chris Tarango has resigned following our investigation into Enroll America, a Sebelius-linked group dedicated to signing people up for ObamaCare, after we exposed him conspiring to release private data to help a political action committee. Of course Enroll America has attempted to bury his resignation, releasing it Friday night in an email and nowhere else, but I refuse to let this go quietly. It is both illegal and a serious security breach for a non-profit employee whose job is to sign people up for ObamaCare to be sharing private data with political campaigns. It is hard to believe Enroll America when they say they absolutely do not work with partisan organizations or campaigns when their employee openly asks, How do you suppose we get around the 501c3 status? Following Project Veritas expos, a complaint has been filed with the IRS accusing Enroll America of violating its tax-exempt nonprofit status by engaging in partisan politics. This is the second complaint against Enroll America. Sebelius relationship with Enroll America is currently under investigation by a government ethics audit for her role in fundraising for the group. Yes, theres a good chance Enroll America will lose their tax-exempt status. The VERY liberal New Republic reported that Obama Lashed Out and Called Dems who are Worried About ObamaCare Bed-Wetters; counterpointed are Dems who fear Leaders Suffer ObamaCare Denial, manifest as FRANKEN CAVING [WE MAY HAVE TO DELAY OBAMACARE MANDATE], as Dems appear Desperate for a ObamaCare Fix as President Embarks on Fundraising Tour. Yet, as state Insurance Commissioners predictably claim BHOs fix is illegal [if its envisioned to have been done by 1/1/2014], the theme that has been sounded by Cruz [and here] since early-August remains operational, for it is advised that people Stop Wasting Time Trying to Fix ObamaCare. Everyone knows what Sununu wrote [ObamaCare fail isnt the site its the law] and should function accordinglystridently, confidently, inasmuch as Dem-governors are nervous-about-ObamaCare. {Here is a compilation of many articles.} Operational Problems ObamaCare-regulations-stifle-innovative-lasik-eye-surgeon Young Americans Not Receiving Promised ObamaCare Subsidies Percentage of Uninsured Adults Planning to Sign Up Declines

California's 'November Surge' Not Enough to Overcome the October Purge New ObamaCare Report: The Nightmare Has Just Begun HALPERIN: There really are 'death panels' Social Security # Swiped State confirms health website security breach more-ObamaCare-exemptions-for-unions insurers-doctors-and-hospitals-all-hate-ObamaCare-too ObamaCare-Anonymous-Shopper-tool SHOCK: 80 million could lose employer coverage under ObamaCare CBS News: White House Knows Millions More Insurance Cancellations Coming Conceptual Impact ObamaCare-discourages-work and marriage four-reasons-why-your-doctor-might-not-want-to-keep-under-ObamaCare Don't Dare Call the Health Law 'Redistribution' Daily Kos Diarist: The ObamaCare Deception Defenders Zuckerberg Defends ObamaCare Website NBC News Mocks Idea of ObamaCare Politics Behind Iran Deal Media Blame Romney for Failure to Scrutinize ObamaCare russell-simmons-claims-ObamaCare-has-already-saved-millions-of-lives

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