Guide for Bullet Point List of Evidence of Cover Up of Sexual Abuse for Complaints to Ethical Commissions [See full

outline for more detailed guide]

1. Misconduct involving evidence, i.e. disregarding, manipulating and concealing evidence 2. Misconduct involving abuse of privacy laws, i.e. silencing mothers using the justification that there is a need for confidentiality to protect the victim, such as gag orders, sealed records, demands to take information about the case off of the internet, demands to “move on” and put the abuse in the past, etc. 3. Misconduct involving punishment and threats to silence, i.e. deprivation of custody and/or visitation, jail, etc. 4. Misconduct involving collusion, i.e. ex partes and other connections between the court officials

1. Findings which are routinely used against protective mothers despite no credible or substantial supporting evidence, i.e. Alienation, vindictiveness, maliciousness, mental illness, etc. Appointees who are known to collude with abusers 2. Biased appointees, i.e. minors’ counsels, psychologists and others who are known to the court and who can be counted on to blame the mother and side with abusers 3. Biased Remarks and attitudes which show favoritism towards the abuser

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