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EXPRESSING PROBABILITY : HOW GOOD ARE YOU AT MAKING GUESSES ? FIND OUT ! A- Listen to Errol Morris Umbrella Man” . telling you about “The i!eo/opinion/"#######""$%&'(/the-umbrella-man.html

On the 48th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Errol Morris explores the story behind the one man seen standing nder an open bla!" mbrella right at the lo!ation #here the President #as shot. 
 Who could “The Umbrella Man” be ?

  Speculate about the role he may have played in the assassination of President John
F !ennedy "

)- *atch the commercials below an! get rea!y to ma+e guesses using mo!al when the teacher ,ree-es the screen.

erbs or a! erbs only

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Ma+e guesses

about :

  the nature of the document "   the #irl $s whereabouts "   her relationship %ith the other irls "   the messa e and the a!vertisers " slo an "

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.peculate about :
 the characters and their relationship "  the special event they are attendin# "  %hat happened "

 CHECK YOUR LISTENING SKILL!  This i!eo was a *ebby Awar! *inner. Listen an! collect as many !etails as you can/ then in your own 2ommercial. wor!s/ e0plain the message in this Amnesty 1nternational

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