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Name: Shaira S.

Mamantar Section: BSA-3C More Than a Picture to Develop: My Spirituality

Date: 11/25/2013 Paper on Spirituality

As I search around the true meaning of spirituality, I learned that it is something that cannot be discovered by someone else but me. It is like a pearl inside a shell. Secured and protected that no one else can open it except the one who is destined to. For me, I havent really discovered the pearl in me. Its very difficult to find it, especially where all of my time are occupied with school work. But as they say, theres always time for God/Allah. Of all the 6 Lay Spirituality Characteristics given by FABC, there are two characteristics that I should develop more in my life today. First is the Biblical characteristic. Ive read on some articles that Islamic spirituality is a Quran-Centered spirituality. Reading, reciting, listening to, studying and reflecting on the Qur'an make up a great part of our devotional life. As Muslims, we believe the Qur'an to be the literal word of God, God's own speech, our encounters with the Qur'an are for them meetings with God who reveals, teaches, and forms believers in holiness. As a Muslim who didnt grew up in a Muslim community, I had a difficulty on learning the Arabic language. Nowadays, there are many translations of the Quran but I didnt really have the time to read and understand it. I really regret doing nothing during summer breaks instead of reading the Quran. Although my family taught me some verses and important phrases to say in our prayers, theres something inside of me wanted to explore more about the Quran but Im too scared to try. I get goosebumps as I put my hands on our holy book because I feel that I am so sinful and I do not deserve to hold it. Now, I realize that I should improve and develop it by keeping in mind that Allah will always love me despite of all the wrong Ive done. Another one is the Ecclesial characteristic. As a student, most of my time is occupied with subjects, requirements and preparations for quizzes. Although I have free time every day, meeting and get-together with friends are things that are inevitable especially our city is surrounded by Malls. Because of that, I find it hard to squeeze in our 5 times a day prayer. I really feel guilty and sorry for myself because when I was a kid, I didnt really experienced going to our Mosque regularly. Only on special festivities like the end of Ramadan celebration. Friday is the day where we go to the Mosque for a prayer. Its like a Sunday mass for the Christians. I really wanted to attend every week but my schedule is always loaded during Fridays. Holidays and suspended Friday classes are only the times when I can go and pray. I always feel guilty having time for everything except for going to the Mosque to pray. I think, the only way I could develop it is by avoiding a class during our prayer time. I know it would be hard but I must try to find a way. I want to develop it to be more attached and close to our practices. Also, I feel something different whenever Im praying inside a Mosque; its the feeling of safety and presence of Allah. All in all, I want to develop these things for me to open my pearl inside of me; to awaken these characteristics in order to live with glory to Allah/God.