Wicca Vs Witchcraft

Everyone has a conception of what Witchcraft is, especially if you watch an animated fairytale made by the Disney company (Snow White or Sleeping Beauty). A witch after all is a haggard old bitter woman who has tacit abilities, will use her terrible temper against anyone she pleases - which usually means everyone; especially if they are happy. The common concept of Wicca is that it is practiced by a group of weird new age people in the elements, especially in forested areas wearing strange clothing (or no clothing) and chanting weird words and songs;perhaps even considered a group of deranged hippies, without a Woodstock. Neither of these accurately depict what is a Witch or Wiccan. To look up either (Witch or Wicca) on Wikipedia you will read that Witchcraft has been around since the dawn of wo/man kind and that Wicca was "invented" by a guy by the name of Dr Gerald Gardner back in 1954. Yet if you were to look the word up in Dictionary.com the following definition of Wicca would appear: "witchcraft, esp. benevolent, nature-oriented practices derived from pre-Christian religions." Wicca is of the linage of Witchcraft, there is no definitive difference for the terms. The word Wicca is old English for "witch" or practitioner of witchcraft. Tracing human societal roots (specifically in Europe) there was an individual who was responsible for the collection of herbs and medicines, who passed down knowledge of natural science as far as they were aware for the passing of information on planting, harvesting, hunting and the like. This person was the societal "witch doctor" or "knower". Their purpose was to receive the previous generations wisdom, follow the natural cycles of the earth, discern remedies where there was discomfort or disease and be the wise contributor to the group. Fast forward to today, a Wiccan or witch, whichever you prefer; is a follower of the natural cycles of the earth, follows a theology of those cycles believing in a duality of the God and Goddess (the law of polarity) for the benefit of both the people of the earth and the earth herself. The practitioner follows the cycles of the seasons, the cycles of the moon, and celebrates the sabbats (8 in total) through the ritual use of magick. Magick in this tenant requires specific wiccan supplies or tools and the ritual itself follows the specific aspect of the season (sabbat), celebrations for each aspect of the cycle are specific to the season (and sabbat) with respect to the God and Goddess. Using these auspicious times spells are cast for good fortune, health, wealth, love, new beginnings, birth and the memory of those who have left this world depending on the occasion. Both Wicca and Witchcraft as terms, the following of pagan beliefs in the natural laws of life. Both require the practitioner to start with progressing themselves and developing their natural human abilities toward what most would call psychic or supernatural abilities. These are gifts all of us posses, yet need to develop to skill. If there was a definition that I had to use to segregate what the differences were, I would define them as: Wicca is a development and practice of faith, witchcraft is the actions of celebrating that faith.