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Huawei eWBB LTE Solution

transportation. and professional broadband trunking service. Dispatcher Storage Servers TV Wall Government EPC Smart Grid Railway RAN Oil & Gas & Coal Mining Civil Aviation Video Surveillance Professional Remote Data Trunking Acquisition Broadband Access WISP . build safe society. smart grid. and WISP sectors. easily deploy their networks even in some harsh environments. energy. industry customers can improve their operation efficiency.Huawei eWBB LTE solution is specially designed for vertical industry including government. and enrich people’s life. It can support high performance mobile broadband access. Using Huawei eWBB LTE solution.

Ultra long distance coverage can solve the issue of broadband communication in some remote areas such as oil well platform in sea. and thus industry customers can improve their operation efficiency. Because of high speed coverage. and uplink 50Mbps. . and explore new business mode.CAT5 UE) respectively. its downlink & uplink data rates are up to 100Mbps & 50Mbps (FDD 20MHz.High Performance Mobile Broadband Access Network Huawei eWBB LTE solution can support high bandwidth. improve passenger's travelling services experiences. online advertisement. Because of high bandwidth. HD video surveillance. its coverage can reach 100km. remote data acquisition. for example.2*2 MIMO) high speed data services. railway customers can ensure safe operation. it can improve customer’s operation efficiency and save their costs. and under such a condition. From one radio site to sea oil platform. and therefore. Huawei eWBB LTE solution can support professional broadband trunking service. It can support ultra long distance coverage and high speed coverage. In a 430km/h magnetic levitation train in Shanghai. In 20Mhz bandwidth and 2*2 MIMO.2*2 MIMO. Huawei eWBB LTE solution can also support high speed coverage. and enrich people’s life. and broadband data access in one network. passengers can enjoy downlink 50Mbps and uplink 30Mbps (FDD 20MHz. Huawei eWBB LTE solution also has an outstanding network performance. and desert. it can support downlink data rate up to 100Mbps.

Its group call setup time is less than 300ms. In a summary. late entry. Professional broadband trunking solution can support rich and advanced features. PTT voice has a better performance. call retention. and medical personnel to deal with an emergent fire disaster through voice trunking service. government command center can dispatch police. and speech right request time is less than 150ms. and dynamic grouping. ambience listening. for example. At the same time. For example. Because of professional broadband trunking solution. and then command center forwards them to all the related group members if necessary. Professional PTT voice performance & advanced features can bring better industry user experiences. At the same time. professional broadband trunking solution can support visualized dispatch and improve dispatch efficiency.World’s 1st Professional Broadband Trunking Solution to Enable Visualized Coordination Huawei is the first vendor to provide professional broadband trunking solution through LTE network. industry customers can effectively coordinate multiple departments through voice and video dispatch. personnel can also upload onsite videos to the command center. . pre-emptive priority call. fireman.

and they can provide the most proper capacity to industry customers. Especially.8GHz and 3. they can save customer's installation space. Specially designed devices are also designed for industry customers. and make network operation & maintenance easier and more simple. Up to now. Huawei eWBB LTE core networks are specially designed for industry market. Designed devices comply to IP67 grade. ISO(Isolated Site Operation) is very small and light. SGW. it is the smallest LTE core network in the industry. quickly install isolated single site. At the same time. and it can easily satisfy the requirements of quick frequency customization only by changing one modem. platform based device supports flexible architecture. Huawei eWBB LTE micro core network can support 4 network elements (MME. and they can be extensively used for energy sector.High Adaptation to Industry Requirements Huawei distributed eNodeB (DBS3900) can support multiple frequency bands from 400MHz to 5. In addition. Huawei is the only vendor to offer 5. Because of multiple frequency bands and flexible device architecture. EP680 handset can work normally for 30 minutes in 0. and CPE can work normally in temperatures of -40 ~ 60oC. and industry customers can easily carry it to some remote areas. ECV(Emergency Communication Vehicle) can also be used in some emergency areas. and offer an emergent communication. and offer a temporary communication. and bring them more benefits.8GHz LTE solution. Specifically. PGW. .8GHz. Specially designed devices also pass explosion proof certification. Huawei can help industry customers quickly deploy their network based on their available frequency bands. HSS) in a 2U-height box.5m deep water. help customers more easily and quickly deploy their networks.

8GHz »» FDD: 700M/800M/850M/900M/1.5 ’’ touch screen •• High Definition camera(800MP) •• IP67 protection •• Professional trunking handset •• Frequency: TDD 1. •• Railway anti-vibration design: IEC61373 or TB/T 3058 •• Working Temperature: -25~70oC TAU600 •• Power consumption : <50w .Huawei eWBB LTE Product Specification BBU •• Multiple Frequency Bands: »» TDD: 400M/800M/1. 20 eNodeB. 2Gbps throughput .5G/3.8G/2.4G/1.8 GHz •• 4.5G/2.0G/ ASW1. MTBF ≥ 155000hours eSCN230 •• One site supports 6 RRUs •• DL 150Mbps.7G/1. professional broadband trunking RRU eSCN231 •• Vehicle-mounted shock proof: GB 4798.4GHz •• 2.5 Isolated Single Site •• Frequency: TDD1. UL 75Mbps throughput to support video surveillance.8GHz •• IP67 protection •• Working Temperature: -40~65 C o •• Frequency: TDD 1.8 GHz/1. RRU<21kg •• One BBU supports 12 RRUs(FDD)/18RRUs(TDD) RRU RRU DBS3900 •• Micro core network for LTE broadband access and professional trunking •• Proper Capacity for SMEs: »» Maximum 4K subscribers.4000 trunking groups.4G/1.6G/3.7G/5. NE redundancy.6G/3.8G/2. 512 concurrent trunking groups •• High Reliability: Board backup.8GHz •• IP65 protection •• Working Temperature: -40~60oC •• Lighting protection •• Power consumption : <30w Outdoor CPE eA660 •• Lighting protection •• Power consumption : <21w Outdoor CPE EG860 •• Android 4.8G/2.1G/2.3G/3.3G/2.4 ’’ TFT LCD screen •• High Definition camera(500MP) Handset eH811 Handset EP680 •• IP67 protection •• Broadband train access unit •• Railway EMC designs: IEC 62236 and GB/T 17626.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) •• Frequency: TDD 1.7G/5.6GHz RRU •• Weight: BBU<12kg.

traffic information collection Professional Broadband Trunking Broadband Access Government affairs. trunking service. and wireless broadband access to improve government efficiency and public safety . wind velocity. and sewage treatment Command & Dispatch Video Surveillance Remote Data Acquisition Environmental Monitoring Multi-task coordination. gas. soil etc. mobile police affairs. remote data acquisition. and emergency call Environment parameters including temperature. and intelligent detection and suspicious incident analysis Storage Servers TV Wall Real-time monitoring of water. power supply. road & violation monitoring. professional broadband trunking dispatch.Huawei eWBB LTE Solution For Municipal Broadband Network Public Safety City Lifeline Dispatcher Emergent command. hydrology. online monitoring of danger source. LTE Intelligent Traffic Government Affairs Traffic light control. mobile city management •• One network shared by multiple government departments to improve city management capability •• Video surveillance.

mobile video surveillance •• Easy deployment and wide coverage: 12m high antenna quickly lifted for an over 3km coverage. over 500m coverage for reliable communications within a moving fleet .Huawei eWBB LTE Solution For Mission-Critical Dispatch Terminal Equipment Live Camera GPS Main Equipment Antenna O&M Center eRRU External Networks Other Trunking Systems 2G/3G Multimedia Handset eSCN Satellite Transmitter Gateway On-Vehicle Multimedia Terminal ECV PSTN Sound Mixer Dispatching Center Voice&Video Recorder Monitor Terminals Screen Wall Command Center •• Multi-purpose solution for professional broadband trunking dispatch.

and operation safety of the railway industry •• Improve passenger’s satisfaction by rich multimedia data services Trunking Server Dispatcher OMC CTC System EPC Interface Server CTC Server Grouping Server Main Locomotive Train Tail Multi-locomotive Synchronization Control Dispatching Command Function Number Check Dispatching Communication Video Surveillance .Huawei eWBB LTE Solution For Railway Shuohuang Railway: World’s 1st LTE Application in Railway •• Improve transportation efficiency.

professional broadband trunking service. passenger information.Huawei eWBB LTE Solution For Metropolitan Subway Central Server OMC Server Trunking Dispatcher OMC Client Voice & Video Server EPC IP Network Station Sub-system Station Sub-system Station Sub-system LCD LCD Control Unit Switch LCD LCD Control Unit Switch LCD LCD Control Unit Voice & Video Server RRU BBU RRU BBU RRU BBU Track &Train Sub-system RRU RRU RRU Leaky Coaxial Cable or Antenna TAU LCD Control Unit TAU LCD Control Unit Switch Video Camera LCD Switch Video Camera Switch •• Video surveillance. and wireless broadband access to improve operation efficiency and passenger satisfaction .

and reduce airport operation costs .Huawei eWBB LTE Solution For Airport Ground Service Dispatcher Servers Gateway TV Wall EPC PSTN TETRA Internet LTE Parking Apron Terminal Maintenance Cargo Station Multimedia Dispatching Vehicle. Individual Location Video Surveillance •• Video surveillance. professional broadband trunking service. provide passengers safe and reliable services. and location service to improve flight punctuality rate.

Huawei eWBB LTE Solution For Port Communication Port Application System TOS GPS Core Network NMS EPC Dispatch System Trunking Server PSTN Gateway RCMS Video Management client Dispatcher IP Network Terminal 1 Terminal 2 ………… Terminal X RCMS Sensor Container Yard CFS Maintenance Shop •• Video surveillance. TOS. and enhance operation safety . professional broadband trunking. data acquisition to optimize workflow.

timely record power consumption and improve customer satisfaction •• Video Surveillance: No man on watch to save operation costs •• Professional Broadband Trunking Service: Quick dispatch and timely recover faults Power plant 220kv transformer 110kv transformer Concentrator TTU FTU Dedicated Enterprise transformer collection terminal FTU 35kv transformer DTU FTU TTU Collecter Smart Ammeter Apartment House . and improve customer satisfaction •• Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI): Remote meter reading to save operation costs.Huawei eWBB LTE Solution For Smart Grid China Southern Power Grid: World’s 1st LTE Application in Smart Grid •• Power Distribution Automation: Dynamically adjust power energy to meet the requirements of different areas. save power energy process.

and timely recover faults.Huawei eWBB LTE Solution For Oil & Gas Industry NMS SCADA Server Trunking Dispatcher Video Server Video Server PSTN EPC Internet IP Network LTE Remote Data Acquisition & Control RTU AP CPE Video Surveillance IP camera CPE Professional Broadband Trunking Service Broadband Access •• HD video surveillance to ensure no man on watch. and save maintenance costs. explosion proof. and working normally in high and low temperature . easier network deployment and lower cost than fixed network •• Adaptation to extreme environments: dust/shock/water proof. professional broadband trunking service to make sure quick dispatch. remote data acquisition & control to improve operation efficiency •• Ultra long-range coverage for some remote areas.

Huawei eWBB LTE Solution For Coal Mining Dispatching Center PSTN Gateway Screen Wall PSTN Gateway Video Decoder GIS eCNS eOMC Dispatching Server Positioning eOMC Client Dispatching Client Screen Wall Dispatching Client IP network Screen Wall Dispatching Client Sub Dispatching Center Sub Dispatching Center Base Station OPtical fibler Base Station OPtical fibler Base Station OPtical fibler Ground Mine 1 RRU LTE module Mine 2 RRU Mine n Sensor IP camera RRU CPE Miner Miner Mine RRU IP camera RRU Sensor RRU •• One network to cover both ground and underground areas •• Underground scenes real-time uploaded to ground command center by video dispatch •• Underground smoke & fire information transmitted to the command centre through LTE network .

enterprises and consumers by providing competitive ICT solutions and services. consumer. the economy. we help bridge the digital divide by providing opportunities to enjoy broadband services. Huawei's vision is to enrich life through communication. and cloud computing fields. enterprise. regardless of geographic location. Your Best Partner Huawei is a leading global ICT solutions provider. Huawei creates green solutions that enable customers to reduce power consumption. carbon emissions. and resource costs. By leveraging our experience and expertise in the ICT sector. and the environment. We are committed to creating maximum value for telecom carriers. Through our dedication to customercentric innovation and strong partnerships. serving more than one third of the world's population.Huawei. . we have established end-to-end capabilities and strengths across the carrier networks. Contributing to the sustainable development of society. Our products and solutions have been deployed in over 140 countries.



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