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Increased Levels of Greenhouse Gases Due to Human Activities in the Urban Environment

Greenhouse gases are made in the urban environment due to excessive human activities. Naturally occurring gases such as methane nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide are released due to decom!osition of organic "astes !ollution and deforestation. Greenhouse Gases Greenhouse gases occur naturally or are a result of human industrial !rocesses. #he gases that occur naturally include methane o$one "ater va!or carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. Gases such as hydrofluorocarbons and sulfur hexafluoride are a result

of un"arranted industrial !rocesses. #he natural gases tra! the sun%s heat in the Earth%s atmos!here in order to &ee! our !lanet "arm. #his !henomenon is called the greenhouse effect. 'ithout greenhouse gases the heat "ould bounce bac& into s!ace after hitting the outer atmos!here and the tem!erature "ould be ().)* degrees +elsius colder ,*- degrees .ahrenheit/ "hich is far too cold for organisms !lants and animals to survive. #he greenhouse effect is im!ortant for our ecosystem%s sustainability. Ho"ever a stronger greenhouse effect may cause excessive "arming not suitable for the ecosystem. #he main cause of a stronger greenhouse effect is excess greenhouse gases "hich causes hotter climates dire "eather conditions for animals and !lants and natural calamities. Ho" greenhouse gases are made in the urban environment is one of the &ey !oints to !onder. #he urban !o!ulation is one of the main reasons for creating an imbalance in greenhouse gases. #his imbalance is mainly caused by vehicular and industrial !ollution. #he gases released due to industrial !rocesses generate more heat "hich leads to unfavorable climatic conditions. #here are many reasons behind the increased levels of greenhouse gases. Excessive human activities in the urban areas significantly add to the levels of greenhouse gases occurring naturally. 0ore and more carbon

dioxide methane and nitrous oxide are released into the atmos!here due to various industrial agricultural !rocesses and human carelessness. Here are some &ey factors behind ho" greenhouse gases are made in the urban environment. 0ethane

An im!ortant greenhouse gas methane has a high !otential to increase the average tem!erature of the Earth%s atmos!here1a !henomenon called global "arming. #he global methane levels "ere calculated at (2)- !arts !er billion ,!!b/ by 3-(-1a tremendous increase "hich never occurred in the !revious 4-- --years. In an urban environment high levels of methane are released due to organic "aste decom!osition in landfills.

0ethane is also released during the !roduction of fossil fuels or during its trans!ort. 5ther causes of a rise in methane include !roduction of iron and steel treatment of "aste"ater mobile combustion etc. +arbon Dioxide 'hile the carbon cycle is seen as the &ey reason for the release of carbon dioxide human activities in the urban environment are also seen as !otent causes of releasing high levels of this greenhouse gas. .ollo"ing the Industrial 6evolution in the (7--s deforestation and coal8burning have increased the +53 levels in the atmos!here. +arbondioxide is made in the urban environment due to the burning of oil coal and natural gas as "ell as solid !roducts and "ood. 5ther &ey reasons include combustion of munici!al solid "astes aluminum and limestone and cement !roduction. +ar !ollution in the urban environment is also one of the main reasons for elevated levels of +53 in the atmos!here.

Nitrous 5xide

Nitrous 5xide is mainly emitted due to natural sources or human activities in the urban environment. Human8 related sources include se"age treatment and industrial !rocesses "hich release nitric acid and adi!ic acid. Ho" greenhouse gases are made in the urban environment can also be analy$ed by measuring the high levels of fluorinated gases. #hese gases "hich include hydrofluorocarbons and !erfluorocarbons are !o"erful greenhouse gases released from a variety of human industrial !rocesses. 9adar e#"inners : Let;s tal& about future Nov. 3-(<