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Certified Mail Article Number: Common-Law Trust Declaration Of Homestead Public Notice/Public Record ui !

uris" in m# Pri$ate Ca%acit# as &eneral Administrator 'nown as !o(n of t(e )enealo)# of Doe" Do Hereb# Certif#" *erif#" tate and Declare: Mailin) location +or Homestead is: commonl# 'nown as ,-./ freedom street cit# of C(ica)o" Non-Domestic real 0llinois 1wit(out t(e 23 34 a +reeborn s%iritual bein) on t(e Land" T(e Cit# of C(ica)o" Coo' Count#" 0llinois re%ublic3 T(e %ublic record bein) t(e (i)(est form of e$idence" 0 am creatin) a %ublic record b# Declaration of said Homestead3 Ma5im of Common Law 6uod %er recordum %robatum" non debet esse ne)atum3 7(at is %ro$ed b# t(e record" ou)(t not to be denied3 Ma5im of Common Law alus %o%uli est su%rema le53 T(e safet# of t(e %eo%le is t(e su%reme law3 8acon9s Ma53 in Re)3 ,-: 8room9s Ma53 ,3 ;nown And Le)all# Described As +ollows: 2nit Number ,<-A as delineated on sur$e# of t(e followin) described %arcel of Real =state >(erein after referred to as 1Parcel4?: t(e 7est @A feet of t(e =ast -<< feet of t(e out( ,-B of 8loc' - in C(ica)o 8eac( Addition of lot 1A4 in 8eac( Hotel Com%an#Cs consolidation of certain tracts in +ractional ections ,, and ,-" Towns(i% .D Nort(" Ran)e ,/ =ast of t(e T(ird Princi%al Meridian" in Coo' Count# 0llinois3 0" do Hereb# Certif#" *erif#" tate" Claim and Declare aid Premises As Homestead to)et(er wit( all Ri)(ts" Titles" 0nterests" =5em%tions" and 0mmunities3 HOM= T=AD defined: T(e dwellin) (ouse and t(e adEoinin) land w(ere t(e (ead of t(e famil# dwells: t(e (ome farm3 T(e fi5ed residence of t(e famil#" wit( t(e land" usual and customar# a%%urtenances" and buildin)s surroundin) t(e main (ouse3 Tec(nicall#" and under t(e modern (omestead laws" an artificial estate in land de$ised to %rotect t(e %ossession and enEo#ment of t(e owner a)ainst t(e claims of (is creditors" b# wit(drawin) t(e %ro%ert# from e5ecution and forced sale" so lon) as t(e land is occu%ied as a (ome3 ee Homestead e5em%tion laws" below3 8lac'Cs Law Dictionar# i5t( =dition >%a)e @./? HOM= T=AD =F=MPT0ON LA7 defined: Laws %assed in most states allowin) a (ouse(older or (ead of a famil# to desi)nate a (ouse and land as (is (omestead" and e5em%tin) t(e same (omestead from e5ecution b# creditors for (is )eneral debts >in" for e5am%le" ban'ru%tc# %roceedin)s?3 Pro%ert# ta5 reductions or e5em%tions >for all or %art of t(e ta5? are also a$ailable in some states for (omesteaded %ro%ert#3 tatutor# reGuirements to establis( a (omestead ma# include a formal declaration to be re corded annuall#3 8lac'Cs Law Dictionar# i5t( =dition >%a)e @./? HOM= T=AD R0&HT defined: T(e %ersonal ri)(t to t(e beneficial" %eaceful and uninterru%ted use of t(e (ome %ro%ert# free from claims of creditors3 8lac'Cs Law Dictionar# i5t( =dition >%a)e @./? =F=MPT defined: Persons w(o are not bound b# law" but e5cused from t(e %erformance of duties im%osed u%on ot(ers3 ui !uris" 'nown as: !o(n" of t(e )enealo)# of Doe freeborn s%iritual bein) on t(e land state t(e facts contained (erein are true" correct" com%lete" and not misleadin)" to t(e best of m# %ersonal first (and 'nowled)e and belief3 8ein) of sound mind" com%etent" o$er t(e a)e of ,D3 T(is m# free will" $oluntar# act and deed to ma'e" e5ecute" seal" ac'nowled)e and deli$er under m# (and and seal wit( e5%licit reser$ation of all m# unalienable ri)(ts and m# s%ecific common law ri)(t not to be bound b# an# contract or obli)ation w(ic( 0 (a$e not entered into 'nowin)l#" willin)l#" $oluntaril#" and wit(out misre%resentation" duress" or coercion" w(ereb# 0 did not si)n nor consent3 0 am not now nor (a$e e$er been a 23 3 CitiHen or a +ourteent( Amendment +ederal CitiHen or =m%lo#ee" 0 am not bound b# sworn oat( or oat( of office3 7(ereas 0 (ereb# disclaim Clauses One and Two of ection One to t(e +ourteent( Amendment" to)et(er wit( Article +our ection T(ree Clause Two3 17it(out t(e 23 34 (ould t(is not be true t(en let t(e record be corrected or it will stand as trut(3 Time is of t(e essence3 *eracit#: 0n m# Pri$ate Ca%acit# as &eneral Administrator of said account Droit" Droit" T(is ser$es Notice t(at #our offer (as been Acce%ted as *aluable Consideration and Returned for *alue3 T(is %ro%ert# is

Certified Mail Article Number: =5em%t from Le$#3 Please AdEust t(is Account for t(e Proceeds" Products" Accounts and +i5tures and Release T(e Order>s? of T(e Court to Me 0mmediatel#3 Ma'e adEustment and close t(is account immediatel#" wit( %reEudice3 0 acce%t #our Oat(" Oat( of Office ecurit# A)reement" Constitutions as b#laws" and Malfeasance 8ond and %lace #ou in t(e Pri$ate commencin) t(is self-e5ecutin) bindin) contract between #ou and 03 +urt(er" 0 a%%oint #ou trustee 1+ull# Personall# Liable Now4 on #our (onor and solemn Oat( to %erform #our obli)ations and duties to Protect M# un-a-lien-able Ri)(ts in #our +iduciar# Ca%acit# a)ainst an# and all claims" le)al actions" orders" warrants" Eud)ments" demands" liabilities" losses" foreclosure" de%ositions" summonses" lawsuits" costs" fines" liens" le$ies" %enalties" ta5es" dama)es" interests" and e5%enses w(atsoe$er" bot( absolute and contin)ent" as are due and as mi)(t become due" now e5istin) and as mi)(t (ereafter arise" and as mi)(t be suffered b#" im%osed on" and incurred b# Debtor for an# and e$er# reason" %ur%ose" and cause w(atsoe$er3 Please (onor Obli)ation of &ood +ait( in Performance of #our Duties3 6uid Pro 6uos" an eGual e5c(an)e or substitution3 T(is m# free will" $oluntar# act and deed true and lawful attorne#-in-fact to ma'e" e5ecute" seal" ac'nowled)e and deli$er under m# (and and seal" e5%licitl# reser$in) all ri)(ts wit(out %reEudice: 8#:IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ui !uris 'nown as: !o(n of t(e )enealo)# of Doe 8ailor for !OHN DO= 8ailee I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Ran" Roe T(ird Part# 7itness J ealed and deli$ered in t(e %resence of us3J IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !ames" Roe T(ird Part# 7itness J ealed and deli$ered in t(e %resence of us3J ? ? CO2NTK O+ COO; ? TAT= O+ 0LL0NO0 :

C=RT0+0CAT= O+ AC;NO7L=D&M=NT On t(is date t(e indi$idual named abo$e" in (is/(er stated ca%acit#" %ersonall# a%%eared before me to e5ecute t(is ac'nowled)ement t(at t(is instrument was si)ned" sealed" and deli$ered as t(eir free will" $oluntar# act and deed to ma'e" e5ecute" seal" ac'nowled)e and deli$er under t(eir (and and seal $erified and aut(enticated for t(e uses and %ur%oses t(erein mentioned3 ACTA P28L0CA3 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII DAT= A++0F NOTARK =AL 0+ R=620R=D IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII i)nature of NOTARK P28L0C Date Commission =5%ires IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

NOT0C=: Public acts defined: are t(ose w(ic( (a$e a %ublic aut(orit#" and w(ic( (a$e been made before %ublic officers" are aut(oriHed b# a %ublic seal" (a$e been made %ublic b# t(e aut(orit# of a ma)istrate" or w(ic( (a$e been e5tracted and been %ro%erl# aut(enticated from %ublic records3 8lac'Cs Law Dictionar# i5t( =dition >%a)e -A?