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INVITATION TO STUDY IN ORO*MU In this era of Aquarius, where consciences long for a true connection with the Divinity

, the school of ORO*MU represents one of the most serious alternatives that exists in the planet, to motivate the human beings into higher evolution. This will manifest by means of an illumined life through philosophy and planetary service. For this reason, we invite you to this group as world students. Be certain that the guide of you inner being will assist you in the achievement of your goals, dissipating your doubts so that you can assimilate modern as well as ancient knowledge in a correct way. We hold a lot of information received from Master Franolu, founder of this school, and we also count with the support of the lesson from the Ascended Masters of Shamballa. You will be receiving all these lessons monthly in the course of the school year. WHAT IS ORO*MU? ORO*MU is the institution what makes possible the mission of the Initiation: Is the tree under which everyone is protected in times of tempest. This same tree extends its shadow far away to frontiers you cannot imagine. Our beloved Order of ORO*MU is now being manifested within an etheric-spiritual field world wide, generating a dome of love and light that harbors profoundly in it self the knowledge that the Father has transmitted to us. The spiritual family of ORO*MU is committed to the redemption of humanity through education. We have collaborated with the Ascended Masters in the education of humanity prior to the times when Lemuria would submerge, by keeping backstage as instructors, counselors, librarians, even as guardians of human knowledge. We have been acknowledged in an unconscious and symbolic manner. Furthermore, now that the times for enlightenment are present, we have come forward to the public enlightenment, opening to the Secret by delivering it to every human being who has reached their spiritual awakening. By loving and honoring the teachings of ORO*MU, potentially being ORO*MU, representing this teaching that the Father has bestowed his disciples in the world's presence, is the credential of the Cosmic Knowledge. The Solar Father conferred the ORO*MU disciples a knowledge to sow and generate into a school, more over, he awarded that energy to give rise to a brotherhood and fraternity that vibrates under the same love and energy. Imperfections will remain foreign to this beloved energy; the empathy of each and everyone of the disciples following a philosophy, directs everyone so they can accomplish their tasks without taking notice of their fellows' deeds. Disciples will acknowledge their mission, learning the way of concentrating into the successful achievement of this mission.

THE LAWS OF GOD The Laws of God are the pillar of the principles of ORO*MU that will shine forever. "Time" means God's heart beat and if Divine Laws are product of the universal mind, then these laws are a part of God's heart beat and will prevail forever. Divine Laws operate in a perfect, harmonious way. They have been created in a level of happiness for all beings of Creation. Humans posses a superior knowledge and have received a marvelous power: the management of Laws, from the most simple to the most complicated law from a Superior System. Human beings handle the free will which is the principle of the Law of Cause and Effect. By managing this Law, humans make use of a power God has given them. The good use of this Law brings happiness, that is, the Divine purpose. If the use of this Law is negative, it brings suffering effects, unhappiness, uneasiness and sadness, morally and physically. ORGANIZATION AND LEARNING THROUGH INTERNET The groups formed by the ORO*MU Institution are eight and all of them are free. The Basic group is called "Students of the World". This is the basic level, an open door to ORO*MU. Everybody can be subscribed wether initiated or not. Three Intermediate levels: Disciples in the Path I,II,III. The prerequisite is the Basic course "Students of the World" and be initiated. Four Advanced courses: "Temple of Disciples I,II,III, IV." The prerequisite for these courses is the Intermediate courses I,II,III, Disciples in the Path, and having continued the practice of the Ceremony of Initiation. Lessons are attached to the body of the message so that the student can read them (an attached file for printing PDF). It is recommended after sometime, to download this free software from LESSONS: STUDENTS OF THE WORLD A human being with an unbalanced internal strength is a human being with conflicts that keep him from turning to his very own spiritual world. The purpose of the Basic program "Students of the World", is to strengthen the student's personality as he enters the spiritual path and sows the universal principles that gives structure to the scale of values. The contents of these lessons are directed to the recuperation of lost levels of harmony and to the prepare the students to take the steps to more profound spiritual paths. The course contains: • The Divine Laws of the 1 to 10, • The Humanity Health (Spiritual Bases to reach the health). • The Four Elements. • Ten Principals of the Happiness. • Ecological Principals for human harmonious relationship. • Knowledge of yourself. • Looking for the personal and social peace. and • Preparation for Oromu's Solar Initiation.

TO SUSCRIBE: In English: 2007 Students of the World: Contacts: Maria Del Carmen Itté ( ) and Lorena Ortiz ( En Español: 2007 Estudiantes del Mundo Contactos: Balo Ortega ( y Carmen Mijares Fong ( En Français: 2007 Etudiants Du Monde: Email: Contacts: Maravillas Méndez ( En Português: 2007 Estudantes do Mundo: e Contactos: Joanna Stefanoli ( Rosa Lopes ( e Rosângela Backer (

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS NEW GROUP 2007 Students of the World: The students who are in them following Disciples' levels Path I, II and III, Temple I, II, III and IV already are registered and you will not need to move of your place. Beside we have a group, where you can write your ideas, see images and learn more interesting things: Español: Français: Português: English: Receive our infinitive blessings International Oro*Mu