Then love came in…………………………. (All human) Bella p.o.

v I was packing my bags getting ready to see my close family friends I have not seen them since 7 years my aunt esme and uncle Carlisle I was moving to forks where I was living for 1 year. My mom and Phil were going on one of Phil baseball trips. I decide to go visit them my real dad Charlie was remarried with some woman named sue she had 2 kids Leah and Seth they both seemed friendly Leah was twenty and Seth somewhere 15 or 14 they had moved to Chicago I had seen them last vacation .”ready bella” mom called from downstairs yup I said zipping my bag as I made my exit my mom came to me and said honey you should eat something before you go no thank you I said we are gonna miss the flight okay she said and Phil came in to put my stuff in the back as we drove everyone was silent mom humming to herself I was thinking about my friends they oldest was Jasper who was eighteen emmet a month younger than him they were all adopted I was seventeen turning eighteen next month alice and Rosalie were a lot like twins they both were eighteen but Rosalie was ten days younger and the youngest who was going to turn eighteen after 4 months was Edward he was a little sigh but loved to have fun he had emerald eyes it was early in the morning 3 clock I had gone to bed early so I was not sleepy finally the car stopped I got out of it my mom’s eyes were watering as she said goodbye to me and left I stared after them until they were out of sight I sighed and made my way over to the check in place I waited quietly in line listening to my iPod when it was my turn after all the stuff that was done I sat quietly in the waiting area reading a book after half an hour it was time to board the flight from phoenix to forks was 2 hours long so I would be there six in the morning my seat number was 10 A the time in the air plane flew by as was to absorbed in my book when we finally landed I made my way to the immigration place was done in 20 minutes and collected my baggage as I was going outside I caught a glimpse off alices pixie hair I smiled to myself as I walked to them alice , rose and esme hugged the first I notice everyone was there except for Edward where’s Edward I said he didn’t wake up Carlisle say as we made our way over to the car which was huge emmet came up to me and said in a goofy voice hi bella where are the tomatoes in your cheeks emmet I sighed he loved to tease me .Carlisle was driving jasper on his phone alice playing with my hair rose looking in a mirror I sighed and looked out the window I checked my watch to see what time it was it was eight already .Carlisle unlocked the house and went inside bella you will be going in that room he said pointing to a room next to Edward. Be prepared to hear loud music rose whispered in my ear I just smiled at that moment Edward came down his bronze hair tasseled everywhere wearing his night suit he looked like he had just woken up and did not even see us he went into the kitchen took out a bowl a carton of milk and started pouring it absent mindly into the sink .If he wakes up like that every day we will have no milk esme grumbled walking over to the kitchen she took the carton from him he did not even notice this and kept pouring she went to him and said Edward wake up he was awake just in coma I thought his head snapped up

oh yeah hi mom he looked over at me and said hey bella welcome back his smile was dazzling it was crooked smile he threw his robe off underneath he was wearing a half sleeves t-shirt and pajamas there was scar right after his elbow on his right hand where did you get that from I pointed at the scar emmet he said plainly I beat him up emmet said proudly yup Edward said and sat down on the sofa and turned on the TV Edward aren’t you going to have breakfast oh yeah I forgot um…….. I will have cereal I guess he said okay esme said .Go upstairs and change okay he groaned and went back up into his room after at least ten minutes he came back he was wearing blue ripped jeans a shirt and his hair was still tussled he came down the stairs Edward breakfasts ready esme said okay he answered after he was done he came to us we were watching an episode off gossip girl he groaned rose I have seen that 100 times can you put something better on no rose replied sharply whatever he said I went up to Edward want to go upstairs and watch some movies okay he said since we were five Carlisle and esme had brought Edward a mini TV since they others never let him watch they still do the same after that day every time I came we would watch a movie I usually brought the movies I had brought some this time which one I asked him as I opened up my bag quickly I shoved the other stuff away and took out a couple of DVDs out the choices were mirrors , fired up , Marley and me , prom night and adventure land so I asked which one um………… you decide he said um……….. What about that one I said pointing at prom night sure he said and we walked upstairs he opens the door to his room which is not that big I bed in the corner his enormous CD collection in a corner beside his bed a CD player next to his closet clothes everywhere and in the rear end I see something covered up with clothes it looks a lot like the mini TV he walks over to hold it and puts it on his bed and smiles at me okay let’s start I opened the TV button and the DVD putting place slid open I put it the CD and the menu comes up I look up to see Edward rummaging through a self which is over full finally he takes out something here you go bella he said giving me the remote thank you I said and pressed play I fast forward the trailers the movie starts playing I look at my side to Edward over there he smiles at me his dazzling smile he was always shy around people and looks like he still is I think …………………………………………………………… … after the movie is over I turn the TV off I hear Carlisle from downstairs Edward , bella we are going out for lunch want to come sure I say Edward gets up slowly he puts on his shoes and goes downstairs I brush my hair and put on my brand new pair of converse which Phil brought me on my birthday where we going I ask when I reach the bottom of the staircase I don’t Carlisle says bella honey why don’t you choose um…… what about pizza hut sure they all say Edward was looking at his cell probably texting time to get in the car Carlisle okay everyone said Edward was last out the door he sat at the very end wearing his head phones I sat near the front alice and rose sat with each other esme sat shotgun and emmet and jasper I place near Edward when we arrived everyone got off when we headed a table for eight Carlisle asked okay bella what would you like to eat I don’t know anything would you like the cheese and pepperoni pizza sure I said Carlisle placed the other with 8 drinks everybody had taken Pepsi after 20 minutes the pizza arrived my stomach

was growling just smelling it made me drool everyone started with one slice since it was extra large so almost everyone helped themselves to 2 slices except for Edward who emmet beat at getting the last slice so emmet had 3 Edward 1 when we arrived home Edward seemed to have gone out somewhere with his friends rose and alice playing with a makeup set I was reading a book emmet and jasper wrestling Carlisle and esme in their room after 8pm Edward came home esme was preparing dinner Edward seemed very tired I asked him why me and friends went to play paint ball they had been gone for 4 hours so it made sense after dinner which was spaghetti and meatballs I finished up in 20 minutes while the rest somewhere with me after we were done rose and alice decide to internet shopping emmet and jasper playing HALO 3 I jumped when Edward came up to me hey he said his voice was soft and like velvet I have this DVD rose gave me she said she did not want it anymore do you want to watch it sure I said the movie was step up 2 I had watched step up but not the second we reached up stairs he pulled out the TV I slid in the DVD we settled ourselves on the bed when the movie ended I looked over and Edward who was asleep it was ten I was getting a little sleepy to so I put down the TV turned it off and left to my room to get ready for bed half the house was asleep when I had finished getting ready in no time I drifted off …………………………….

Hey everyone this is just the beginning off my story sorry about the short chapter they will other one will be longer I promise im only asking for five comments then I will start the next chapter

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