November 19, 2013 Re: YMCA Child Care Before and After School Programs

Dear W-E Elementary Parents: As a partner with the W-E schools, we here at the West End YMCA have heard your concerns regarding the upcoming change in your child’s care. As such, we have worked together with the superintendent and your principals to accommodate your needs as best we can. You may call Pattie Ritt to discuss personal circumstances with the Child Care Director at the West End YMCA. A few key concerns are addressed as follow: The Licensing process through the Ohio Dept. Job Family Services is in progress. It is largely up to the ODJFS as to when we will be licensed to operate. There will NEVER be a gap in your child care. The schools will continue to run programs until we are operational. We must have a weekly roster of children attending per the ODJFS. In order to accommodate emergency needs, we will have a sign up option which requires the enrollment paperwork and a $30deposit, which will be used to pay for unexpected time in child care. A much more flexible fee schedule is attached. We cannot charge to every 15 minutes as currently, but we will charge to each hour. The main reason being is that we don’t feel it would be fair or prudent to hire staff for an hour or less in order to maintain the supervision ratios. You may sign up weekly for your upcoming needs, or change a schedule based on needs. We will have a computer on site and an administrator to help with this process. You will not be charged for scheduled days off, Holidays, breaks etc. Credit for Snow Days will be given. Credit for sick days will depend on the circumstances. Sibling discount is being discussed for next school year. YMCA member discounts are also being discussed for next school year If you feel the new fee schedule doesn ’t accommodate your needs, please speak directly to the Child Care Director, Pattie Ritt 440-946-1160 x 110 A Parent Handbook will be sent home and posted on line a.s.a.p. with all the specific details and requirements per the ODJFS. You will be notified by the YMCA through the schools with plenty of time to enroll your child in the Y-School Age Child Care Program. A Child Care Enrollment package will be sent home in December. YMCA staff will be on site to answer questions closer to the date of licensing. We are still hiring child care staff, if interested please contact Pattie Ritt YSACC – YMCA School Age Child Care The YMCA Summer Program details are in the works.


Some main differences you will see through our YSACC licensed program follow: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Use of Multiple rooms in your child’s elementary school. 1 staff for every 18 children. Grouping of children by age, k-2 and 3-5th grade. Room and teacher assignments for each student. Weekly rotating of centers by category including equipment & materials for: Pretend/Dramatic Play ~ Music ~ Blocks ~ Language Arts/Auditory ~ Gross Motor ~ Transportation ~ Fine Motor/Manipulatives ~ Art/Craft ~ Science/Nature ~ YMCA programming such as age appropriate Zumba, Yoga & Healthy Living Classes. 6. Daily Roster – we know who to expect daily – child tracking system. 7. Weekly schedules of activities. 8. Healthy snacks – include 2 items from the food groups – weekly posting. 9. Homework help in small groups. 10. More structure with many small group options. 11. Quiet area for down time. 12. Monthly Practicing of Emergency Drills after hours, fire, tornado & lock down 13. Potential swim lessons included at the West End YMCA are being discussed for next school year, at no additional fee. 14. Site Administrator must meet ODJFS requirements – college degree with 90+ hours of coursework in child development / training in First Aid/CPR, Child Abuse Prevention & Training in Communicable Disease / CE 15. Staff must take 15 hours of continuing education for first 3 years for a total of 45hours. The YMCA Child Care staff looks forward to working with you and your child. Throughout the school year the staff will be assisting you and your child in creating the best possible experience. Our school age programs not only offer a safe place for your child to go after school but also include fun, hands on activities that promote cognitive and social development. Through the YMCA’s core values caring, honesty, respect, responsibility our dedicated staff build a community within the child care site encouraging each child to build self-esteem all while having fun and making friends. Sincerely,

Pattie Ritt Child Care Director West End Branch LAKE COUNTY YMCA 37100 Euclid Ave, Willoughby, OH, 44094 (P) 440 946 1160 x 110 (Fax) 440 946 2963 (E) (W)


YMCA Before and After School Child Care program fee Schedule, revised Nov. 18, 2013
Note – please pick the option(s) that best meets your needs AM and PM Full time AM Full Time only PM Full Time only AM part time use 1-2days/week AM part time use 3-4days/week AM every day for an hour or less PM PM PM PM part time use part time use every day for every day for 1-2days/week 3-4days/week an hour or less two hours or less $75.00 $30.00 can be used with a PM option $45.00 can be used with a AM option $12.00 $24.00 $15.00 $18.00 $36.00 $15.00 $30.00 $30.00 Deposit / time used is deducted

Occasional/Emergency Use

Child Care hours will remain the same at your schools, basically 6:45 or 7:00am to 9:00am for Before School Care and 3:00-6:00pm for after school care. You may call Pattie Ritt, the Child Care Director at the West End YMCA 440-946-1160 x 110 to discuss personal circumstances, potential scholarships or adjustments to the above schedule.


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