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Association of American Physicians and Surgeons as willing narcs

Lest anyone doubts the extent to which doctors are primary and enthusiastic drug prohibition agents, and enemies of consumers, they should take a look at this: The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) describes its "3-POINT PLAN TO STOP THE "DRUG WAR ON PHYSICIANS" & REDUCE Rx DRUG ABUSE." AAPS objects to the government targeting physicians for allegedly overprescribing so-called narcotics, but it it delighted that the government targets drug takers. AAPS and law enforcement should "Work together to track and report potential drug abusers." In fact, AAPS would expand the drug war . It laments that "Physicians and pharmacies report potential 'drug-seeking' patients to law enforcement, yet are never advised by law enforcement which patients it believes are 'drug seekers' trying to take advantage of physicians or pharmacies." What AAPS proposes instead is that "Law enforcement should set up a notification process to advise physicians of suspicious behavior by patients (using more than one pharmacy or more than one physician for prescriptions, contact with known dealers or addicts, etc.)" And will law enforcement need to intrude further into patientdoctor-pharmacist relationships to obtain the data for the "notification process"? AAPS doesn't mind, so long as doctors are immune from prosecution. The AAPS markets itself as a quasi-libertarian medical organization. But this shameful proposal makes a mockery of that pose. What AAPS really wants is to protect the freedom of physicians, and to protect their licenses. No less than the American Medical Association, the AAPS behaves as a cartel that lobbies on behalf of its members, and offers to act as a snitch against patients. Like any cartel, it wants to expand the power and prestige of its members (while protecting their incomes.) What the AAPS really wants is to be the final arbiter of who gets persecuted for drug use. To this end, the organization says, "Physicians are willing to work with law enforcement officials and the Department of Justice to review potential cases before charges are filed. The DOJ should establish a procedure to assess a physician's practices by a review board of medical professionals, rather than relying upon their own laymen's judgments." The problem with the drug war , from AAPS's perspective, is that physicians and surgeons aren't in full control of it! This is the Therapeutic State at its most virulent. This is doctors as agents of the state who spy on their patients. It has the flavor of doctors who didn't have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the service of the Nazis. Each American should be aware that a physician is neither his trustworthy confidant nor his dependable ally. Physicians have committed themselves to the service of the State. This is

especially true as regards "mental illness" and "drug abuse," (though the two are not entirely different). If you are asked for information about your emotional state or history, or your present or past drug use, most doctors are willing to use that information in ways that may deprive you of your liberty. That includes even those doctors who give cynical lip service to liberty, like the members of The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. As the expression goes, "Freedom for me, but not for thee." (It should not be ignored that some of the most important drugs ever invented, antibiotics, have had their effectiveness drastically damaged because they have been irresponsibly prescribed by physicians and surgeons, who the AAPS now wants to comprise a "review board" to decide who should be prosecuted for drug use. As Thomas Szasz has reminded us, Quod licet jovi, non licet bovi. -- What is permitted to Jove is not permitted to a cow. In the eyes of the AAPS, we "laymen" are merely cattle.) Nicolas Martin Executive Director American Iatrogenic Association