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Preface In the name of Allah the most Merciful the most Beneficent After praising Allah and sending

blessings on his messenger (pbuh); Allah (swt) says (Alabizikirullah tatminal qaloob) The meaning of this saying of Allah is that the peace of heart is in the remembrance and zikr of Allah . Over here remembrance signifies complete religion (Islam). Religion has five branches :1. Beliefs 2. Worships 3. Dealings or business 4.Way of life, Habits and Behavior 5.Islamic morals (also mysticism).The first four sections can be corrected by the books of our religious guides and by their speeches and advice but in the correction of the fifth section (Islamic morals) the way of Allah is persistent that there is a need for a person to seek the guidance of a learned preceptor ( (Recheck)). Sheikhs (Spiritual guides) train their disciples (murid) according to their own methods, all are good may Allah accept them. Among these methods one method is of my religious preceptor sheikh ul hadees of Jamia Ashrafia Lahore; Maulana Sufi Sarwar sahib. He starts the correction of character of a person who wants to become his mureed by telling him to act on five things : 1 To grow a beard that shouldnt be less than a fist 2 Not to wear unislamic dresses 3 Not to watch TV 4 To keep pajamas above the ankles 5 To pray with congregation (jamat) behind an imam who has correct beliefs. After bringing these five deeds into practice he tells the mureed to read qasd-us-sabeel (find the English version) so that he may understand the correct purpose of bayt (tell here). Then read the 3 parts of the book Preaching of Islam (Tableegh deen). First part : Apparent principles of deeds. Second Part: Details of Bad manners. Third part: Details of good morals. Second part has further 10 subdivisions and our sheikh starts the lessons of mureed from 1st subdivision (Eating too much and Greed for food) so that after reading each subdivision the mureed informs his condition that either the particular lesson is in his practice or not. If it isnt in practice then the mureed should at least one week do effort and inform about his condition. Even if there is still any weakness in practice a weeks time is futher given , conclusively when the lesson is brought completely into practice then the next lesson may be taken and so forth one may carry on . During the spiritual journey if one feels any defect of practice in any of the previous lessons covered he should repent and do Istighfar and bring it back into practice with courage. With this pious zeal of practice read the subdivisions of the last two parts of the book and then again read from the 1st subdivision of the first part. After completing tableegh-deen from the training (islahi) syllabus study Hayat-ul-Muslimmen then Faroo-ul-iman then speeches of Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanivi (r.a) that are published by the name of Khutbat Hakeem-ul-Ummat. Also while studying Tableegh deen study Heavenly Ornaments (Behsti zewar) to get knowldge or religious acts and deeds. Allah (swt) has given the honor to this sinner that after reading each portion of Preaching of Islam informed his condtion to his shaykh . Where ever I felt difficulty in practice or understanding anything I took guidance from my shaykh . All praises to Allah our sheikh for guidance used to tell such a sentence that all trouble would end and practicing it would become very easy. A thought from Allah was coming in the heart of this person from quite a duration that the sayings of our shaykh and other spiritual guides should be stated after each subdivision so the summary of the whole article may be revised

and would assist in bringing ease in practice. All Praises to Allah that by the sincere efforts and attention of our companions the honorable moment has been attained in which this pious effort by the favor of Allah has reached its completion. We pray and plead to Allah that may Allah accept the efforts of all of our companions and make it the mean to achieve His happiness and pleasure. Amin Humble Servant

Head of the international body of protection of seal hood of prophecy, Lahore Scholar of Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore Lecturer of: Jamia Madnia Jadeedia Jamia Muhammadia (link road Chaborji Lahore) Jamia Abdullah bin Amr Jamia Musa al Bazi Jamia tul Khair Lahore