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TW30003 DEVELOPING READING AND WRITING SKILLS FOR PRIMARY SCHOOLS Assignment 1: Case Based Method CONTEXT Every time a reading teaching lesson being held in a classroom whether in the primary or secondary schools or colleges, it must be expected as teaching learning lesson to gain new knowledge for the students. As teachers, we supposed to teach our students with all our best and experiences so that they will receives all the lesson with self-consciousness and positive attitude and use the knowledge that they had gain and use it for the right purposes in the future. But sadly, most of the teachers on nowadays, always teaching lesson with only focusing on the reading process elements or concentrating in finishing the syllabus and not focusing on the knowledge that students will gain. They also teach in blur and meaningless purposes to the students. To make it worst, some of the teachers teaching reading skills mechanically and completely defend on the textbooks for their teaching lesson. This happens because of too many barriers in their teaching lesson. They should realize that knowledge must come first in the teaching reading lesson and not the process. DILEMMA (problem) The main problem to solve in this research is to identify the main causes of the reading skills weakness in SK Mangin, Kota Marudu so that it can be avoided in order to produces excellent students from academic prospects that can competes in the society. The communities at Kampung Mangin are 99% from the Dusun tribe and on 2013 the school had 115 pupils and 17 teachers including the Headmaster. Overall, the student performances in reading skills are in the medium level. This happened because the number of students that passes in monthly tests is low every year. This scenario giving us the picture that students are in quite difficult situation in achieving the higher marks in the academics and the problems will continuously haunting the students even if they already in the secondary school. On nowadays, one of the challenges for the rural teachers is to increases the number of excellent students and expanding the reading skills among the pupils. No matter how sophisticated the technologies grew in the schools, nevertheless teaching learning lesson still depends on the teachers efficient and intelligences to teaching reading skills because reading are the very important skills in gaining information at the school. Reading was the basis of academics development in all subjects at school. Brisk and fluent in reading are also very important. A student will gain his/her interests and information in reading if he/she can read briskly and fluently. A student also will be a fluent reader if he/she is getting interested in the lesson he/she get through the reading. SOLUTION Ways To Increase The Reading Skills

Teachers play a vital role in improving reading skills among primary school pupils. Each method has different ways of delivery. K (know) what has been known (before reading). We can note that there are primary schools that have not been able to master the skills to read fluently. #KWLH Reading Techniques KWLH is the abbreviation for the following. To read quickly a person can use skimming and scanning techniques. knowing what was gained from the new reading is and determine what more needs to be obtained (if necessary to make further reading).Reading skills is a high-level skills. teaching aids (BBM) also plays an important role in teaching and learning of English. In the context of the school. There are four methods of teaching reading language commonly done in the classroom of the alphabet method. pupils read for purposes such as for information or facts relating to a topic or item. 2007). phonic rules. teachers should provide the teaching aids or the most effective media to achieve learning objectives (Syarifah Alwiah Alsagoff. The use of teaching aids to facilitate students to understand or help them towards the establishment of the correct concept. Generally. while for the critical reading a person may use such techniques and the SQ3R KWLH. (Fazrina Noor Kamal. teachers should guide students to master the techniques of the primary school level. the teacher can use various methods to improve reading skills. Through this technique. In addition. the use of images in teaching reading to assist and stimulate the minds of students to say and read. and teachers can use these methods in teaching reading to students. This means that these skills should be fostered with the orderly and effective manner. 1984: 349 in Marzukhi Nyak Abdullah. However. do the reading (the material that has been chosen). Reading skills is not a natural skill. For example. In addition to the use of proper techniques in teaching reading. To overcome this problem. Each lesson has been designed by teachers from the 'set of induction' until the closing. 1994). Various methods have been used to improve reading skills. students need to master and practice the various reading techniques. Reading is not the same formation as walking or running. Therefore. including teaching reading. Among the measures that can be carried out to improve reading skills are: #The role of teachers. Reading techniques will enable students to link existing knowledge with what is . as it combines the direct method and the phonic method all words and sentences in a reading lesson. to be an effective readers. a student must master the two techniques of reading. the eclectic method is most suitable for teaching reading. reflect or determine what you want to know. namely. Shukri Abdullah. especially in the early stages of reading. and eclectic methods. Many students either at the primary level or secondary level still cannot read smoothly. L (learned) what is known (after reading) and H (how ) How to obtain additional relevant information (The next reading). in examples. W (want) What to know (before reading). read faster and read critically. this skill is not an easy thing to master. 2007). to get an overview on a topic or matter. to understand a question or clarify understanding of a concept and to collect various opinions related to the a question. ( Dr. the reader must considering what they already know. the method all words.

contents. Bernard (1965) believes that motivation is the driving force involves the raise. Remedial classes this requires a skilled teacher to teach them to be proficient in reading. When we read. students need to allocate time to read. Specific ideas deliberately ignored. In addition. so that each student must provide his own principles to guide them on what to read and do not need to read. Scanning is reading quickly to get more specific information and not to get an overview of the literature. It is not possible the students will read about all things. Reading of how this could skip certain parts deemed less important. This . Most people do not read the reason for the lack of time. He added that people do not want to forward only one who did not provide the time to read in his life. providing time to read closely associated with one of the most important aspects of critical reading knows what is good and useful to read. Guntur Henry Tarin (1994) says that the time to read does not need more than 15 to 30 minutes. If the material is found to be suitable then we can use scanning techniques to get the specific information sought (Read. such as a reading passage or even longer. summary at the end of the chapter and reference index to get an overview of what to journals and magazines. the school walls or monuments to be placed motto or reflections related to the benefits the practice of reading. This situation in turn has alerted the students to appreciate and try to change them to love reading. 2004). The most efficient business to know all the important events in the modern world today is to read. In addition. we only pay attention to the important ideas of each paragraph to get the general pictures. In the context of learning. such as books. they should be given special remedial classes to master them in reading. preface. but the loyalty of students on reading will improve their reading skills. Thus. we can read how to determine the suitability of a skimming of reading material. For students who have detected a weakness in reading skills. # Skimming and scanning techniques Skimming and scanning techniques are suitable for simple reading materials. Assoc. we will move our eyes from top to bottom of page quickly by reading the passage while giving focus on the information sought. DR. they need to set the time and devoted little time to read well. We cannot deny that there are many reasons for this time. but if students are interested in selfimprovement in reading skills. Usually. # The role of schools The role of schools is also important in improving reading skills among students. reading this way is much faster than reading how to skimming. the school environment is also important to motivate students to enjoy reading. For example. 2007). skimming and scanning can be used together. In reading a book anyway. maintain and control the interest (Ramlah male and Mahani Razali. In addition. determining what has been gained from reading. To improve reading skills. Pupils should be diligent and strive to establish itself to overcome the disadvantages they have. and determine whether the material should be read if you wish to obtain additional information. # The role of student Student success in education lies in the hands of their own. headings. the angle readings should also be created in the classroom. In reading a passage. Our focus is given to a particular part of the book as introduction.

Rahman & Salihah. At times they have to read widely or extensively.angle should be provided with the appropriate books read by students and this point should be quiet and comfortable so that students can focus their attention when they read (Nordin Mamat. Although they are not serious readers. the government has carried out many programs to solve problems like this. especially parents and teachers. Parents also need to demonstrate love to read to their children. #The role of parents There are close links between the role of parents and home environment in the acquisition of reading skills among children. but the act of parents reading the materials to be examples to their children. Parents who read to children is not only powerful to improve the reading skills of children. #Formula A student normally should be a lot of reading. However. but other skills related to reading skills. parents can improve their children's mental health by extending the concepts. Among other things. reading should not be taken lightly by students. 2005). Trelease (1989) (in Lee Lai Guan. the time allocated for reading to children. RESPONSE . students need to use appropriate methods in reading. these problems are not easily solved without the cooperation of all parties. There are many problems associated with students' reading skills such as literacy however. In conclusion. although still in the kindergarten classes that the main factors that encouraged them to read quickly and smoothly is a sufficient amount of reading material provided by the parents. 2007) also believes a strong reading to children can bring many benefits. students are encouraged to obtain information from various sources. Study Durkin (1966) about children who have been found competent to read. All four of these factors in combination were more influenced attitudes of children to read independently. The correct reading skills will improve with better understanding effectively. In the study. and expand the nature of knowledge and thinking. It is the determining factor as to whether a child will become successful readers and vice versa. There are many methods that can be used in the reading skills such as reading carefully. Bakar (1995) states an important example by example and has a natural right for the children like to imitate. It may also they need to read extensively or in depth. These factors are not available or appropriate reading materials at home. What the parents or adults who stay with it. In the context of smart schools. namely by focusing on what is read and television interference and noise during the reading. in the process of learning. They read for different purposes. This item is supported by Rohani Rustam and Jamiah A. Hansen (1969) has incorporated four factors associated with the home environment. vocabulary. To be an effective readers. Thus. so why try to be imitated. the time slot for guiding and encouraging children to read and whether parents become good examples or models for children children. the role of parental factors and home environment is a major factor in influencing the attitudes of children to read.