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INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY School of Computer Science and Engineering PROJECT REPORT Course IT541 - E-COMMERCE DATE: October 31, 2013

TOPIC 2.3: Create-A- !o" As of late !""# $oth %logger and &ordpress allo' (ou to create easil( a $log# free of charge)  Visit $oth sites# as 'ell as third*part( re+ie's of $oth)  ,repare a chart comparing the functionalit( offered $( each)  &hich 'ould (ou choose if (ou 'ere to create a $log# and 'h(Student Name. Tra# $"u%e# &u%#' Tra(# Student I/. MITM05020 1. I#tro)uct*o# %( definition# $log is an informational site on Internet for discussion and includes separate entries 0called 1posts12 in re+erse chronological order) A person# a small group often uses it to focus a single su$3ect) %log gi+es us an eas( 'a( to share our memor( or thought as an online diar(# e+en $log is $rand of online ad+ertising for compan() There are man( $log t(pes such as personal $log# micro$logging# corporate and organi4ational $logs# $log $( genre# $log $( media t(pe# $log $( de+ice# re+erse $log) %logger 0formerl( 5no'n as %logspot2 and &ord,ress are t'o 5ings of the $logosphere) 6oogle o'ns %logger# and Automattic Inc) o'ns &ordpress) 7"8 9igure " sho's pu$lishing trend 'ith %logger# &ordpress# drupal# 3oomla# sharepoint in !"")

Figure 1: Publishing trend with Blogger, Wordpress, drupal, joomla, sharepoint in 2011 [3]

In !""# the line of &ordpress and %logger rose faster than :oomla# Sharepoint# and /rupal) Until no'# $oth %logger and &ordpress are the $est free $logs 'ith man( special features) So# 'hich is $etter for us- The report 'ill gi+e ad+antages and disad+antages of them) Page 1 of 4

icasa . +or).2.T2 7A8) %logger also offers gadgets 0'idgets2 'hich users can add to their $log) These gadgets are free and pro+ide ne' functionalities such as .E.. Deta*!s a. and F(SGL) The latest +ersion of &ordpress is +ersion <)H)" under 6NU license 7 8) 9igure < sho's that &ordpress has a plug*in architecture and a template s(stem) Figure 3: "e#t $low diagram o$ Wordpress [%] Page 2 of 4 . !o""er %logger is a 'e$ log s(stem for indi+idual or multiple users) .icasa and photo sharing utilit( to %logger) In !!># %logger released a ne' +ersion associated 'ith 6oogle ser+ices as 'ell as adding some ne' features including la$el organi4ation# fle?i$le themes# &e$ feeds# etc) 9igure sho's 'i4ard to create a $log.hotostream 0displa(ing and sharing images2# Recent comment 0Sho' recent comments2# SocialVi$e 0pa(ing and earning donations2# etc) A $log on %loggerBs platform is +er( friendl( and effecti+e to search $ecause it is a part of 6oogle 0the $iggest search engine in the internet toda(2 7C8) b. through 9.(ra La$s found it in "..ress &ordpress# a for5 of $ Dcafelog# is a free $log and a content management s(stem) It runs on a 'e$ hosting ser+ice supporting .) In !!<# 6oogle $ought it) All features of %logger $ecame free for users) In !!=# 6oogle 'as integrated . Figure 2: Wi ard to !reate a blog on Blogger [10] %logger has a template designer and simple na+igator s(stem to help creating a $log easil( 'ith a professional interface) 6oogle ser+ices and soft'are plugins support %logger to send and edit a post easil() Especiall(# a user pu$lishes directl( in %logger 0using $logspot)com address2 or posts to the user@s domain or their ser+er 0or S9T.

&orpress is not onl( to ma5e $logs $ut also to help user e+er(thing from personal 'e$site to compan( 'e$site) Fore than "C).I of the "! million top sites use &ord.ress $ugs2# :etpac5 of 'ordpress)com# A5ismet 0ta5ing a'a( of comment spam2# etc) 7>8 c.ress 7 8) 9igure = sho's that =CI of the "!! most popular $logs in the 'orld is currentl( using &ord.ress Ta$le " sho's that ad+antages and disad+antages $et'een %logger and &ordpress.) The rate of using &ordpress on indi+idual host is <.ress# increasing ">I compared to !!.I) Figure &: "op 100 popular blogs [&] %eside# &ordpress also allo's integrating third*part( applications 'hich ha+e good features such as Theme*Chec5 0de+eloping theme2# Eotfi? 0pro+iding unofficial fi?es for selected &ord.I and on &ordpress)com is .ar*#" !o""er a#) +or). Co(. Blogger Wordpress • In+estment costs is lo' • Install on separate hosts 0self*hosted &ordpress2 • Need to ha+e a 6mail account to create • Customi4e as 'ish $logs • Customi4e template# html# css# etc) to a • Support SEO 'ell pro $log loo5 relati+el( little) • A huge support from communit( • Store images on host free of 6oogle • Fan( free plugins to ma5e a • Infinite a$out capacit( and $and'idth professional 'e$site# to support SEO# to create sitemap# and to do statistics) • Create a lot of $logs 'ith 3ust " account# focusing on management • Unlimited a$out num$er of mem$ers dash$oard on the $log • Fan( templates for free • Easil( to connect on the same account using 6oogleJ# 6oogle Ad'ords Advantage Page 3 of 4 .

Want "o Blog.8) pulsed)$logspot)com# Blogger (s WordPress (s "umblr *omparison.<! 7>8) 'ordpress)com# "he Features 1ou2ll 3o(e. dominates top 100 blogs. http.DDpulsed)$logspot)comD !!AD!AD$logger*'ordpress*chart)html 7"!8) huongdan$log)com# 6uidan!e to !reate a blog# http. http./tart 'nd Wh.DD$logger*gadgets)$logspot)comD 7.DDen)'ordpress)comDfeaturesD 7A8) en)'i5ipedia)org# Blogger4/er(i!e5# http. http.DDro(al)pingdom)comD !" D!=D""D'ordpress*completel(*dominates*top*"!!*$logsD 7H8) 5angsungh(un)'o'e$)net# . http.DDen)'i5ipedia)orgD'i5iD&ord.DD''')huongdan$log)comDsearchDla$elD%log I !%logspot age Disadvant Page 4 of 4 .• /efault domain name is long and • Eigh in+estment costs for hosting difficult to remem$er • Install and create the initial data$ase ) • If user posts or pictures +iolate the • Need ha+e programming s5ills to $e rules# %logger)com can delete (our a$le to edit the template $log 'ithout notice • Al'a(s pa( attention to securit( issues • Not good to support SEO • Eigh maintenance costs • onl( $e a ma?imum of ! la$el for each article • Fa?imum "!! mem$ers on per $log "able 1: 'd(antages and disad(antages between Blogger and Wordpress [)] %( comparison# %logger and &ordpress ha+e the strengths and 'ea5nesses) /epending on the intended usage# 'e 'ill choose a suita$le t(pe) Some people prefer $logger to &ordpress $ecause it is free and simple) Some people prefer &ordpress $ecause a large amount of themes and plugins that it pro+ides) If the user chooses to ma5e the first $log# he should choose %logger) %ut %logger is 3ust the $eginning it 'as not 'hat he 'ill use fore+er) &hen he 'ants to gro' his $usiness to ne' heights# Ee 'ill choose &ordpress) 3.DDen)'i5ipedia)orgD'i5iD%loggerK0ser+ice2 7C8) $logger*gadgets)$logspot)com# Blogger Featured 6adgets.DD5angsungh(un)'o'e$)netDdp5D"<"<.o . /hould .0se WordPress. Where . http.ress 7<8) lorelle)files)'ordpress)com# *hart+2011+google+trends+wordpress+!ms+blog+publishing. Co#c!us*o# The article sho's the $logosphere has the rapid and di+erse de+elopment) Each $log platform has its o'n strengths) It is also suita$le for each user sector) /epending on the demand and the s5ill le+el of information technolog(# the user can choose a suita$le foundation to $uild $logs) Re-ere#ces 7"8) 'i5ipedia)org# Blog# http.DDen)'i5ipedia)orgD'i5iD%log 7 8) 'i5ipedia)org# WordPress# http.DDlorelle)files)'ordpress)comD !" D!<Dchart* !""*google*trends*'ordpress*cms*$log* pu$lishing)3pg 7=8) ro(al)pingdom)com# WordPress !ompletel. https.