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8th Grade MAP Review: Punctuation Rules to Know (Academic Applications) I. Comma Rules to Know 1.

Use a comma to separate main clauses joined by and, but, so, or, nor. comma between phrases joined by an, but, so, or, nor. He went to the baseball game but left in the eighth inning. He went to the baseball game, but he left in the eighth inning. 2. Use a comma to separate items in a series. We bought shoes, jeans, jewelry, and purses at Charlotte Russe. . Use a comma after an introductory phrase. Without any money in his poc!et, "eremy couldn#t buy e$en a Co!e. %leeping until noon, &eth wo!e up to see the mid'day sun shining through her window. (. Use a comma to separate an appositi$e )a noun phrase that follows another noun a and renames the first noun* from the rest of the sentence. +y oldest brother, "osh, is in college now. %ha!espeare#s last play, The Tempest, is a fantasy. ,. Use a comma a"ter an ad$erbial clause but not #e"ore an ad$erbial clause. When you go to the store, you should ta!e a list with you. -ou should ta!e a list with you when you go to the store. .. Use a comma to separate all the parts of an address or a date used inside of a sentence. %he li$es at /( %unset, &lue %prings, +0 .(/1,. 1he twins were born on +arch 1 , 2//2, at ,3/2 p.m. on!t us a

. $uotations Rules to Know 1. Robert <rost#s 61he Road =ot 1a!en7 is one of my fa$orite poems. >n article titled 6Why 0besity is a 4roblem in >merica7 appeared in the Kansas City Star on "uly 1. Use an apostrophe to show possession3 singular nouns ha$e the apostrophe in front of the 6s. wasn#t (.7 as!ed %te$e#s mother. 4ut 5uotation mar!s around the titles of stories. 4ut all direct 5uotes in 5uotation mar!s. the children#s story the women#s clothing store the men#s bathroom . don#t 8t#s hot outside today. 1he boo! had lost its co$er.II. +ar! 1wain said. and articles.7 6:id you loc! your !eys in the car again. 1he dog was chasing its tail. Henry story.. 2//2. Use an apostrophe to form contractions. 2. Harris#s car the Harrises# car &ill#s cell phone the players# loc!er room 2.7 the boy#s baseball glo$e the boys# bathroom +r. Use an apostrophe to show possession3 nouns which form their plurals irregularly ha$e the apostrophe between the noun and the 6s7 to show possession. 1he possessi$e form of the pronoun 6it7 has no apostrophe. pic! the clothes up off of your bedroom floor. 6Chris. 61he Ransom of Red Chief7 is a famous 0. Apostrophe Rules to Know 1.7 his mother yelled to him. III.7 and plural nouns ha$e the apostrophe after the 6s. poems. and put dialogue in 5uotation mar!s. 68t#s easy to 5uit smo!ing9 8#$e done it at least a hundred times.

1he colon must be preceded by a category word that describes the category of the words in the list. Hear My Cry. and The Giver. and The Giver. %he wal!ed9 he ran. . We saw the mo$ie9 after that. &emicolon and Colon Rules to Know 1. Hear My Cry. Roll of Thunder. so. or. we went to get ice cream. 2. Use a colon to introduce a list. nor. Use a semicolon to separate two main clauses that are not joined by and. Roll of Thunder. ?ast year we read Johnny Tremain. but.I%. ?ast year we read the following boo!s3 Johnny Tremain.