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Alex Collier History Of The Galaxy 2002 This was Alex Collier’s final lecture before his retirement from the UFO lecture circuit in 2002.
t has ne!er been "ublishe# before. t #eals with information $i!en to him by his %An#rome#an’ extraterrestrial contacts concernin$ Galactic History. The information is vital for understanding the historical intervention by extraterrestrials. Investigations conducted by the Chief Editor of the Exopolitics Journal point to the credibility of Alex Collier as someone who has physically interacted with extraterrestrials. Many than s to Alex Collier for permission to transcribe and publish his presentation. All attempts have been made to transcribe this presentation as accurately as possible. Transcribed by Teri Callaghan June !""# Abbreviations AC $ Alex Collier % $ audience &uestion ntro#uction My name is Alex Collier' I want to than you very much for coming' and this is going to be a very special treat for me. I love these small' intimate settings here' these living room types of things. I am very comfortable and when I am in my element I li e to tal ' and I am definitely in the mood for a tal fest. The information that I shared this morning' I am going to go over it again' briefly' because I went through it so &uic ly and some of you weren(t there. Essentially what we are going to be tal ing about is the !! extraterrestrial races. The boo& that will be rea#y this s"rin$ is $oin$ to be calle# '(efen#in$ )acre# Groun# * +T 22,. I have been wanting to do this boo for ten years and now it(s time to do it. The reason it(s time is that there is so much going on in our solar system that we all need a score card. I hope to be able to share the nowledge that has been shared with me as to who these beings are and how they relate specifically to earth' to us. In a nut shell' we are a composite of a lot of different races' !! to be exact. It is a physiological fact that there are !! different body types on the planet. And that is the result of the extraterrestrial races. I cannot share everything that I have in two hours' because I am sharing the stage tonight with Mi e )uss. *ut I will be around and available' and the information will be put on the website. +ou will have it as soon as it is done' and proofed and edited. There will be a bound boo version of that' but by then you will already have the information. If it is something that you want to purchase at that point to give to friends' it will be available. It will be for free' none the less.


I(m not going to go into how it all started for me' for thirteen years I have been telling that story and I refuse to tell that story any more. If you want to now' you can go to the website' htt"-..www.biblioteca""/an#rome#acom.htm ' all the information is there' including *oo -ne' which you can download for free. 0ow* earth history* we are tau$ht a !ery* !ery shallow !ersion of earth history. 1e are also tau$ht that we e!ol!e# from a sin$le cell* that essentially we were an acci#ent. All of us are 2ust an acci#ent. )omethin$ ha""ene#* somethin$ really weir# but yet somethin$ miraculous ha""ene# to a cou"le of chim"an3ees and ta$da here we are. It should be so simple. In fact' I li e the real version much better than the concocted version. /hat I am going to start with is some of the earth timelines of history and I am going to blow through specific periods and 0ust move it through to prove a point. This will be much more specific in the boo .

+arth formation* we will start with the 4recambrian time* 5.6 billion years a$o to 665 million years a$o.
+arth tau$ht history The earth is forming' along with other planets in the solar system. Earth is being born' life is awa ening. The first tectonic plates are beginning to move. 1ungus' plants' animals and organisms are developing and the atmosphere is becoming enriched with oxygen. An#rome#an tau$ht history

An ancient race* &nown as the Foun#ers* who the An#rome#ans an# the 4leia#ians belie!e are an ancient race calle# the 4aa Tal* is on an en$ineerin$ "ro$ram whereby en!ironments of "lanets an# terra7 formin$ is bein$ #one. They are #oin$ this to ma&e these "lanets an# star solar systems suitable an# habitable for or$anisms an# for life* ren#erin$ ecosystems that are fille# with hy#ro$en* oxy$en* methane* an# ammonia. +cosystems* some bein$ oxy$en* some bein$ methane* some bein$ ammonia* an# some bein$ hy#ro$en. These are all $ases for the intro#uction an# coloni3ation of micro7or$anisms* manites an# all ty"es of life forms. )elf re"licatin$ machinery an# the bombar#ment by comets an# "lanetoi#s to chan$e the rotation an# the chemistry of the "lanets. 1e will $et to the self7re"licatin$ machinery here in a little bit.


The "ractice an# en$ineerin$ of remo!in$ moons to alter a "lanet’s rotation an# mo!in$ "lanets closer an# further from their sun’s to either #ecrease or increase ra#iation recei!e# by the "lanets. 0ow want you to &now that that s"ecific en$ineerin$ fate of mo!in$ "lanets closer an# further away from the sun* mo!in$ moons* a##in$ moons is a "ractice that is absolutely in full swin$ to#ay throu$hout the $alaxy an# in other $alaxies. t is solar system buil#in$. This ha""ens a lot. There are races* e!en the An#rome#ans* that are ca"able of creatin$ a solar system. All pro0ects' it appears' were designed to enter many star systems and many planetary bodies habitable for organic life. )mall machines ha!e been #isco!ere# that were built so lon$ a$o that no one really &nows for sure who built them. They cannot be re"licate# an# no one &nows exactly how they were built. I will give you an example of the Andromedans. The An#rome#ans are a""roximately 58 to 56 hun#re# years more a#!ance# than we are technolo$ically. That(s in our years. A year for us e&uals 234 days. This is one rotation around our sun. The Andromedans count years in a completely different way. In fact almost all the extraterrestrials do. n their conce"t of a$e* what they consi#er a year is when e!ery cell in their bo#y has been fully #u"licate#* re"licate#. 0ow if we #i# that one year woul# be e9ual to se!en years in our bo#y. t ta&es a""roximately 85 years for their bo#ies in our time to re"licate e!ery cell in their bo#y. )o it is har# to $i!e you exact #ates of when they say somethin$ ha""ene# to "ut it into our timeline of years. In reality' if I say it was 5 thousand years ago' it(s a lot longer than that. :ut they ha!e ha# a !ery har# time ex"lainin$ to me in our earth time* because they #on’t #eal with the conce"t of time. They 0ust don(t. I(m giving you these numbers in earth years 0ust to give you an idea of how vast our history is. Ama3in$ly these machines still wor&. The machines do not have a name in the English language. They don(t even have a symbol that we could comprehend. It has been explained to me that it is an anti7matter machine. t creates matter. t creates molecules which then creates atoms* which then creates "hysicality. And these are actual machines. They are li&e com"uters where you can "ro$ram it for what you want; an# this machine will literally brin$ it forth an# manifest it* an# there it is* "hysically there. If each one of us had one of these machines' it would be li e winning the lottery every day. Mi e li es to do 6/s. 7e could ma e himself a new 6/ as soon as the new models came out' as soon as he new what he wanted. I could create a babysitter so that my wife and I could go out. A""arently there are se!en of these actually wor&in$

an# se!en #ifferent races ha!e one. These are archeolo$ical fin#s*

An# it was the 0ibiru from the star system of :ootes that #i# that because they wante# to control the water. *ut we couldn(t drin the water after that. Archeolo$ical e!i#ence* recor#s an# le$en#s "oint to the Foun#ers* the 4aa Tal* as the creators an# careta&ers of this $alaxy. And this is the same problem that our . 8ow 0ust thin about that' they appear in full form. Earthli e organic life is much less common than hydrogen gas ecosystems in our galaxy because we are limited' oxygen -! ecosystems' are limited to the geological presence of water. They also #isco!ere# a#!ance# buil#in$ com"lexes* !ery lar$e machinery an# com"lete terra formin$ ecosystems. 1or -! life forms' which everything is on this planet' there has to be water. The most precious thing that we have is our ecosystem' our biosphere. At the time that they did this there was only 59 fresh water' and they had total control over it.5 #isco!eries* these atom ma&in$ machines* for lac& of a better wor#. That #oesn’t mean that they are $one. There is one here on the "lanet. /hen we get to 8ibiru' our entire planet used to be fresh water. :ut they are extinct on thir# #ensity. That means that they came from some"lace else or they were brou$ht from some"lace else. There are so many implications to this information and it is difficult to try to express that because the English language is so limiting' to try to give you a concept of how this was all done. 7ydrogen ecosystems are much more abundant as is methane' because they are not complicated ecosystems. t too& 8< years to com"letely salinate the oceans. And what that means is' how it(s been explained to me' we all &now what #isa""earance means. And it also gave time for all the life forms in the water to adapt very slowly. The second most precious thing we have is of course the water. In sharing this particular information that I will be sharing in the next year it is important to try to stretch yourselves to thin holographically here. O2 ecosystems are !ery com"lex* the most com"lex in the $alaxy.or extinction of the Foun#ers a""ear to be #eliberate. an# #o a""ear in our $alaxy in full form. This #isa""earance an#. 1hen the 4aa Tal a""arently left accor#in$ to the archeolo$ical recor#* other life forms* sentient life forms* re"tilian* human* "lasmic* methane life forms all be$an to a""ear. There was no millions and millions of years of evolution into this. They salte# the sea. The oceans were salinate#. To the An#rome#ans* when they refer to extinction* if there is no "hysical recor# of them on thir# #ensity* they are extinct on thir# #ensity. t coul# be that they ascen#e# or e!ol!e# to a hi$her fre9uency or they #ro""e# #own to a hi$her fre9uency to create thir# #ensity an# when they were #one they left. This is all in our years' that is the only way I will present this to you: otherwise it will get too confusing.

It does exist. If it doesn(t do it on its own that is because a planetoid or an asteroid has hit the planet' made it roll and then what happens is' the magnetic poles will either correct it over time and ma e the planet rotate bac ' or the magnetic poles will follow.a #ramatic ex"losion of #i!erse* multi7celle# animals. The same period' 455 million to !54 million= the ET history' the Andromedan ET history. Africa was the )outh 4ole. <uddenly* #urin$ this "erio# 256 million years a$o* >0? of all marine an# animal life becomes extinct. . In their opinion' it carries a dominant female fre&uency.animal life* not "lant an# fauna* marine an# animal life. t ha# alrea#y ha# a "ole shift* one of its many "ole shifts. This is where the "hysical north an# )outh 4ole rotate usually followin$ a ma$netic "ole shift* if it is #one on its own. )"ecies a""ear with all li!in$ animals an# s"ecies a""ear within a few million years. Thin$s a""ear fully forme#. t’s ama3in$ stuff. They 0ust begin to see them in the archeological record' and each existing on different parts of our modern continents.* 'creator. <o we blew through that. Again' there is no evolutionary process here. The 4aleo3oic +ra* 665 million years a$o to 256 million years a$o. All these #ifferent thin$s show u" out of nowhere. In their opinion' and I tell you they are real men: the creator is a goddess. The "lanet was literally lyin$ on its si#e. The An#rome#ans #o say that there is a 'creation. @aces in the solar system be$an to #e!elo" s"ace tra!el. They' in their traditions' say that it does not carry a dominant male fre&uency.. They don(t now. I do not understand the mechanics of that. They "ut that because su##enly e!erythin$ is there* it’s in the $eolo$ical recor#. They &ee" es"ousin$ e!olution* but there is 2ust no "roof of e!olution in the $eolo$ical* archeolo$ical recor#. They #on’t &now how it $ot there* where it came from* but its there* so they 2ust say* '1ell* it 2ust ex"lo#e#* there it is. +ou would thin that if something dramatic happened that everything would be affected. :ut that is not what ha""ene#. )ome* howe!er* are able to tra!el outsi#e of their res"ecti!e systems an# ha!e be$un contact an# #isco!ery of other cultures. The west coast of 0orth America ran east an# west alon$ the e9uator. 0ow at the time that this was ha""enin$* the 0orth an# )outh 4ole were #ifferent. t was mammal an# animal life. Aost are only able to tra!el within their own star systems. 0ow are the 4aa Tal archan$els* are the 4aa Tal the $o#s= 0obo#y &nows what they are which is why they 2ust refer to them as the Foun#ers* because they #on’t &now. There 0ust isn(t.4 archeologists have on planet earth..

The Meso>oic Era' which is !54 million years ago to 34 million years ago= +arth history %Aeso3oic’ means mi##le animals. They 0ust have some incredibly ridiculous pre0udices and biases. )ome of that usin$ fuel' which is not oil li e we have here' but it was some &in# of a $el that was mine# in their star system. I(ve not touched on this and I won(t touch on it in this lecture' but there were also a lot of misun#erstan#in$s that went on here* es"ecially between the hy#ro$en cultures an# the O2 cultures. Another "lanet hittin$ asteroi# hits the +arth in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of what is now &nown as Columbia. One "articular race of sentient bein$s which was much more a#!ance# in s"ace tra!el* set out to ex"lore the $alaxy* that is the Al"ha (raconian* the Cia&ar. An# $reat chan$e in terrestrial !e$etation. t #i#n’t chan$e before* but now su##enly it #oes. Their s"acecraft* at the time* were hollowe# out moons an# "lanetoi#s* which they refurbishe#* built out* create# their own internal ecosystems an# fitte# with "ro"ulsion. They are an incredible race.3 The start of tra#e within )tar )ystems be$ins. They were the !ery first* accor#in$ to the An#rome#ans* to actually $et off "lanet. And I will explain why there were some misunderstandings later on when we get into this. The sharin$ of technolo$y has be$un an# the #e!elo"ment of new systems of s"ace tra!el has also be$un because now the s"ace colonies* the #ifferent races that ha!e been establishe# here that came in fully forme# ha!e fi$ure# out how to $et off their own "lanets an# now they are tal&in$ to other "eo"le $ettin$ #ifferent "ers"ecti!es an# the are sharin$ i#eas an# sharin$ o"inions. *ut that doesn(t ta e anything away from the fact that as a culture they ha!e #one some incre#ible thin$s an# a lot of other races ha!e learne# from them as well. It is the time in which the world(s fauna changed drastically. The #inosaurs e!ol!e#* well* they show u" out of nowhere* an# e!ol!e in the Triassic an# then Burassic +ras* only then to become extinct. Treaties were for$e# between star systems an# races. it’s a ty"e of electricity in my un#erstan#in$. An# they create# &inetic ener$y en$ines. 8ow' were they deliberate? 8o one seems to now if they were or not. An# they were at the time the most a#!ance#. *ut what is interesting is that e!ery time the "lanet $ets hits with an asteroi# or there is a "ole shift* there is a ra#ical chan$e in the +arth or its ecosystem an# what ha""ens is it becomes more an# more frien#ly . Tra#e routes are establishe# an# ne$otiate#.

To #ate* CD ha!e been #isco!ere# in our $alaxy alone* CD wormholes. )e!eral of these connect to other $alaxies. @oo at what we have accomplished in 5 thousand years. @i e the movie A<targate. The most well establishe# star races are the Cia&ar of Al"ha (raconis or (raco* the Orion star ci!ili3ations an# the Eyra Fe$a star system. +xtraterrestrial History 256 million years a$o to <6 million years a$o. Aany "lanetary alliances set u" rules of coloni3ation an# are reachin$ further an# further out into the $alaxy.tubes of focuse# time. An# for those who #on’t &now what we are tal&in$ about* this is our $alaxy "oints to star chart* the little #ots are the stars* an# what you ha!e are tunnels that $o to #ifferent "arts of the $alaxy. <o it is not a situation where you get into your roc et and by the time you reach you destination everyone is dead of old age' because the $alaxy is hu$e an# it is ex"an#in$ all the time. :ut as the $alaxy ex"an#e# many of these tubes of focuse# time* that’s the An#rome#an "ers"ecti!e of what a wormhole is. 255 million years a$o we 2ust coul# not li!e on this "lanet. )o here 256 million years a$o our star brothers* our ancestors* because they are* because we are the sum total of 22 of these races* our ancestors alrea#y ha# s"ace tra!el. The #isco!ery of s"ace hi$hways.# for human life. It is 0ust ama>ing to me. <o you have a hole' you have a hole here' now you have a way to get here' incredibly fast. Coloni3ation is in full swin$. An# we all ha!e to assume that at least one of these connectin$ tunnels woul# be to the An#rome#an Galaxy' which would be over here. I do have some notes that are still . There were 2ust too many thin$s out there that woul# ha!e hurt us. The #isco!ery of these is ma#e #urin$ this "erio#. the nee# for natural resources increases an# causes the ex"loration of the $alaxy by a#!ance# sentient bein$s. nter"lanetary tra#e is extremely well establishe#. There are s"ace hi$hways.# million years. Just to give you a little example' our scientists theori>e that if you can tap into one you are on the other side of the galaxy in no time' in a blin . And we now we have been held bac and we also now that there is technology that has been hidden from us.Aany "lanetary ci!ili3ations ha!e full s"ace tra!el. They were settin$ u" rules of coloni3ation amon$st themsel!es.. I cannot explain it to you any more than that. what our scientists theori3e to exist as wormholes. )"ace tra!el has been in "ro$ress an# tra#e for o!er CD million earth years at this "oint: .

D stored away in a storage unit in another state where they have had to be put for safety and I have not gotten them yet. Truly com"lex ecosystems only occur in a relati!ely small number of "lanets in the $alaxy. Accor#in$ to the An#rome#ans only two of the wormholes ha!e not sna""e# in our $alaxy. They are. 0obo#y &nows how they were built. And by far the most complex ecology or ecosystem in the galaxy is -!' oxygen based' which is what we are. That(s a staggering number to us. *ut in the big scope of things it is actually a very small amount' because the hydrogen ecosystems by far out weigh all the others. 8ow let(s go bac to the dates. <pecies' however' come and go. 0o $alactic races to the "resent time* an# this is as of CC months a$o +arth time* &new how they were built. Accor#in$ to the An#rome#ans* thir# #ensity* as we &now it* is 2C billion years ol#. <o out of the . .+arth* Aars an# Uranus. *ut according to Moraney this potential can only develop in complex ecologies. It follows that a complex' planet wide ecosystem is the next most valuable thing in the Cniverse to consciousness. )ome of these tubes ha!e sna""e#* in other wor#s* as the $alaxy ex"an#e#* there were brea&a$es in these wormholes* or s"ace hi$hways. (inosaurs* bir#s* fruit trees are brou$ht to our solar system an# trans"lante# on the three ecosystems in our solar system. 8ow that might be several billion planets' but when you ta e into account how many suns and how many actual star systems we have' it is in fact' a small amount even though to us we would say AMy Bod' there(s two hundred billion earths out there?. The Uni!erse that we &now of* which inclu#es all of the #imensions* is 2C trillion years ol# in +arth years* which is a sta$$erin$ number. In fact there are three boxes of notes' let(s not even go there. There is an assum"tion by many that the Foun#ers create# them. or who built them an# they can’t be re"aire#* because we #on’t &now how they were built. The truth is we don(t really now for sure. !54 million to 34 million years ago Our extraterrestrial ancestors are now trans"lantin$ the !e$etation an# life forms from other systems to other star systems.#' two are still fully operational. *ut a truly rich biosphere will endure as long as it is not compromised. It could have been built by somebody from before them' we don(t now. The trans"lantin$ of life forms is only with life that has "otential. As trade increased' the spread of life forms also ta es place. 8ow what their actual definition of what that potential is' I can(t tell you because I don(t now. There is an assumption that that(s who built it. /hich is how they were able to do all of the terra$forming and eco$building in the galaxy in preparation for life to be introduced here. The experimentation of transplanting life forms and vegetation is in full swing.

* an# ’m $oin$ to use that wor#* because that’s what the Orion’s calle# it* that’s what the 0ibiru calle# it* an# that’s what the 4leia#ians calle# it. They were already teaching their children about conservation of the ecosystem. Most of the craft that have hit the Earth are 0ust little scout ships. An#rome#an Tau$ht History -ur solar system is being visited more and more. /e see the scout craft. This is !54 million to 34 million years ago. n the center of these crafts* an# they may ha!e as many as three* they will ha!e ecosystems* "ar&7li&e* as bi$ as 2C miles lon$. t ha# e!erythin$. *ut the very large ships' will $i!e you the exam"le of the An#rome#an mothershi". An +7(en* which is li&e a $ar#en. They are com"lete s"heres an# on the insi#e they are com"lete worl#s unto themsel!es.E All developed extraterrestrial races have already impressed on their civili>ations that conservation of biospheres was and is simply a necessity. If a hundred mile mother ship hit the Earth' we would have a pole shift and everybody would now about it. t the mothershi" was >00 miles an# for me to literally see e!ery inch of that shi" woul# ta&e 26 years* that’s how bi$ it was. +arth Tau$ht History <ometimes called the age of mammals' because the largest land animals and mammals show up at this time. /e are going to get through this and then we are going to get really down into some fun stuff. The hun#re# mile craft may ha!e some &in# of an ecos"here insi#e of it because it has a crew an# that crew nee#s to eat* so they will create a "ar&7li&e settin$ an# ecos"here insi#e those s"acecraft. n these "ar&s you coul# not e!en tell you were in a s"acecraft* you woul# . It is also called the age of flowering plants' the age of insects' the age of fish and the age of birds. The one that saw was 2C miles from one en# to the other. The first full time self7containe# bios"here* calle# an '+#en. 0ow* !irtually e!ery mother shi" has an internal ecos"here. The Caino3oic +ra= 34 million years ago to present. /e do not really appreciate how smart our ancestors are' because they don(t always travel in very large spacecraft. It(s a fully transplantable biosphere' having everything they need to exist somewhere else. Three very complex ecosystems exist here already: we(ve already covered that. 1e see the four* the fi!e* an# the hun#re# mile craft. *ut what they have learned to do is travel light and ma e sure that whatever it is they need they have or they can grow.

was tau$ht to us by these $uys millions an# millions of years a$o. This is what I am tal ing about: this is what an Eden is. *ut when they come bac from doing their wor ' they come bac& to their bios"here an# it’s li&e li!in$ on the home "lanet. O2 ha!e been &nown to $o four times the s"ee# of li$ht. <o' when they come here and they send a team down to the surface of a planet and they say' A. 1hat they #o is they literally #ro" as many as C2 ty"e cylin#rical antennas." thin& that you were in a "ar&* A$ora Hills California* @oc&y Aountain 0ational 4ar&* Central 4ar& althou$h woul#n’t necessarily want to han$ out there* but without the crime. /e(ve formed some of our own' but the initial 'not li&in$ any of your own race. This is what )ichard 7oagland has been tal ing about all those years' with the dome structures: this is what these things are these things were for' exactly..Ari3ona bor#er.' we are setting up an Eden' because we(re going to leave a team of you here to research the plant life' the geology of the planet' the minerals' what it has. It(s good stuff' it gives me the chills. 7ydrogen is a gas: it is not something we can use. . An# when they connect they create a #ome* a fre9uency #ome. -ur physiology would not allow us to breathe it and live in an environment li e that.. All the pre0udices we have' we(ve learned. :ut hy#ro$en bein$s ten# to be !ery lar$e* a little bit slower in mo!ement* their bo#y fre9uency* the rhythms of their bio7system ten# to be much slower than O2* an# the one thin$ about hy#ro$en base# life forms is that they cannot $o faster than the s"ee# of li$ht in s"ace tra!el. This first +#en was create# G>>*D0C earth years a$o by the Cia&ar in 0ew Aexico. They "lant these antennas #own into the $roun#* at least a mile* into the $roun#. The !ery first one was foun#e# in what is now 0orth America* alon$ what is now &nown as the 0ew Aexico7Ari3ona bor#er. In lectures years ago' I tal ed about how pre0udice is an extraterrestrial perspective. It can even be hydrogen because then' once they leave they 0ust wear a space suit and they can go out and do their wor . An# when they fli" these thin$s on* they connect. And they are complete unto themselves everything is grown aboard the craft. t #oesn’t ha!e too much oxy$en* it #oesn’t ha!e too much carbon* an# it’s exactly what they nee#. An# then all they #o is they unloa# the "lants* the fruit trees* e!erythin$ they nee#* an# this bios"here is exactly to match their "hysiolo$y. That(s been a real problem for the hydrogen based beings. An# it was foun#e# by an# establishe# by the Cia&ar* which are a hy#ro$en base# life form* so they ha# to ha!e somethin$ li&e this.

they are comin$ in to &ic& butt* because they ha!e crosse# the line. According to Moraney' this first bios"here was built by the officer class of re"tilian bein$s an# they were the first to stay here. t is a monarchy* but it is also a caste system and you will find that it is stunningly similar to those in England where you have royalty. :ut there are "eo"le bac& east who say they are seein$ them* an# "eo"le in +uro"e who are seein$ them. 1hat is $oin$ to be ha""enin$ here in our solar system in the next cou"le of years is bein$ classifie# as a war of enforcement. t is not a "olice action. 1ars of enforcement n the human race a war of enforcement is where someone* whether it is a human race or a re"tilian race or a hy#ro$en breather* or an oxy$en breather or a methane breather or an ammonia breather. They are both s"acecraft* an ol# hollowe# out "lanetoi# con!erte# with an ecos"here on the insi#e an# "ro"ulsion on the outsi#e. %= Aren(t people seeing them? AC= A""arently they are* "eo"le are ta&in$ "hoto$ra"hs* an# "eo"le are seein$ it.. Then you have your peasants who do all the dirty wor ' who literally do all the wor . And we are not the only star system: there are 2C other star systems that are ha!in$ the exact same "roblem that we are ha!in$. f it is true that the moons of Aars are no lon$er in orbit aroun# Aars an# that they are in fact in orbit aroun# +arth* then somethin$ ma2or is about to ha""en. f they cross the line an# #o somethin$ so se!ere* they will literally $o to war to enforce a "unishment* to enforce somethin$* a restriction* they will #o that. It is exactly li e that. According to Moraney' and this was many years ago before their alleged re$entry into our atmosphere or gravitational field' . I' myself' have not' but I live too close to Fenver and there are a lot of city lights. The solar ecli"se in Tur&ey* se!eral years a$o* +uro"ean re"orters who were ta&in$ "ictures* $ot "ictures of these two ob2ects. They want all regressive presences off our planet and the moon' completely out of here' end of story: they want them out of here. The re"tilians still fancy the #esert. This bios"here was first inhabite# by the re"tilians ci!ili3ation is a caste system. +ou have the officer class' which is your du es' your earls. It(s an older model: you can find them on any good used spacecraft car lot. An# when they were blown u" they loo& exactly li&e 4hobos an# (eimos* followin$ the moon.. . It was not actual royalty. And something else he added as an after thought is that they do not experience childhood. That(s probably why they are all twea ed.

They have legendary stories of the whale dream' which is the cetacean race memory. They tal& about star shi"s flyin$ throu$h s"ace #ro""in$ the s"ores. #on’t &now where they are $ettin$ this stuff* but they are totally #iale#. (ol"hins an# 1hales n our $alaxy they are honore# as sentient animals. That(s the song that they sing. There are all inds of records of spacecraft flying though space at this time: /illiam *rambly AThe $o#s of +#en. . 1hales an# #ol"hins ori$inate# in Cy$nus Al"ha. has it in his boo . An# we thin& they are 2ust bi$* #umb fish* but a""arently they are absolutely ama3in$* ama3in$ mammals. It(s absolutely ama>ingG )e!eral thousan# years later* actually a cou"le hun#re# years later* Orion establishe# an +#en here from the Orion star system. If the humans of earth ma e extinct these species' they will have no standing in the galaxy. /ithin this collection of smaller stars are thousands of star systems. t’s a trinary lan$ua$e* which is why we #on’t un#erstan# it* because we are so one7 #imensional in our lan$ua$e. t’s a wee#in$ out. )ome of these writers are clue# in. <o they tell stories about their lineage' which they call Awhale dream. <tar Tre . They ha!e the a#miration of many of the ol# races for their beautiful son$s an# storytellin$. And the same for dolphins. It(s one right after the other: they teach them everything they now. They wanted to migrate' they wanted to explore other worlds' and they wanted to add to the whale dream. They are singing the song of the lineage.. I want to cover a couple of other things before I get to the other races.! Moraney had said that the last time that 4hobos s"ecifically* he #i#n’t mention (eimos* ha# entere# the +arth’s atmos"here or $ra!itational fiel# is when the $reat "la$ue be$an. They were brou$ht here millions of years a$o an# they are recor#in$. They are brilliant "hiloso"hers an# "oets. /e don(t now their language: it(s an extremely sophisticated language' more sophisticated than the English language. )maller star systems* which orbit aroun# the central suns of (aneb* )i#ar* (enaia an# Al#eria* are where they come from. My understanding is that when they birth the young they teach them the song and the song is the story of their lineage and the history that they have learned of the home world that they are on.. The largest population of whale and dolphin life is right here.

China. They establishe# their first colony D0C*<66 years a$o in 0orth Africa* alon$ what is now &nown to#ay as the Eibyan. An# the other races imme#iately ac&nowle#$e that because they $et all that.D<8*C82 years a$o. Ho$an in southern Chile.2 n Orion they come from @i$el an# :etel$euse* that’s these systems here "ointin$ to the Orion Constellation. Hou intro#uce yourself.. . The star we call @i$el* the Orion’s name for this "lanet is 'Cyclo"isis.0i$er bor#er. The #ate. <o' AAlex Collier' father I don(t have a ran or an office' )ol )ystem* Terra 8. n their ton$ue* it is calle# Cyclo"isis..0ibiru we &now them to#ay. you $i!e them your full name* any ran& or office* an# the star system that you are from. 0ext is ':utese. 1hene!er they $o to a formal function of a $alactic e!ent where there are other star races there the "ro"er way that they intro#uce themsel!es* an# this is what the An#rome#ans #o an# a""arently it’s tra#ition an# it was #one an# e!eryone* whether they are enemies or not ha!e a$ree# to these s"ecific intro#uction tra#itions so that there are no misun#erstan#in$s. <o they have created traditions and everybody does it' no matter what' this is what they do. )hortly thereafter Ca"ella* also "art of Ursa Aa2or* Ursa Ainor* the Ca"ellans establishe# their first full o"erational +#en D5C*28D years a$o an# theirs was establishe# at the base of At.<05*008 years a$o. Orion establishe# their first +#en in what is now calle# '+uromani. Cerro +ogan' one of the highest pea s on Tierra del 1uego' rises to only !'53E m D'.. 0ext we ha!e the Cassio"eians. This is an entirely insectoi# sentient race as Al$eria 0orth Africa. f you are an extra7terrestrial* most of them are tele"athic* therefore* they are $i!in$ the same information but as they are $i!in$ the information they are also flashin$ star ma"s* because that is what is in their hea#. And I want you to now that on an archeological perspective' in Ethiopia there are absolute ama>ing things yet to be dug up there that have been left behind' that the cavemen did not build. That is how I would properly introduce myself' so whoever it is that I am introducing myself to' nows who I am and where I am from. s"ellin$ uncertain. They establishe# their first +#en 6G6*C88 years a$o in Cairo* +$y"t."" ft 0ext are the Fe$ans no* this is not a "lant7eatin$ race they are from Fe$a* they are also &nown to us as the Eyrans* who are literally our human ancestors.

Has anyone e!er been to :as9ue country= Their lan$ua$e* nobo#y &nows where their lan$ua$e came from.Eemuria is foun#e# as a collecti!e colony. f fact all of them are* but that one is still really close to the ori$inal ton$ue... Many of these are hydrogen$based' hydrogen$breathing extra$terrestrial races. Many of these races decided A. The +arth was not in the "osition that it is layin$ in now. <ome of the colonies' after they had been here for some time' they pac ed up and they left' they got all the information they wanted. <o when they go to their home planets' its dull compared to the very complex eco$systems that -!' oxygen$ breathers have and live with. 1ell a lot of "eo"le are fascinate# with the 4leai#ians* well ’m not. Those star nations wereEyrans )irius A 4leia#es. They are extremely fascinated and according to Moraney what they were trying to do was to not only stu#y the !e$etation an# life forms here in oxy$en breathin$ eco7systems but they were also tryin$ to $enetically mani"ulate them so that they coul# ta&e them home an# ma&e them hy#ro$en. Eyrans came bac& G8*500 years a$o. *ut the Earth is in constant flux. *ut I(m going to be tal ing about them in a little bit.' let(s 0ust pool our resources. That(s what a lot of this was about. Ursa Ainor an# :utese other two star . And they moved their Edens to a continent in the Hacific.races from* Tey$eta an# Aero"e s"ecifically Those two star systems from 4leia#es "oint to star mount. This is where they became master geneticists' trying to convert -! life forms to hydrogen life forms. it is an ancient Eyran ton$ue that has sur!i!e#* it’s extra7 terrestrial. If you were to ta e the planet as it is today and literally lay in on its side this is where they were coloni>ing' but these are the locations that we now today.5 Then Orion sent another team here GD*800 years a$o* which was establishe# in 4erth* Australia. *ecause we are blessed' oxygen breathers are blessed with very complex' magnificent eco$systems. Orion came bac& a$ain D8*5C5 years to At. DC*>88 :C. 0eblina on the bor#er of Fene3uela an# :ra3il.

t is the 4leia#ians a$ain* the 0ibiru* Al#erbarans* Antariaens* the Haya#es* a $rou" from )a$itarius an# the An#romen#ans ma&e a $uest a""earance.. /hen we tal about that' that(s extinct' they ha!e foun# remnants of others that came after but were extinct. )omewhere between the establishment of Eemuria an# the establishment of Atlantis the 4leia#ians $et "isse# off an# they lea!e ' a misunderstanding. @et(s tal about the races.Eemuria is #estroye# in war. 6D*<00 :C Atlantis is foun#e#. They can still o"erate an# function as lon$ as they wear a helmet. franchise in each galaxy we would have it made' or a coffee shop' even better' legally addictive stimulants' let(s 0ust do that. Eet’s tal& about the Cia&ar* Al"ha (raconis* the ancestral line of the re"tilian races in our $alaxy. I am not going to go into the who(s and the what(s and the how(s and why they destroyed each other. %= <o in previous time frames that you gave as Ayears ago. The Cia&ar. If we can get a #I. I am 0ust going to give you some things about several of the races. It(s a good sign' howe!er it #i#n’t last. you meant *C? +es' it was in my notes' I apologi>e' I ta e full responsibility for that' I meant A*C.Atlantis is #estroye#. They are' in fact' the only genetic line of their ind that is not extinct. . They come bac to the star system and Atlantis is founded. 2D*<08 :C. The Cia&ar themsel!es* accor#in$ to le$en#* #o not &now exactly where their home system is either.4 systems* which is 0ibiru this is DC*>88 :C Eemuria is establishe# as a collecti!e colony* so now e!erybo#y is wor&in$ to$ether. 8C*0CD :C. That(s how big the Cniverse is or the galaxies absolute ama3in$ race* the ol#est &nown re"tilian race in our $alaxy. :ut those that come from :utese are hy#ro$en. )ome of them of 0ibiruan tribe are oxy$en breathers* because they come from )irius. Accor#in$ to the An#rome#ans there are a hun#re# billion $alaxies &nown an# ma""e# in the &nown Uni!erse. /ith the exception of 8ibiru' all of these are -!s that establish Atlantis...

They also had to be there to secrete this hormone. @ule# by the monarchy of a 9ueen $enetic linea$e they are one of the most "owerful races in the $alaxy. They loo& at us an# they thin& we are beasts as well* honestly. They are monsters. the other two are locate# #orsally on the left an# on the ri$ht of the Cia&ars bo#y. One s"ine is locate# !entrally near the stomach. I am only sharing with you what I now about them. They stan# CG726 feet tall an# can wei$h u" to 2*600 "oun#s. They are a duality. In that particular line the gals have all the say. There is an ama>ing amount of life out there. Benetic lineage always follows the mother' because you always now who the mother is' you don(t always now who the father is.. The primary purpose of these en>ymes is to initiate encrusting of sperm. They ha!e a matin$ claw an# multi"le ton$ues. 0ow* am $oin$ to tal& about the Eyrans. oxy$en breathers. They ha!e blac& leathery brown scale bellies* they ha!e multi"le ab#omens* they ha!e whis&ers alon$ their chin an# 2aw line. They lay e$$s an# what is calle# a battle hormone is use# to accelerate the birthin$ "rocess. )tron$er youn$ females were ex"ecte# to #efeat an# &ill ol#er an# wea&er lea#ers in ritual combat. They ha!e some of the $reatest military mi$ht that has e!er been seen in the $alaxy an# most of the clan members are 3ealots an# will #o anythin$ for the $lory of their clans* of their linea$e. This is why ancestral females did not participate in war' because if they did' there wouldn(t be anybody there to help with the eggs. . ’m $oin$ to $i!e you some !ery s"ecific information. A$ain* we are tal&in$ about hy#ro$en breathers !s. They ha!e been the chief enemy of all human races in this $alaxy in "ast conflicts. <pinal columns 0oin near the dorsal of the geometric center at the extreme posterior of the trun to form a long and very powerful tail.3 Aost of the re"tilian ci!ili3ations that we &now to#ay* in :utese* Orion* Ca"ella are all $enetic mani"ulate# half bree#s of the ori$inal Cia&ar race. Inside of the hands are claws of the Cia ar are 0elly$li e sac s that excrete the various hormones and substances when the Cia ar is aroused' either for sex or for battle. They are li&e Tyrannosaurus @ex. They ha!e three s"inal columns. The Cia ar race is ruled and managed by genetic lineage.

This is an Andromedan human race sharing this with us that the actions of individuals of those races do reflect on the entire clan. <ome planetary systems today see them as their protectors and guides. 8ow we are going to tal to the human race as a whole' how the An#rome#ans see the human race. /hat is interesting is that the Eyrans "refer to li!e on rin$e# worl#s. They are the only human race to ha!e full em"athy senses an# full "sionic abilities an# ha!e ex"erience# '9uantum "robability control. 8ot as a species' but as a culture. <o they were sentient enough to now that they had to put things in place to try to minimi>e human vs. Each culture is very different in the way they have evolved. Their s&in color is amber* blue an#. This accounts for the remar able casual interactions of the great human civili>ations' but for better or for worse' human galactic civili>ations' even if they compose a single clan have diverse evolutionary histories. The human race is unusual in ha!in$ all of its member races #eri!e from one $enetic line. They have been nown to monitor and provide guidance for some planetary systems. 8ow' let(s tal about the @yrans and then we can tal about the humans some more.# /hen I am tal ing about the @yrans and the human race as a whole' I am tal ing about us and our ancestors and all the ancestors of the ancient @yran genetic line. I(m still wor ing on what that means you have to remember these are extraterrestrial races who now all this stuff.. That is an ama3in$ thin$. . human war.or re#. *efore I even get to that I am 0ust going to read the first sentence that I have on humans. The Human @ace is unusual in ha!in$ all of its member’s races #eri!e from one $enetic line. The color of the stars in their planetary systems is what caused their s in tint to change' depending on the fre&uency and the C6' ultraviolet scale of their stars. They are of mammalian descent. On the An#rome#an Council they are &nown as an el#er race* which carries $reat "resti$e on the Council' because extra7terrestrial ci!ili3ations* la#ies an# $entlemen* really "ay close attention to $enetic linea$e. In addition' the behavior of individuals does reflect on the species and the clan. They are also consi#ere# to#ay a retire# race that has !ery little intercourse with other main ci!ili3ations. They have a preference for it.. They are worshiped in other words. Traditions exist to minimi>e the li elihood of misunderstandings and to lesson the negative conse&uences of any miscommunications that might occur. n the "ast* on +arth* they were &nown as :o#hisatt!a. Misunderstandings and conflicts have occurred.

. And can be psychologically disturbed by informal and rude behavior. 1hen you ha!e a contact an# you are stan#in$ before an extra7terrestrial or extra7 terrestrials you stan# yourself s9uare* you bow* ne!er ta&in$ your eyes off of them an# you say' t is the manner an# custom when enterin$ my s"ace that "ermission be as&e#.. 1hen an el#er race insists that a new ci!ili3ation obser!e tra#itions. That leads me to something I was taught when I was brought on board and I met other races. Informality is always at ris of being misconstrued or miscommunicated. An# was tau$ht to teach this to e!eryone here which ’!e #one* an# am $oin$ to #o it a$ain. /e have that same situation here on our planet. 0e!er touch a fellow el#er race "erson unless you are s"ecifically as&e# to. It helps the young races build a culture that will function well in galactic civili>ation' as well as help guarantee that this young race will become a virtuous and productive member of the Balactic Commonwealth. The traditions of human interaction were developed by the ancestors over the ages.. If the occasion calls for it apologi>e and then spea only when spo en to. The show bein$ the An#rome#an Council* we are bein$ as&e# to be in!ite# to the An#rome#an Council. 1e woul# ha!e to say it !erbally. They traditions are so deeply embedded that they are not going to change.D 8one are faulted for polite or proper behavior. /hat they will do is they will teach us the tradition' the proper way of introducing yourself' of acting before all these civili>ations because you will be misinterpreted if you wal in A+o' man' wha> happenin(?. Alright' because we are not that well thought of' so it is important to do something li e this. This is what the An#romen#ans #o when they meet another race. They have become so conditioned that this is 0ust the way you do it. Hou say it !ery clearly* because what you are #oin$ is you are #eclarin$ your so!erei$nty an# you are #eclarin$ your s"ace. . t is im"ortant that all humans be as "olite as "ossible. for exam"le. +ou have ten seconds to ma e a good first impression. This hel"s both the youn$ an# the ol# cultures because many of the ol# cultures are socio7biolo$ically #e"en#ent on ritual. That is exactly Moraney(s verbiage' I too& it wor# for wor# the Galactic Commonwealth. +ou will be completely misunderstood. A t is the manner an# custom when enterin$ my s"ace that "ermission be as&e#.The An#rome#ans come #own they intro#uce themsel!es* they say 'o&* boys* it’s time to $o to the show.. They woul# "robably res"on# tele"athically.

It all comes bac to genetics. :ut nobo#y &nows to #o that. An# besi#es they woul#n’t a""roach you that way* they always steal you out of be#* because they are little fri$$in$ cowar#s.E %= And if we didn(t say that? AC= There is always the "ossibility that your s"ace woul# be !iolate#. The first measure of the $eneral rule of "resti$e is number one the a$e of the race.. The third index is the number and si>e of the race or the clan or the tribe. And Mi e would have to say' A<ure' man' tal trash. If I am a young Terran and I am addressing an elder of my race' I am to use the formal. In standard introductions' always inclu#e i#entification by full name* s"ecies name* any rele!ant titles* an# your home "lanetary system. . The #ifferential a""arently is what is use# in a lot of "olitics* $alactic "olitics . It(s probably a bad exampleG The formal mar er is always used in public because you always want to regard your partner in conversation as worthy of respect. (7O71 is how the An#rome#ans refer to them. 0o* #on’t ha!e any char$e on that. Always as if both parties are comfortable with the informal language.. If you were in Mars you would say A<ol' Terra 5.formal* informal an# #ifferential. it is also when you are tal&in$ to el#ers. The prestige of a mature race is always sub0ect to debate. The Greys (ows woul#* absolutely.. The informal mar er is not used ever in public. /e are Terra' which is third planet from the sun. The informal' is informal' A+o blood' wha> happenin(?. <pecies name and planetary system' <ol' Terra 2= because our star is nown as <ol. The second index is the race(s lineage. Then we are both agreed and I can tal trash. Aost human $alactic races ha!e three lan$ua$es an# these #ifference mar&ers are. The formal is when you are a##ressin$ your own race* li&e state of the union. I am going to tal about the Greys* the (ows. I would have to say' AMi e' do you mind if I tal trash?.

An# belie!e that unworthy s"ecies will one #ay be exterminate#.!" The (ows are the @eticulums from the constellation of Ieta @eticulum . They ha!e "artici"ate# in all the 1ars of +nforcement #eclare# by the re"tilian alliances. . Humans ha!e also ha# 1ars of +nforcement* an# ha!e been attribute# with three acci#ental extinctions in the last ten thousan# years. It doesn(t say whom' so I am not going to say it was humans' because I don(t now that. They made agreements' they signed treaties' and the Fows have never ept one of them' but they are so technologically advanced that we are having a hell of a time getting rid of them. Audience member as s' who? The Fows. /e will come bac to that. The ori$inal ones are hy#ro$en.. The Andromedan word for this particular race' when twea ed and converted into English is Fows' they are &nown as the (ows. The Greys ha!e "artici"ate# in all 1ars of +nforcement #eclare# by the re"tilian alliances an# ha!e been attribute# with three acci#ental extinctions in the last ten thousan# years. Humans ha!e ne!er been able to successfully ne$otiate with the (ows.E4"(s. They ha!e "artici"ate# in all '1ars of +nforcement. They have little empathy' if any at all' for human races. They are un#er in!esti$ation for excessi!e $enetic mani"ulations of at least two races* your +arth race bein$ one of them. They ha!e been $enetically bre# to #o the #irty wor& in O2 atmos"heres. Most avoid them at all cost. They are a militant race &nown to be !ery hostile to humans. I am sure that our military wished that they new about this in the . That(s probably why they are all twea ed. They are &nown in the inner circles as a "ain in the ass. It may not be inappropriate to speculate that some extraterrestrial group did not want you to read from the start of this transcript to this point And something else he added as an after thought is that they #o not ex"erience chil#hoo#. The little ones* who #o most of the #irty wor&* are of course* 2ust or$anic clones. The fact that they exterminated a race is enough for me. @et me read it again. I want you to hold that thought. That(s informal. Editorial 8ote= Missing material ends here.

!. . %= Aren(t people seeing them? AC= Apparently they are' people are ta ing photographs' and people are seeing it. f they cross the line an# #o somethin$ so se!ere* they will literally $o to war to enforce a "unishment* to enforce somethin$* a restriction* they will #o that. The solar eclipse in Tur ey' several years ago' European reporters who were ta ing pictures' got pictures of these two ob0ects. And we are not the only star system: there are 2C other star systems that are ha!in$ the exact same "roblem that we are ha!in$. They are both spacecraft' an old hollowed out planetoid converted with an ecosphere on the inside and propulsion on the outside. They want all regressive presences off our planet and the moon' completely out of here' end of story: they want them out of here. f it is true that the moons of Aars are no lon$er in orbit aroun# Aars an# that they are in fact in orbit aroun# +arth* then somethin$ ma2or is about to ha""en. I' myself' have not' but I live too close to Fenver and there are a lot of city lights. And when they were blown up they loo exactly li e Hhobos and Feimos' following the moon. It(s an older model: you can find them on any good used spacecraft car lot. . *ut there are people bac east who say they are seeing them' and people in Europe who are seeing them. There are all inds of records of spacecraft flying though space at this time' /illiam *ramley' The Bods of Eden' has it in his boo . 1hat is $oin$ to be ha""enin$ here in our solar system in the next cou"le of years is bein$ classifie# as a war of enforcement. 1ars of enforcement In the human race a war of enforcement is a war when someone' whether it is a human race or a reptilian race or a hydrogen breather' or an oxygen breather or a methane breather or an ammonia breather. It is not a police action: they are coming in to ic butt' because they have crossed the line. It(s a weeding out. According to Moraney' and this was many years ago before their alleged re$entry into our atmosphere or gravitational field' Moraney had said that the last time that Hhobos specifically' he didn(t mention Feimos' had entered the Earth(s atmosphere or gravitational field is when the great plague began. I want to cover a couple of other things before I get to the other races. They tal about star ships flying through space dropping the spores.

7ydrogen can only travel at near space light speeds. They cannot go beyond that. There is trade between oxygen and hydrogen breathers' but very disastrous wars have been fought between these two civili>ations in the past. The Institution of Civili>ed /arfare !. And it is here at mi rosh? This is where the Andromedan Council is held. 7!(s are much smaller and slower and more numerous because of a higher fre&uency of suitable biospheres.!! 7ydrogen life beings felt threatened by -! life forms because -! life forms have a much faster rhythm. nstitutions ha!e been set u"* es"ecially with O2 ci!ili3ations. f they are wearin$ a suit or some ty"e of a helmet* then you can assume that it is Hy#ro$en* or Aethane* or Ammonia' because if it is an -!' he will not need that apparatus. This is where the An#rome#an "eo"le li!e. They are mo#el $alactic citi3ens. The An#rome#ans. They are tou$h* honorable* coura$eous fi$hters. Cpliftment they don(t use the word Aascension. %. This is also where the star systems of Ienitae exist. Those institutions are. They are !ery acti!e in $alactic "olitics an# en2oy consi#erable influence in $alactic institutions. Hou will &now that because they will be wearin$ some &in# of an a""aratus o!er their nostrils an# those nostrils coul# be almost anywhere* #e"en#in$ u"on the s"ecies.. That(s how it got started. -!(s can go as fast as 5 times the speed of light. The An#rome#an Council is hel# in the star system of* the constellation of* An#rome#a. An# you absolutely want to use the formal* "olite lan$ua$e so that nothin$ you say is misun#erstoo#.these are 2ust some brief notes an# then we are $oin$ to #o some 9uestions. They tell you they are $oin$ to #o somethin$. Migrations' which is coloni>ation Tra#itions. Communication between the two s"ecies at times remains 9uite #ifficult. they will #o it* e!en at $reat cost to themsel!es.comfortable* soli#* en#urable craft these are my own wor#s. Juestion about tal&in$ with hy#ro$en life forms an# shoul# you tal& !ery slowly AC= Hes* you shoul#. 2. They are res"onsible to a fault. The An#rome#an Council was create# to stu#y mi$ration an# to try to limit contact between hy#ro$en an# O2 races an# hence* to sto" conflict between the two $reat or#ers of or$anic life. . They buil# massi!e shi"s to en!ironmentally resemble worl#s.

The physicality is much bigger: it is on a much grander scale. Hou #on’t 2ust mo!e u" to fourth #ensity an# fifth #ensity and now you are this little cloud blowing with the bree>e: it(s not li e that at all. They ha!e always ha# someone hel" them out of the mess they are in. t is calle# 'U"liftment. That is a fact* but it is not calle# ascension. AC= They ha# ma"s before we e!en &new that )irius existe#.4 minutes of &uestions and then I am going to turn it over to Mr.!2 They are !ery "atient* thou$htful an# abo!e all* careful. %= +ou mentioned the Cpliftment. %= Foes that mean that they don(t have a physical body anymore? AC= 8o' they ha!e a "hysical bo#y. U"liftment A lot of people here on Earth in the 8ew Age circles tal about ascension' but nobody really now what the ascension is. reach #own an# basically mentor them to the next le!el. Fo we now who or if we are being helped with the Cpliftment. Fasais sai# to me once before he crosse# o!er that our s"ecific terran race was one of the most "romisin$ human s"ecies that they . It is as solid as this: it(s 0ust completely different. I am not aware of that at all' that they have an actual fishtail' no. Mi e )uss. The physicality is different. AC= I thin that is a definite possibility. an# a""arently none of the races that ha!e #one this ha!e #one it by themsel!es. 1ifth density is . The color spectrum where we live now is #! different fre&uencies of color. There is 0ust no way' because there is nothing here to compare it to. They now that there are higher densities and that all of us are striving to reach a higher fre&uency in the hopes that we will move into a more evolved society' become more evolved ourselves and become more expanded consciousnesses' because sometimes third density is 0ust too damn hard. ac&nowle#$e all that. There it is. I want to do . They ha!e been res"onsible for the official sto""a$e of hostilities in many wars an# assiste# in the with#rawal of all forces that were in those conflicts. %= I want to as about the Fogons and that whole <irian thing' where the (o$on tribe in Africa say they communicate# with the )irians.!2. All of that is correct an# there is archeolo$ical e!i#ence in the $alaxy of races that ha!e actually chan$e# their fre9uency an# mo!e# to a hi$her le!el. there is "hysicality in all the #imensions. There are colors' things that I have seen that I can(t explain.

t was an acci#ent. )e!eral moments later* that bo#y will rise off the table* it will be the same "hysical bo#y* but insi#e* it has a com"letely #ifferent a$en#a* because now it is a #ifferent soul. And the process is actually very simple. )ha"e7 shifters. The @oyal Families of +uro"e who are connecte# to the extra7terrestrial linea$es were ne!er su""ose# to loose control* ne!er. Is that technology presently being used on Earth? The answer to that is no. That technology does exist. An# once America o"ene# u" 4an#orAn#rome#ans :ox* a lot of "eo"le followe#.!5 ha# seen in a !ery lon$ time. /ill we' in fact' come together? The "oint that ma#e this mornin$ was there was a "erio# of 800 years where there was actually no extra7terrestrial inter!ention an# what ha""ene#= /e dusted off the monarchies of Europe and we created the Cnited <tate of America. *ecause we had all been sic of the tyranny' and we still are. 7owever' I(m giving you my own opinion now' based on what I now' I don(t now this as fact. . %= 1oul# you call that a wal&7in= AC= Hes* woul#. %= Is there anything you want to say about shape shifting' the )oyalty' Fraconians' that sort of thing? AC= I had this conversation earlier as well' with a member of our audience. 1hat they want to #o is they want to see how we are $oin$ to react with each other when we are not bein$ mani"ulate#. The Unite# )tates of America* Ea#ies an# Gentlemen* was ne!er su""ose# to ha""en. (es"ite all of the other cra"* we were one of the most "romisin$. They ab#uct someone* they brin$ him to #eath !ery slowly* an# the moment his last breathe* his essence* lea!es the bo#y* they re"lace it with another.#oes technolo$y exist where someone can create a holo$ra"h aroun# themsel!es= Hes* the technolo$y #oes exist. t was ne!er su""ose# to ha""en. Can a "erson* a re$ressi!e entity ta&e o!er a human bo#y= The answer to that is absolutely yes. *ut' if the Andromedan Council does what they are planning to do next year and try to remove all regressive extra$terrestrial presences off the planet and the moon' if they do in fact do that' Aorenay has sai# that they are "lannin$ to 2ust sit u" in s"ace* we will all see them* an# 2ust watch us for two to four years in our time.

%= Can an ori$inal re"tilian ha!e sex with a human bein$= AC= Heah* but no offs"rin$ will come of it. @etJs tal about that some more. They #on’t &now how to han#le it an# that is "art of the transition "erio#. *ut you have to remember something. %= I have run into that with some people.!4 %= 1oul# they ha!e the memory of the ori$inal bo#y= AC= Hes* they #o. Maybe they have been watching humans do it' they see the heightened emotion and passion' the rush that we get at that moment' and they are trying to experience it themselves. An# $enerally* when it ha""ens to a ma2or fi$ure* they will be out of the limeli$ht or be !ery rarely seen* because they are still a#2usting. *ut my understanding is that there is anywhere from three to se!en months where there is a transition "erio#. they #on’t ha!e emotions li&e we #o. @e"tilians are not use# to the extremes of emotions. That(s probably very true. That(s what I have been told. It is a human body. %= They seem to be attracte# to #ifferent races on +arth* why* are they #ifferent combinations of this 22 or what? AC= Hes* they are. The word is= I saw him turn into a reptilian' I actually saw the reptilian. %= Fo you now what aliens are what? . AC= Could be. An# when he #oes that* because they are extremely "owerful souls you see a "ro2ection of themsel!es in their auric fiel#* you will see it* because they are not use# to the emotions. <o what happens is that if there is a situation where the body gets excited' because it is a human body' that is what is does. f there is offs"rin$ it is because there was a $enetic mani"ulation. That #oesn’t mean that they are actually re"tilian an# they are usin$ technolo$y to loo& li&e human bein$s. 1hen is $ets excite# the re"tilian soul insi#e #oesn’t &now how to act* so he "robably either $ets fri$htene#* or he $ets alarme#. n fact many of the human races out there #on’t ha!e the extreme of emotions that we #o. It is this huge antenna. %= /hy would they do it then? AC= I actually don(t now that it actually has been done' but it can and they #o ha!e a "hallic.

AC= +es' it is exactly the galactic debate and that is the compromise they came to. /e are all a 7ein> 4#. /ith a moderate to good temperament when we are left alone and not provo ed. AC= It is going to be handed to us' but what we do with it after that will be entirely our responsibility. Then they are going to withdraw and they are going to watch us. Fepending on what it is that we do with each other and with our own eco$sphere' biosphere' if we are not responsible' they are not going to help us. I promise within probably 5 wee s' it will be up on the website. I am not prepared to tal about that tonight' but we will do it really' really soon. I(m extremely motivated to create a scorecard' so everybody nows who everybody is: especially if this thing is coming down. *ecause everybody will now and all of us will be starting on page one. It would be a huge help. %= There is some suggestion that we will ta e the planet bac . /e need to now' or at least the information needs to be available. They don(t honor themselves' they don(t honor each other' and they don(t honor their home' what is their value. %= /hat if it is a few people that ta e the responsibility' but not the ma0ority? AC= That’s why am &in# of ho"in$ that they are $oin$ to #o the #ownloa#. That is exactly what was presented. %= +ou don(t have to answer this' but are the Caucasians all from one stream' or are we a mixture as well? AC= /e are a mixture' we all are. Those who want to now will find it. They have been manipulated from the get$go.!3 AC= /e now some of them. /e will be handed bac the planet' I now for a fact that discussions of a download of all of humanity has and is being tal ed about' where everybody is given exactly the same data of who we are' where we are from' who these beings were and how we have been manipulated. %= Fid you say this is going to happen next year? . 8ow' we will be totally self$responsible for this. If that happens' they have tal ed about it. %= That was the galactic debate. I now that there will be some contact of some sort after the extraction occurs. They are going to basically say' o ' here is the truth' and I don(t now how many people are going to be able to handle it.

The Andromedan civili>ation itself was staunchly against it because the 0ibiruans are not &nown for &ee"in$ their wor#. That(s a really' really great &uestion and I have absolutely no idea. %= /hat will we experience on that day? AC= That(s a great &uestion. )ome of the re$ressi!e races that are here an# ha!e been in other "laces in the $alaxy were suc&e# in throu$h that time hole an# they are literally out of their own time. Once that hole closes there are a""arently $alactic races that ha!e been recruite# from outsi#e our $alaxy who &now how to fix it.!# AC= The #ate that they $a!e me was Au$ust C2* 2008. And the idea is to round them up and literally say' -K' we are either going to ta e care of you here and now or you are going to be allowed to go bac through that hole' because it opens on that day. The reason they ha!e $i!en me that #ate* that s"ecific #ay* an# #i#n’t &now about this until a cou"le years a$o* why that #ate* was remember the 4hila#el"hia +x"eriment an# they sent the +l#ri#$e throu$h time an# they ri""e# a hole in time= They create# a "ortal that was ne!er su""ose# to be there. . 7owever' the Andromedan Council itself ruled -K. There was a consi#erable amount of #ebate. %= Is it 3" years? AC= +es' so when that hole o"ens they are $oin$ to ha!e the o""ortunity to bac& to their time to where they belon$. t #i#n’t cause "roblems 2ust for us. All I can tell you is that unless I hear otherwise I will be ta ing that day off of wor . And they are already here' apparently' an# as soon as that hole closes they are $oin$ to seal it fore!er so that it ne!er o"ens a$ain.two years a$o* an# am on the recor# as "uttin$ this on the website* a "ortion of the 0ibiruan Family* the +n&i line* a""roache# the An#rome#an Council an# as&e# for "ermission to enter our solar system to retrie!e minin$ e9ui"ment an# other materials that they ha# left behin# when they left here. The hope is that they will do it and the thought is that they actually will do it. %= Is there any correlation between this event and the approaching of Hlanet L? AC= That is a great &uestion too. 4lanet K. If I haven(t heard any change in the schedule' I will not be going to wor that day. If it has been postponed' I will go to wor . it cause# "roblems for e!erybo#y because it create# a bri#$e between two #ifferent times.

Are we all clear on that? . %= Ei&e Hitler woul# be consi#ere# a re$ressi!e? AC= 7e woul# be consi#ere# a re$ressi!e* but is he a wal&7in= If he is not a wal $in' he stays: we will have to deal with him. 1hat is comin$ is not a "lanet. An# if they see a chain of thou$ht that is !ery re$ressi!e* they are mar&e# an# they &now exactly where they are an# who they are on this "lanet. They are coming' what(s going to happen' I have no idea. And they are all sharing data and they are 0ust waiting to find out what is going to happen here. If he is a wal $in he is out of here' because he is not the birth soul. An# it is by their chains of thou$ht that they can tell who is e!ol!e#* who’s re$ressi!e* who’s bene!olent* who’s em"athetic* etc* etc* by the chains of thou$hts. t can maneu!er* it can chan$e #irection* it can come an# $o anywhere it wants. There are 8G #ifferent races in our solar system an# 2ust outsi#e of it ri$ht now. Auch of that minin$ material is in the rin$s of )aturn for the recor#. They &now exactly. I can honestly tell you this' though: the An#rome#ans ex"ect them not to &ee" their wor#* to 2ust "ic& u" their minin$ materials. And they are in fact coming. %= Is it as big as they say? AC= <ure. That(s ama>ing: I can(t imagine being stuc with the same people. @et me finish the 8ibiru thing. t’s li&e a "hotoco"ier. it is an intelli$ently $ui#e# "lanetary si3e craft. Exactly what is a regressive? 7ow do they now who is a regressive extra$terrestrial or hybrid? The Andromedans monitor: when they send in their teams to start studying a planet' a race' for induction' for mentoring' what they #o is they monitor their chains of thou$hts. %= <o it can(t hurt us. It is not in an orbit' li e we have been taught.!D /e will allow them in. And they are not the only ones: there are other races that are part of the Council. The An#rome#ans ha!e tol# me of races that ha!e mother craft from the An#rome#an Galaxy that are twice the si3e of Bu"iter that house o!er a billion bein$s on it. t literally ta&es a brainwa!e an# ta&es a "icture of an intent an# of a thou$ht. They ha!e technolo$y that literally is more than a "icture of a brain wa!e. AC= t can hurt us* if it comes too close to us. ts fiel# will cause a lot of "roblems here.

*ut I am going to tell you the circumstances. The fact that they have a mental psychosis is not a problem that the Andromedan Council wants to deal with. Ei&e your #e!out Bewish "eo"le* your #e!out Christians* they are $oin$ to ha!e a . This same family is basically use# as a carrier. An# they are recor#in$ e!ery thou$ht an# e!ery action that they ma&e. %= Fo you thin that those that are in this room and other rooms similar that you are tal ing to that the reason for it is that we will possibly be there to help with the transition? AC= I would thin so. They ha!e their own ty"e of satellite machinery an# they "lu$ in this brain wa!e fre9uency. %= Is there some ind of mar so they now who is regressive? AC= /hat ind of a mar ? They don(t need a mar ' they have their brain waves' and they have their chains of thought. /e need to ta e responsibility for our own race. I didn(t want to come right out and say it because it gives me the creeps.( Fo you follow what I am saying? They have been propped up to be the actual lineage'because that is the linea$e that this "articular race has chosen to wal& into. /hat they do is they plug it in. There is one family where the chil#ren are birthe# of a line an# when the chil# reaches three years of a$e the exchan$e ta&es "lace. 4eo"le are not $oin$ to &now how to "rocess the #ownloa#s. %= )ome lluminati will be remo!e# an# some will not be remo!e#= AC= The wal&7ins will be remo!e#. :ut there is one family an# ha!e been tol# not to say* because it woul# $et me in a lot of trouble. There is going to be a big learning curve for us if this all goes down the way it might go down. the actual alien $enetic bein$s will be remo!e#. %= 1or breeding purposes? AC= +es' for breeding purposes' than you. /e need to deal with that. And that is what they live by. An# their com"uters* which are incre#ible* monitor e!ery mo!e they ma&e. They are not the actual $enetic linea$e* but they ha!e been "ro""e# u" to be %the $enetic linea$e.!E %= 1hat about the lluminati= AC= Aany of them are wal&7ins. f they are actually true terrans an# they are 2ust sons’ a bitches* we are stuc& with them because that is our race. The actions of an individual are a reflection on the clan and the species. And they will answer for it. I honestly don(t now. And again is goes bac to the traditions.

Or$ani3e# reli$ion will be $one. Are they going to loo at me and say' AI don(t really see that. :ut #e"en#in$ on the extra7terrestrial linea$e that is #ominant in your "hysicality it will be that clan or that star system race that will contact . AC= I ha!e been tol# that* but fortunately my wife an# my chil#ren #on’t thin& so an# that’s really all that matters.4 years about adding more people to the list. it will be $one in a heartbeat. All I can do is offer it. That whole thing is about the spea ers' it(s about the guys telling their stories' and it(s not about <tephen Breer. My understanding is that many people in the next several years are going to be contacted. %= *ecause we believe we have ta en the initiative would it be possible that the Andromedans may want to also include us as spo espeople? AC= I have been tal ing to them for . /e have had Mi e )uss over to the house several times. My wife and I tal about this stuff at dinner. can’t ma&e a li!in$ at this* that’s for sure.4leia#ians ai# that reli$ion will colla"se in one #ay. I thin <tephen has done everybody a great service but it is not about him. thin& that is why the (isclosure 4ro2ect has been allowe# to $et off the $roun#* because for those of us that ha!e been stu#yin$ this information that is the smo&in$ $un.? And then who is in denial here? I thin that there is a move to really educate people and I thin that there are elements within world government that are benevolent' that are really trying to solve a very difficult problem' that are trying to help. I want to ma e that crystal clear.2" really har# time transitionin$ with this information* because all of their belief systems are $oin$ to im"lo#e.M %= <ome people listening to you are going to thin you are a lunatic. /e tal about it and the frustration for us is how do we get this information out there? It(s hard. It is about the guys on the tape that are putting it on the line. And they are going to need to process this and it is going to be one hell of an interesting experience for all of us. They are $oin$ to see extra7terrestrials* they are $oin$ to see !ery lar$e s"acecraft* an# they are $oin$ to see hun#re#s an# hun#re#s of miles* maybe thousan#s of miles of mother shi"s in the s&y. L0OT+.

you.. *oMtes appears in the 8orthern 7emisphere' and is the name of a mythological Bree herdsman. Hlease Fonate To Alex Collier' Anything +ou Can Afford /ill *e Appreciated ! )esponses to AAlex Collier 7istory -f The Balaxy !""!. Alex Ballier <ays= June . it’s all about the linea$e."=2# pm Than you Alex' from 0apan • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Hages= A (eclaration For Terran n!ol!ement C>>G About Alex Collier C5 Hears After The Groun# :rea&in$ C>>5 nter!iew 200G Alex Collier An#rome#a Central Alex Collier At The @anch C>>< Alex Collier :rea&in$ The Chains C>>6 Alex Collier Current Aoon :ases An# Their History 1ith Art :ell C>>6 Alex Collier (efen#in$ )acre# Groun# C>>< Alex Collier (oome# )ecret Colonies On Aars C>>5 Alex Collier +arth Transformation Conference 20C0 Alex Collier +arth Transformation Ba"an 200D Alex Collier +T722 2002 Alex Collier +xo"olitics +arth Transformation Conference 200G Alex Collier Galactic History Accor#in$ To Alex Collier An# The An#rome#ans Alex Collier Global 1in$s Conference 2002 Alex Collier History Of The Galaxy 2002 Alex Collier nter!iew 1ith 4aola Harris 2000 Alex Collier Eetters From An#rome#a A"ril C>>< .2 at .HA: an asterism created in homage to E8.Dth' !".2. That is how it is #one. is A*oMtes. This has been a pleasure for me.@I@. I get a lot of this off my chest and my head maybe the hair will grow bac now. In *abylon' these stars were nown as <7C. <ala <ays= June . I 0ust want to say than you.Dth' !".2 at D=5! pm The correct spelling of A*utese. -ut there' and it is here' it really is.

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. +ou now' science teaches us that the human body is a Opool of chemicalsO evolved from mon eys. This alliance causes a change in dimensional fre&uency' and pushes humanity to ma e an evolutionary leap into the next /e will soon be launching a new site to coincide with the soon to be released boo OThe Adventures of Captain FenarO by Alex Collier. . It 0ust didnOt happen that wayN.7aving discovered the nowledge of the Hataal' the founders of our universe' Captain Fenar is being hunted by regressive races. htt""tain#enar.www. PThe A#!entures of Ca"tain (enarP 7 )tory by Alex Collier )yno"sis.25 • • • • • • • • • • • • (ecember 20C2 0o!ember 20C2 October 20C2 )e"tember 20C2 Au$ust 20C2 Buly 20C2 Aay 20C2 A"ril 20C2 Aarch 20C2 February 20C2 Banuary 20C2 Aay 20CC C1. The worst is the Cia&ar* an ancient ci!ili3ation of re"tilians. Collier has #escribe# in #etail the members of a #an$erous an# male!olent +T confe#eration consistin$ of7 @e"tilian +Ts from Al"ha (raconis 7 the Orion Grou" 7 the Grey +Ts from Ieta @eticuli 2 According to Collier' the Earth humans are genetically connected to the Andromedans and many other human ET races= N/e have inside our F8A the genetics and racial genetic memories of !! different races.contactee Alex Collier has had his face$to$face contacts with friendly' blue$s inned human ETs from the Andromeda constellation and the Andromeda galaxy' which have included multiple visits aboard their tremendous motherships and decades of telepathic contact. As (enar an# his crew of :lac& Eea$uers "rotect our home solar systems from threats of in!asion' help comes from an unexpected alliance.

. Two !i#eos you must watchAlex CollierOs interview in . unofficial .showthrea.alexcollier.www."ostC0<0<><2<2 htt"-..EE5 Alex CollierOs lecture in"ublishin$.com.EE4 PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP UFO contactee Alex Collier ha# a new inter!iew in February 20C8 Alex CollierQs lectures an# inter!iews C>>5 7 20C2htt"-..or$.#a!i#ic&e.24 htt"-.