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Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems
Mechatronic Machine tools


Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems
Evolution of Machine tools Single operation (Lathe, milling etc.) NC CNC Merge Multi-operation (Turret, multi-spindle drilling etc.) NC CNC

Machining center


4 2 . • Hence it is required change in circuitry for any additional features • Also the machine control data read in time to time from tape. 3 NC and CNC machine • A CNC machine incorporates a micro processor based control system that accepts a set of program instructions and sends output control information to the machine tool based on the feed back information received from machine interface elements.4/22/2013 NC and CNC machine • In case of NC machine the entire data input and data handling sequence including control functions are determined only by fixed circuit interconnections of decisions elements and storage devices.

Second: Cylindrical components 6 3 .. Machining Center Essentially a mechatronics machine – Higher productivity – Higher accuracy Requirements of MC Perform multiple operations Finish all work in one setup SSM – single setup machining SSO – single setup operation Flexibility – to handle a variety of components/tools 5 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems . drilling. Machining Center Applied to First: Prismatic components with Operations – milling. boring. tapping etc.4/22/2013 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems ..

Reduced friction Less heat Better dimensional accuracy Ball bearings Ball screws/slides Thermal control – accuracy Longer tool life Tool magazine – no.4/22/2013 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems . Machining Center Features .. Machining Center Features of MC Higher spindle speeds >20 rpm Rapid traversal rates >1 m/s Faster tool positioning Faster feed Higher material removal rates Faster tool change ( ~ 0..6 s) 7 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems .. of tools 8 4 .

.. Machining Center Features . Machining Center Types of machining centers VMC ..Vertical Machining Center Vertical spindle + Three axes (DOF) .4/22/2013 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems . Digital servo control – spindle/feed Improved accuracy/control Vibration control .Flat surface jobs – HMC .accuracy Tool/work monitoring Minimum operator intervention Increased safety 9 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems .Horizontal Machining Center • 4 sides of a cuboid (4-DOF) + index/rotating table + Tool magazine as many as 32 tools 10 5 .

Machining Center Add-ons for machining centers .Turret Machining Center • Spindle replaced by tool turret + Auto selection of tool .4/22/2013 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems .. UMC .. ATC – Automatic Tool Changer Transfer tool from tool magazine to tool holder and vice versa APC – Automatic Pallet Changer Loading/unloading a pallet with job clamped Job is clamped on pallet while machining on previous job is going on + ZERO set-up time 12 6 .limited tools/operations 11 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems ...Universal Machining Center Both VMC – HMC function + spindle change V to H + five (5) faces of cuboid – TMC . Machining Center Types of machining centers .

6 and 2 s). NC) MC •speed: the 5-hp spindle cranks up to 8. X. •integral workpiece changer.500 rpm in 0.000 rpm spindles (reach top end rotations in 0. can swap in 0. Machining Center VERTICAL vertical machining centers from Chiron America (Charlotte. Machining Center FUTURE Increased speeds/feeds/MRR High speed controllers Vibration issues Robust adaptive control Improved part accuracy Improved tool life Measurement/Inspection Corrective action before the damage Minimize rejection 13 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems .8 × 9.4/22/2013 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems .7 × 9.000 rpm and 27. 14 7 . •The axis travels are 11.8 in.4 seconds – optional 15.5 s. Z.. •The standard toolchanger handles 32 tools... Y.

5 s. and cylinder heads.000 rpm Rapid traverse: 120 m/min. with acceleration of up to 1. and converter cases. The machining center features pallets measuring 500 × 500 mm can handle workpieces including transmission..4 g. clutch. MI) A spindle for aluminum machining rotates at 24.. rotary table. Machining Center Ex-Cell-O Machine Tool Co.4/22/2013 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems . Machining Center INDIAN Scene TAL Manufacturing Solutions (a TATA Enterprise. Axes travels are 630 mm X and Y and 710 mm Z. It has a compact footprint of 10 m2. Pune) VERTIMACH Machining Center •Rigid structure •Rapid traverse: 30 m/min •Spindle speed: 8000/10000 rpm •Die and mould milling operations •Small and medium batch production 16 8 . (Sterling Heights. engine blocks. Chip-to-chip tool changes from the 40position tool mechanism: 4. 15 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems .

Tool Monitoring System Monitoring of tool for Cutting edge sharpness Hardness of cutting edge Tool geometry Built-up edge damage of tool – breakage/wear 18 9 .. Tool Monitoring System Why? Get more parts per tool Know when to replace/sharpen Reduced tool inventory Reduction in scrap lower Tool costs reduce machine downtime Lower grinding costs Reduce labour cost 17 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems ..4/22/2013 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems .

Tool Monitoring System Corrective action before the damage How? By tool working hours (expected tool life ??) By cutting force measurement By Inspection (too subjective ??) By geometric measurement – (vision system) By spindle power consumption By feed drive power consumption Temperature measurement Geometric measurement of product 20 10 . Tool Monitoring System Types : Direct Indirect In-process Preventive Before/after 19 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems ...4/22/2013 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems .

alarm To display To transform To take action (actuate) 22 11 ... Tool Monitoring System Solution is only by MECHATRONICS Functions of Computer (Microprocessor) to keep record of use of each tool in tool magazine of ATC (knowledge base) For force measurement (embedded into tool/tool post) For temperature measurement (embedded into tool) To track power consumption of drives (record) 21 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems . Tool Monitoring System Solution is only by MECHATRONICS Functions of Electronics To amplify/condition To warn .4/22/2013 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems .

roundness. Tool Monitoring System Laser Tool Monitoring System helps eliminate scrap. and runout with repeatability of better than 1 micron. to be determined and provides compensation automatically . Product allows thermal drift of machine axis and tool. Source: http://news.4/22/2013 Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems .com/fullstory/20852 23 12 .thomasnet.. diameter. It also verifies length. April 1. 2003 – Laser Control in-process tool management system monitors tools in real-time from within machining environment and certifies that correct tool is intact within specified toolholder.