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Intertextuality between 'The Good, The Bad And The Ugly' and 'Kill Bill Volume 2'

Why intertextuality?

Intertextuality add !urther meaning to the toryline and the "hara"ter #
$or exam%le in TGTBATU you ee Blondie and he i hown a a hero and he will ur&i&e out o! the three men# When you ee the bride in Kill Bill, you "an ee imilaritie between the two "hara"ter and you !eel that whate&er ha%%en to her, he'll get out and be o'ay in the end# Both o! them loo' "on!ident and they're body %o ture loo' relaxed and in "ontrol#


The tand o!! in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly wa et in the middle o! a de ert, in a gra&eyard# The lo"ation wa exa"tly the ame in Kill Bill Vol 2# It wa et in the middle o! a de ert and when the bride wa buried ali&e, it wa et in a gra&eyard with her in her gra&e# Both i olated area when in the o%en# )hiaro "uro lighting wa u ed when the bride wa buried ali&e to gi&e the "lau tro%hobi" e!!e"t and the diegeti" ound o! breathing along with the mu i", made it ound li'e he wa getting out o! thi dilemma#
)hiaro "uro lighting i a thriller a %e"t, add to the !eeling o! danger and my tery#

I olated area# In a gra&eyard with mile o! land urrounding them#

The ame# I olated area in a de ert with mile o! and urrounding them#

*tatu o! +ero

The mu i" i the ame in both !ilm !or the two heroe # A you ha&e the tand o!! in TGTBATU when the %otent mu i" tart to %lay, the initial !eeling i that the hero, )lint ,a twood, will ride &i"toriou and ta'e down the bad# *imilarly, in Kill Bill the bride i hot and buried ali&e ix !eet under the ground# The audien"e are thin'ing that he won't get out o! it but when the mu i" tart to %lay, the inner !eeling tell you that omehow he will ri e again, and e "a%e !rom under the ground# It gi&e a !eeling o! earned and a"hie&ed tatu and whate&er you throw at them, they'll reign &i"toriou #
Blondie hooting the bad guy and retaining hi heroi" tatu # The bride ha wor'ed out how to brea' the "o!!in and e "a%e the im%o ible#

*tatu o! +ero - The mu i"

In the two "ene . the tand o!! and the "o!!in "ene - heroi" mu i" begin to %lay# They are the ame oundtra"' and they lin' together by howing they are the true heroe and thi %art o! the !ilm i igni!i"ant to them# +ere are the /outube lin' to 01 The tand o!! "ene in TGTBATU and 21 The "o!!in "ene in Kill Bill Vol 22 01 htt%233www#youtube#"om3wat"h?&4567"!8x29:/ 21 htt%233www#youtube#"om3wat"h?&4%;y7U*<a=Wo A you li ten to the mu i" in both "ene , you get the !eeling o! %ower and heroi" a"tion # It li!t the mood o! the atmo %here a!ter the ten ion and u %en e ha rea"hed a "limax# +ere i the oundtra"' by it el! o you "an !eel the emotion # It tell a tory o! it own# htt%233www#youtube#"om3wat"h?&4h$>?@o;r;5o

)o tume

Both Blondie and the bride wear "owboy boot # Thi i more intertextuality a they're identi"al to ea"h other and ha&e a"hie&ed the ame tatu # They are wearing the ame tyle boot whi"h indi"ate they ha&e the ame heroi" tatu #
Both wearing "owboy boot , thi how bra&ery#

The &illain in both !ilm , wore "owboy hat and they both had a gun with bullet # *how dangerou "hara"ter a %e"t # The generi" %ro% !it in with the &illain "hara"ter ty%e o! a thriller . the dangerou ne and e&ilne o! them .


In TGTBATU, )lint ,a twood %layed a "hara"ter named 'Blondie' who wa the 'good' o! the three# In Kill Bill the bride i the heroi" "hara"ter and he i blonde whi"h how the imilaritie between the two hero ty%e "hara"ter # /ou "an really relate the two o! them together# Thi how &i ual a %e"t between the two o! them#

Ty%e o! *"ene

There wa a tand.o!! in TGTBATU between the three "hara"ter and there were gun in&ol&ed# Blondie hoot and 'ill the bad guy# In Kill Bill the bride wa hot and then buried ali&e in a "o!!in underground but he e "a%ed# Thi i howing "ommon generi" "ene o! "lau tro%hobi" %a"e # Although both dire"tor "hallenge the thriller genre by u ing both gun "ene in a a de ert whi"h i an i olated area# Thi "an be u ed to ignal that there i no e "a%e but i n't a "ommonly u ed a a generi" "on&ention#

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