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Pelke, Patricia

From: Pelke, Patricia
Sent: Monday, February 04, 2013 10:27 AM
To: ''; ''
Cc: ''; Bloomer, Tamara
Subject: NRC license follow-up re: conference call on 2/4 with NRC and State of Illinois
Based on the information that was provided in the call today regarding the service operations you perform on
liquid scintillation counters that involves removal of the sources from the devices, this activity requires an NRC
license. In addition, the LSC devices you acquired from Pfizer that are in your possession at your Ann Arbor
facility also require an NRC license.
Refer to the NRC's website for the appropriate forms, guidance documents, and information regarding license
fees. For your convenience, you need to refer to I\lUREG-1556 Vol. 7
for the possession of the devices you obtained from Pfizer; and
NUREG-1556 Vol. 18
will provide the guidance you need relative to the service operations you perform on LSCs that involves
removal of the sources from the device. You should submit one application (NRC Form 313)
that includes all of the information.
Additionally, refer to 10 CFR Part 170 for the license fee applicable to the program you are requesting and refer specifically to
fee category 3N http://www.nrc.govlreading-rm/doc-collections/cfr/part170/part170-0031.html
As we discussed during the call, the NRC understands that you will not perform any further service operations
that involve removing the sources from the devices until you have received an NRC license that authorizes you
to perform those activities. Your prompt follow-up on this matter is important to become compliant with the
NRC requirements. .
If you have additional questions as you prepare your license application, please contact me. Again, we
anticipate your prompt follow-up on this matter.
Patty Pelke
Patrlcl.... Pelke
Chief, Materials Licensing Branch
DiviSion of Nuclear Materials Safety
2443 Warrenville Road, Ste. 210
Lisle, IL 60532
630-829-9868 (office)
630-515-1259 (fax)
Jonathon E. Monken, Director
Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Joseph Klinger, Assistant Director
January 29,2013 
David Westfall 
Technical Alternatives 
4220 Varsity Drive, Ste C 
Ann Arbor, MI 48108 
SUBJECT:  Notice of Violation 
Dear Mr. Westfall: 
On January 3,2013, Ms. Joanne Kark, a representative of this Agency, conducted an inspection 
of activities perfonned by your representative Mr. Katibu Maduka at ADCO Services, Inc in Tinley 
Park, IL.  The inspection included a review of activities as they relate to radiation safety and 
compliance with regulations and was perfonned in accordance with the provisions of the Illinois 
Radiation Protection Act. 
Inspection findings indicate that the following regulation was not met: 
1.  32 Ill. Adm.  Code 330.10 
This rule states that no person shall receive, possess, use, manufacture, distribute, transfer, own 
or acquire radioactive material or devices or equipment utilizing or producing such materials 
except as  authorized in a specific or general license issued pursuant to this Part or as  otherwise 
provided in 32 Ill. Adm.  Code:  Chapter II, Subchapters b and d.  These requirements provide for 
the protection of health, safety and the environment. 
Inspection findings indicate that Technical Alternatives does not possess a radioactive material 
license from the State of Illinois, another Agreement State or from the U.S.  Nuclear Regulatory 
Commission authorizing possession of radioactive material incident to servicing, maintenance or 
removal of the radioactive material from devices. 
During the perfonnance of removing 6 radioactive sources from various generally licensed 
liquid scintillation counters, several other violations of the regulations were noted as well. Those 
violations include failure to:  conduct required surveys to evaluate the radiation hazard present, use 
engineering procedures to reduce radiation exposures, monitor exposures to individuals to detennine 
compliance with occupational exposure limits and to maintain associated records with all of the 
preceding.  Administrative procedures related to these items and identification of the need for 
occasions and use of appropriate safety equipment are typically addressed during the licensing process 
by the relevant radiation safety regulatory authority.  For activities based from Michigan, that authority 
is the U.S.  Nuclear Regulatory Commission. 
1035 Outar Park Drive  •  Springfield, Illinois  62704.4462  •  Telephone (211)  785.9900 
  by the Avthlluify State afIllinois an BuydedPaper • 
Technical Alternatives Page 2
The Agency expects that you will take prompt and adequate corrective action to ensure that the
violations do not continue and are not repeated. We look forward to receiving within 30 days from the
date of this letter your response regarding the item of noncompliance described above. At a minimum
that response must include a commitment to obtain an appropriate radioactive material license should
Technical Alternatives wish to continue providing these services.
Indicate in your response the corrective action you have taken, the date full compliance with
Agency requirements has been or will be achieved, and measures taken by management to prevent
recurrences of the violations described above. When corresponding, please refer to the Radioactive
Material License Number and ensure that all items submitted are in duplicate.
In accordance with 32 Ill. Adm. Code 400.11O(d), this notice must be posted within five
working days of its receipt from the Agency. Your response, if any, must also be posted within five
working days after dispatch to the Agency. These documents must remain posted for a minimum of
five working days or until corrective action is completed, whichever is later.
Thank you for the courtesy your staff extended to Ms. Kark during the inspection. If you have
any questions concerning this matter, please contact me at (217) 785 9929. Please visit the nuclear
safety section of the Agency's website at for the latest information
concerning the Agency's radiation safety programs. The Agency supports the US NRC in its emphasis
of the critical importance of an active and positive safety culture. Please visit our website for this and
other important information such as new and proposed requirements, guidance, events and other items
of interest.
Daren Perrero, Supervisor
Inspection and Enforcement
Radioactive Materials Section
cc: Tammy Bloomer, US NRC RIll