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1. Complete the chart
VERB To rob To burgle stealing -theft kidnapping murderer To pickpocket To smuggle vandalism To deal with drugs drug dealing speeder To commit arson arson rapist To hack hacker pickpocket CRIME robbery burglar stealer CRIMINAL

2. Match each verb to the correct definition rob burgle shoplift pickpocket steal
To steal from a bank or a person To take something from a shop without paying for it To steal from bags or pockets secretly To steal from a building To take something that doesn’t belong to you

3. Complete the sentences with correct form of the verbs STEAL or ROB
1) I candy when I was a child

2) Call the police! The bank is being 3) Yes, that was the man that 4) He was caught 5) He was caught a car. a car, he was taking the CD player. me; he my mobile phone and my wallet

A driver who drives faster than is legal The criminal that takes your wallet and jewels in a violent way on the street The person who steals in a shop trying to be unobserved .4. Read the definitions and name the criminal A person who starts fires to damage or destroy something The person who steals from a bank A person who steals from a building A person that steals your wallet from your handbag without you noticing it The criminal that sexually abuses a person The person that takes items into or out of a country illegally. without paying the taxes A person who wilfully or maliciously destroys public or private property. CLUES – Guess the crime! CLUE 1 CLUE 2 CLUE 1 CLUE 2 CRIME: CRIME: CRIME: CRIME: CRIME: CRIME: CRIME: CRIME: 5.

Look at the pictures and name the crime and the criminal Crime: Criminal: Crime: Criminal: Crime: Criminal: Crime: Criminal: Crime: Criminal: Crime: Criminal: Crime: Criminal: Crime: Criminal: 7. yet. I don’t want to be a 10) In your opinion. the thieves were able to open it. It was terrifying! were all over the place forever! ? 8) The police caught him because he didn’t wear gloves and his 9) I’m studying to become a police officer. . he won’t go to jail because there aren’t enough 3) He’s dangerous and he’s . but there are no 6) They kept their money in a hidden behind a painting. he’s got a perfect 2) Everyone knows he did it. Match the each word with its synonym joyrider petty thief set fire (on purpose) kidnap pickpocket car thief commit arson abduct 8. 4) At least three people saw the robbery. Complete the sentences with the appropriate word in the box 1) Jack couldn’t do it. However. 7) Have you ever been the of a crime? Yes. so we’ve got 5) The police are investigating. he’s carrying at least a pistol and a knife. is death penalty a moral . once I was mugged.6. Even though.

9. Complete the cartoons with one of the words in the box alibi arrest kidnappers punishment weapon witnesses .