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On Annual Solar Progressed Chart by Shivaji Bhattacharjee The Annual Solar Progressed Chart (ASPC) is a very less discussed

subject in almost all astrological research journals. The ASPC is one of the significant tools to pinpoint time of events within a particular time frame as the system r olls up vast time and space within a limit of one year. In Vedanga Jyotisha maxi mum importance has been given to the Sun, the Moon and the Lagna to read events that keep shaping human destiny. The Sun stands for the soul, the never ending s pirit, comprising of Jeevatma and Bhutatma constantly vibrating around one's phy sical existence to keep the earthly vehicle moving right from the entrance to ex ist in this world, the entire gamut of which is outlined in Karma doctrine. The Moon governs the mind containing of two allied entity of conscious and subconscious region that transmit instincts and impulses under the directive of Karma where the Lagna appears as gross physical body, the only media through wh ich Karma manifests through evolving around to promote one's position in the env ironment by establishing personality and relation till the gross body annihilate s. In Vedanga Jyotish, the radix position of the Sun interprets one's soul ev olution and appears as balance sheet of Karma so as it sets up its rapport with the Moon and Lagna as well as its elongated angles with other cosmic bodies in t he heavens which suggest fraying or fresh accumulation of Karma in this current life. The anniversary day is the day on which the Sun coincides that year with t he exact position of the radical Sun of the native. So the specific anniversary day of Solar Annual Return has certain clue to read a life for a certain span of period i.e. for the specific year of which the chart is erected. Similarly, the Moon through its mansions in terms of Dasa etc. delineates the course of one's life flow from the source to the final merger with the eternity. The eternal sou l of any nativity has its cardinal importance with the position of the Sun is th e ASPC that shapes and moulds destiny for the year in question. The Sun takes 1 year one day 6 hours 9 minutes and 12 seconds to return to the given position of the birth horoscope. So by adding the above period on any of its multiple we may get any anniversary day of any nativity and the chart wh en you put to read with the birth horoscope, unfold major events for the concern ed year, facilitate us to unfold the destiny more lucidly and clearly with less ambiguity. Now we append below a ready reckoner for the year constants from one to hu ndred years to erect a chart for any anniversary year. The week days are counted from Sunday. Sunday is 1, Monday 2, Tuesday 3 and in this way, Saturday is 7. W hen multiples of 7 is reached, the quotient should be given up and accept the re mainder to show the week day. Before we explain the clues how to read yearly cha rt, let us erect an annual chart for 88-89 period for a nativity who was born ne ar Calcutta (22N36; 88E23) on Saturday, the 15th September 1934 at 5.28 PM (LMT) (Tables could not be included with the article. Please send request tables by e mail) Fifty four years have elapsed on 15th September 1988 and the native moved on his 55th anniversary. The week day at birth was Saturday and the time was 5.2 8 pm (LMT). This is 7th day (Saturday being the 7th from Sunday) 17 hours 28 min utes (time counted from midnight) which is the chronological day of birth. Since 54th year has elapsed from the year of birth for the epoch year, we may add the period constant for that per table II Now the total comes to 5 days 13 hours 43 minutes (seconds more than ½ minut es). The 55th anniversary falls on Thursday following 15th September 1988 at 13 hours 43 minutes. The annual solar progressed chart is as under: (Ayanamsa-Lahiri) Planetary positions: Lagna 225°26'; Sun 14859; Moon 19428; Mars (R) 34508; Mercury 17533; Jupiter 4217; Venus 10444; Saturn 24226; Rahu 32

location. Sun 14859. Similarly certain event affirm by the ASPC can only occur if the event has its connection with the natal horoscope. the ASPC is a handy tool which once again rests on the position of Sun. The Bhukti lord Jupiter is also Vargot tama and both Dasa and Bhukti lords are 2/12 position in Rasi and Navamsa. The Moon as Dasa lord located in the 10th in Anuradha and un-affl icted. if the natal horoscope avers some adverse Das a Bhukti and influence of certain baneful Yoga causing crisis in respect of heal th/finance/profession/domesticity etc. the Moon the Lagna and other cosmic bodies of the natal horo scope in the total way. albeit the swapping of houses between the 6th and the 10 th lords may give a new approach towards betterment by overcoming the evils. The Dasapati Moon is related with the Bhuktipati Jupite r through dispositor Mars and asterism lord Saturn. the Moon and Lagna based progression. The Moon is Vargottama conjoining dispositor Mars in Navamsa. The ASPC is supplementary to the natal chart yet the ASP C for the year in question works well to unfold time events more subtly for any nativity. The birth horoscope of the native is also appended below: (Ayanamsa Lahiri) Planetary positions: Lagna 31823.11. If the natal horoscope shows no significant event programmed d uring the specific period of time. the native was running Jupiter Bhukti in Moon Dasa from 18. it turns into a new orientation since the 10th lord is also in the 6th. mental aberrati on. As per natal horoscope. As pe r lordship both are evil but by location they are good. Th e train can move undisturbed on a favourable signal provided the train is on the track otherwise signal goes in vain. struggle.. even the highly powerful ASPC cannot ove rthrow the trouble in full. Venus 13227. Rahu 2 8459. the later feebly. disappointment etc. Ashtakavaraga also assists to assess the results. .7. The 6th lord in the 10 i s not welcomed but in this case. Saturn (R) 21953. Suppose during the concerned year. it cannot supersede the radical in fluence of the Sun. But whatever result is indicated in the ASPC. Balance of yearly Dasa (Varsha Dasa) for the ASPC Rahu Dasa 2 days only. The AS PC can only modify the event of natal horoscope in a latent way but can never wo rk independently. According to the examples given above now let us discuss the ASPC with reference to the natal horoscope. Jupiter 18143. The predictive p ortion of Vedanga Jyotish evolves a methodology that helps to dig up timing even ts from transit of planets through the cosmos on the anniversary day read with V edha since the subtle ripple of all-pervading energy field so greatly influence the universe that. beyond its softest touch not even a diminutive blade of grass can ever grow set apart not to speak of human destiny.1989 covering the entire anniversary year in question.1988 to 18. is a noted factor stored with events. Mars 10707. aspect and Yoga. During my long experience I observed that it can che ck or minimise some jarring notes which are going to be staged. (Pleas note that previous two bhukt ies of the Moon and Mars were fairly gainful while the Rahu bhukti has yielded g ood results both on objective and subjective ambit of life). The conflux of noted influen ces are full of momentous events and suggest favour from luck and income though competition but at the same time the 2/12 position of Dasa and Bhuktipatis may l ikely create hazard and change in professional status. It needs to be remembere d that the ASPC acts as Railway Automatic Signal Control Cabin relaying signals in a cyclic order effecting change in successive order. Balance of Vimshottari Saturn Dasa at birth 11 months 3 days. Mercury 16510. which is a significant factor full of astro logical value. The Bhukti lord Jup iter is owning the 2 (finance/ speech/relation) and the 11 (gain/achievement/coborn) is placed in the 9 (luck/religious and spiritual mission) aspected by the 10 (profession/success) lord Mars and the 12 (expenditure/confinement/solitude/f oreign travel) lord Saturn (Lagna lord as well). The ASPC may go uneventful through the same p romises certain events.020. The Da sapati Moon is the lord of the 6 swaps the house with 10th lord Mars and both ob tained cancellation of debilitation. The automatic signals ch ange from red to yellow and yellow to green to accommodate incoming train in a c alculated time interval depending on the harmonious sequence of outgoing one. A Vargottama plane t with dispositor is said to be very strong in nature and effective in result as per lordship. Now in the event of finer and detailed prognostication for the 55th year. Moon 22601.

mental aberration. To f . the na tive sustained financial stress but amazingly there surfaced some income from un expected sources. struggle and hostile attitude of people yet a fair financial yieldin g cannot be ruled out. During the period. are indeed passing tensience. growing of occult s ense but at the same time suggest gain although the origin was unlooked for. the Sun and Mercury are strong but afflicted. the Dasa bhukti of the natal horoscope during the peri od of his 55th year similarly endorsed like events projected the ASPC. Now let us see what ASPC promised during his 5th anniversary. During the period as soon as Jupiter Bhukti started (see Dasa tabulation) the na tive was favoured with a professional elevation but he eschewed the same due to incising apathetic condition that at one go instilled with spiritual impellent. favoured the native to get back some of his old fi nancial dues and put him back into vocational field else the Moon and Mars Praty antars of the Natal horoscope amounted to the very same outcome. location Karakata or Yoga. wealth etc.5. spiritual understanding. active spir itual pursuance and finally.5. lord of the year. special aspect and Yoga.7. The ASPC suggested baneful events up to Mars Varsh Dasa covering the period up to 19. Quite a number of astrological rules need to be followed to delineate ASPC. Venus is in the 8th. Behind in place from the middle part of Venus Va rsha Dasa followed by Saturn.1989 endowed some relie f in respect of finance and profession. pessimistic outlook. loss of un derstanding with kith and kin. (Table III) Our heuristic findings in respect of the ASPC read with the natal horoscope arr ived at a conclusion that results were mostly alike in nature. The next Vrsha Dasa of Mercury till 9. Saturn. On 29. The Varsha Dasa of ASPC and Vimshottari Pratyantar Dasa of natal horoscope are both tabulated b elow in order to feel the harmony in results between the two directional influen ces. I observed that apart other crux rules. Dhanu rising with 2/3 lord Makara Saturn unaspected by benefic and the lord of Lagna. pessimistic outlook. his relation with others.4. In real life. causing financial hardship. Now let me explain the method to work out Muntha Lagna and Varsha Dasa of ASPC. Details of other rules relating to study ASPC may be had fr om related standard texts of astrology.Research revealed that in spite of best lordship. a kind of asc etic life. mental aberration. The 9th and the 10th lords. Hadda. viz. During the period the native experienced a wandering mind in search of divine li ght of life. Munthya Lagna etc. enmity and like results. foreign travel though the same was not gainful. pessimism. financial loss. financial stress. Mercury i s aspected by three major planets. the 7th is aspected by both Saturn a nd Mars indicate an ailing wife or emotional void or so practice of continence i gnoring physical body and observing sexual absence resulting in begetting spirit ual enthusiasm. health trouble financial crisis and alike events similar with the ASPC erected during his 55th anniversa ry. the directional i nfluence has created new waves on mention and brought great distaste for the the n professional status. The natal horoscope averred some notable events relating to profession.1989 the native signed a gainful agreement with a foreign publisher in respect of his two manuscripts. Jupiter and Mars while the Sun i s under way of Rahu-Ketu axis projected a perfervid awareness for Karma but at t he same time the Karma is tuned with keen philosophical providence tinged with a mbivalence. Varsha Dasa and Muntha Lagna can serve the purpose in the matter of fixing timing events with co nsiderable accuracy. Muntha Lagna: Muntha moves one Rasi per year from the Lagna at birth. achievements and success in long run. The entir e Jupiter Varsha Dasa from 29. enmity etc.1989 to 17. The native was quite happy and joyful with his subject ive way of life but turned into a misfit of the world. a secluded life. Varsha D asa. His desires and aspirations. The Bhukti lord Jupiter is aspected by the 10th lord Mars from the 6th which is the 10th from the 9th suggesting luck. Jupiter in t he 6th suggests health trouble. a wandering mind.1989 gave health trouble. Amongst several crux rules such as Sahama. power. secluded life. The 8th and the 11th lords exchange houses b rought home frustration. Amazedly.5.1989. all underwen t a complete change. the Dwi-Dwadas (2/12) Dasa Bhukti is always feared. made him to comprehend the philosophy of life that fame.

the evil results are under c heck whereby high stamina and hope will rule high swaying the life more and more exposed to spiritual mission. special aspect and Yogas do not work well in ASPC while Parasari methods sur face very helpful result. ill health. Now note the lunar mansion of natal horoscope and count the Nakshatra from the natal star to asterism occupied by the Moon in ASPC. If the result of the c ounting is above 9. confinement. Rahu 5 days and Lagna 10 days. the Muntha Lagna falls in the 9th in the ASPC an d in the 7th in the Horoscope. hostile attitude o f others and like results. If the Muntha Lagna falls in 1/2/3/5/9/10/11 it may y ield favourable results. In the horoscope given in this arti cle. Muntha Lagna is the cardinal point through which one picks benefit of life provided Muntha falls in the desired house under benef ic influence. I feel further research is necessary in this sector before accepting or reject the concerned rules. Result of Muntha Lagna need to be read both from natal horoscope a nd ASPC. Malefic influ ence may cause ill health. Mercury 4 0 days. I found Saham sa. Still I am going to neither discard the rules nor I ad vocate my readers to parry the relating rules and follow my observations to deal the area of Annual Solar Progressed chart. In the present chart. sharp inner pain. Results could be modified through benefic aspect or ass ociation. divide the sum of 12 an d reject the quotient. Mars 32 days. the 9th lord Sun is well-placed and str ong but afflicted by Rahu-Ketu axis devoid of benefic aspect suggests adverse re sults such as accruing displeasure of influential people. misf ortune. By ru le of three what is left of Rahu Dasa is (332 x 5) ÷ 800 = 2 days. The assayer so p laced in this paper may be taken as innovating of my thoughts and findings where I believe there stands scope to modify the findings through sincere research. Jupiter 48 days. In some cases for the sake of research. The balance left by the Moo n in Swati 6s20°00' 6s14°28' = 5°32' or 332 minutes. the Moon is in Anuradha and Swati ion ASPC. The year w ill be good if the Muntha Lagna has benefic association or aspect. In ASPC . hindrance in spiritual mission but since the Sun is associating Yogakara ka Venus in natal horoscope where the Muntha falls. loss of ease and comfort. The remainder will represent the Muntha Lagna counted fro m Mesha. . Saturn 4 days. It leaves a remainder 8 when divided by 9.ind out Muntha for any year. If the Muntha Lagna oc cupies the 4/6/7/8/12 counted from Lagna of ASPC. the Moon 60 days. I counted the Muntha Lagna from the Lagna at birth and not from Mesha where I found quite encouraging results. According to the order of Varsha Dasa. Total Dasa of Rahu is 5 days. the remainder 8 indicates Rahu Dasa. Venus 56 days. It is 26th Nakshatra from Anura dha to Swati. it may create change of place of living. misfortune and crisis of life. divide the sum by 9 and take the remainder which will repres ent the order of Dasa reckoned from the Sun. Varsha Dasa of ASPC: The order of Dasas in ASPC are as under: The start with the Sun 110 days. add the number of Lagna at birth to the number of y ears elapsed between the birth and the current birthday. The way we deli neate Vimsottari Dasa also hold good to read Varsha Dasha of ASPC. In this article the birth Lagna is 10s 18° 23' + 54 (years passed from the d ate of birth) = 64s 18° 23' or the Muntha Lagna is 18° 23' of Simha Rasi.