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Harry Potter: A True Hero

Who or what constitutes as a hero? One would say a firefighter, or maybe someone who volunteers at an animal shelter. Others would mention actual superheroes such as Ironman or Batman. Dignified folk would classify the beloved Harry Potter as a hero. With his characteristic valiance, kindness, and a loyal and trustworthy soul; a textbook definition of a hero would be the infamous Mr. Potter. The most tragic incident that occurs in most one year- old’s lives is when their mother is not present and their separation anxiety begins to kick in. Harry Potter was not a normal one-year old boy. For him, his tragedy occurred when Lord Voldemort murdered both of his parents in cold blood and attempted to murder young Harry. Becoming the only wizard to survive the Killing Curse thrust the young Potter to be a hero amongst the Wizarding World and instilled his bravery from within. This innate bravery led him to do many great deeds like defeating the Dark Lord, thus saving not only the entire Wizarding community but mankind itself. Of course, those aren’t the only things that exemplify Harry’s bravery. A loyal fan recalls Harry’s multiple dementor run-ins, him single handedly defeating a dragon at the age of 14, and risking his life when Lupin was in his werewolf phase in order for Sirius to

escape Hogwarts safely. Bravery can be defined as the act of displaying courage and or valor. Multiple occurrences of these acts classify Harry as a brave man. A hero would not be one if they did not possess a truly altruistic spirit or a kind heart. While Harry may not be the most altruistic wizard, he makes up for it by being a kind and loving soul. J.K. Rowling hinted at Harry’s characteristic kindness in the first book when Harry saw his parents in the Mirror of Erised, instead of seeing materialistic items. However, it wasn’t until the story progressed that Harry’s entire nature was revealed. Saving his cousin from the dementors despite their tumultuous relationship and dragging Cedric Diggory’s lifeless body from the maze to give him a heroic death are a few of the things that make Harry Potter a kind and worthy hero. In order for one to be a hero, mankind needs to deem the aforementioned hero trustworthy enough. The Wizarding World deemed Harry trustworthy after he escaped Voldemort’s wrath more than seven times. Although it wasn’t apparent to the entire community, Harry committed several acts that made him a trustworthy character. Dumbledore entrusted him with the sole journey of finding and destroying all of the horcruxes. Being Dumbledore’s most trusted confidante would be enough for most other wizards to find him trustworthy. Another occurrence was during his fifth year at Hogwarts when he secretly led a rebel group called Dumbledore’s Army. He personally trained several students in Defense of the Dark Arts when the course was forbidden from the school. These students trust in their peer showed that Harry was a true leader. Last but not least, a true hero possesses loyalty. The most defining quality of each Gryffindor is their undying loyalty whether it’s towards their friends, family, or their passion. Being a Gryffindor, Harry had undeniable loyalty. Having lifelong friendships with Ron and Hermione and being faithful to Ginny despite being the most desired Wizard on the planet are two examples of Harry’s legendary loyalty. Harry’s loyalty was not tested until he had to come to terms with all of the backlash after

Dumbledore’s death. What made him a loyal hero was how he still believed in the good nature of Dumbledore, despite the naysayers. Valiance, kindness, trustworthiness, and loyalty: all the characteristics of a hero which Harry also possesses. With these attributes and many more, Harry Potter was able to defeat the Dark Lord and save mankind. In short, Harry Potter personifies the definition of a hero and is someone to be admired.

Character: Harry Potter 1st Quality Brave 2nd Quality Caring 3rd Quality Trustworthy 4th Quality Loyal

Evidence of 1st Quality -Knew Voldemort was going to kill him when he met him in the Forbidden Forest, he went anyway to save people’s lives. -Fought Voldemort 7+ times since he first entered Hogwarts. -Rescued his cousin, despite their bad relationship, from the dementors. -Left school and embarked upon a year long chase for Voldemore’s horcruxes while he was being hunted by Death Eaters. -Broke into many high security places, such as Gringotts Bank and the Ministry of Magic, just to help the Horcrux search. -Risked getting attacked by Werewolf Lupin in order to enable Sirius to escape with Buckbeak.

Evidence of 2nd Quality -Although he fairly won the Elder Wand, he decided to not use it and give it to itS true owner. - In the mirror of Erised, instead of seeing himself with materialistic items, he sees his parents which shows that he isn’t superficial. -Shows an undying love and compassion for Hermione, Ginny, and Ron. - Strongly guided by his own conscience. -Protected Cedric Diggory’s dead body from Voldemort.

Evidence of 3rd Quality -Dumbledore trusted him not to tell and with the task of finding the Horcruxes. -Was Dumbledore’s most trusted confidante and protégé. -The entire legion of students who were not Death Eaters trusted him with their lives and throughout his journey to defeating Voldemort. - The entire wizarding world entrusted their fate in his hands.

Evidence of 4th Quality -Was a Gryffindor, whose house’s most favorable quality is their undying loyalty. -Had a lifelong friendship with Ron and Hermione. -Never gave in to temptations that would let the ones he cared about down. -Still had an undying loyalty to Dumbledore despite the stigma around him in the seventh book. -Stayed with Ginny despite being the most desired wizard on the planet.